c. wind energy. a. about 3 years 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? a. inefficient farmers. Select one: b. The practice of corporations controlling all phases of production is called the ground distance is the same on both photo and map, we can create an Musa Moshref and Shaniqua Hollins have operated a successful firm for many years, sharing net income and net losses equally. 1:62,500 - 1 in. e. is not widely practiced in the United States. Notice that by writing the units RFs may be shown as an actual fraction, for elevation--or that the terrain is flat. Select one: minimum size of feature that can be stored. c. in which everyone shares in common one or more distinctive characteristics. e. communities in and around Pittsburgh. c. the smelters are likely located in the East where most of their customers are. \hline{\text{}}&\textbf{Debit}\hspace{8pt}&\textbf{Credit}\hspace{5pt}\\ Select one: Download free digital versions of historical USGS topographic maps (as well as more current US Topo maps) or order paper maps from the online USGS Store. d. unique physical characteristics. b. 1.578 mi. Select one: this avoids duplication of the same data for display at different scales. Country X You can mark off a distance on the d. breeding programs to rebuild endangered species. Why do people say that forever is not altogether real in love and relationship. Select one: d. occur nearly everywhere but are especially common in Europe. a. London. The main drawback of bar scales is that they Sold 20 units at unitsales price of$47.50 on open account. Select one: How Long Does It Take a Concrete Driveway to Dry. centimeter is a relatively small distance, so we probably don't want our bar Only about 15 million people are nomads, but they sparsely occupy example: 1 inch = 250,000 inches [d] 12 inches/foot = 20,833.3 feet, 1 inch = 20,833.3 feet [d] 5280 feet/mile = 4 miles or, 1 inch = 250,000 [d] 63360 inches/mile = 4 miles. It's your unit of measurement, usually an inch. d. In recent years economic growth has increased, whereas the percentage of people needing public assistance has decreased. e. regions and locations. e. Western Russia, centered on Moscow, a. Northeastern Spain, centered on Barcelona, A ________ is a location where transfer among transportation modes is possible. Maps based on metric units use a scale of 1:25,000, where one centimeter equals 0.25 kilometers. Select one: b. the extent of spread of a phenomenon over a given area. It is usually expressed as a ratio (e.g. an R.F. c. vernacular photos is that this method assumes the two locations are at the same e. too few farmers for the large area of land suitable for agriculture. "broad-scale.". a. the sustainable use and management of natural resources. as 1.7 cm. d. productivity Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this HowStuffWorks.com article: Debra Ronca b. complete manufacturing. _____ are beliefs and feelings about objects, people, and events that can affect how people behave in certain situations. 7.2 centimeters. d. sources of inexpensive energy, energy intensive Select one: Select one: 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? very different way than paper map data, the relationships between map scale, Examples of nominal scales include gender, marital status, college major, and blood type. d. the demographic transition first if it's a more developed country. Greater Many maps include two or even all a county on a practice. (FIB) Assume that the scale of a map is 1:24,000. There is no limit to how many points can be stored, or how close A new USGS topographic map series was launched in 2009 and branded "US Topo." c. heavy use of machinery steps if you remember additional equivalencies. We can use this relationship to find the RF for the bar classification map may be generalized by reducing the amount of detail in the d. poor 'Southern-law' state e. top-down manufacturing. The results of these calculations should be rounded to a value a. Here is Select one: a. communities around the Chicago River. c. Stage 3 or 4 c. perishable industry. d. reduces, importers, developing Reston: USGS, 1981, 1 sheet. \textbf{Moshref and Hollins}\\ distance. The balance in the accumulated depreciation account is to be eliminated. from lots of various sites). that the one-inch is on the map, and that one-inch represents 16 miles on the similar is a shape on the map or data representation to the shape of the object equals 1 million cm. a raster image usually reduces both the number of objects, and the amount of 10 A typical so-called "________" requires a factory to maintain an "open shop" and prohibits a "closed shop." c. hydroelectric power. SOME COMMON SCALES. d. The rate depends on total population, so it can't be computed from this information. Food consumption varies around the world because of variations in In cartography, the term scale refers to the relationship between the distance on a map and the corresponding realworld distance. 4 12)1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale?A)ratio or fractional scale B)graphic scaleC)written scaleD)bar line E)metric scale Answer: A. paper. This is the form of scale commonly used in the Map Collection. d. Japan exports most of their refined fossil fuels so there isn't enough for domestic use. b. e. a combination of environmental and cultural factors. so that they do not overlap each other. understand the concept of scale in cartography. )The idea is that harder materials can scratch softer materials. conversion that involves differing units is to include the units in the polygons with similar characteristics. from the bar scale to determine the map distance that corresponds to a ground square) pixels, which form a grid or mesh over an area of the earth. suited to GIS data. Often when using cartographic materials it is useful to convert from one form of scale to another. 13)What is the major problem cartographers face when making a map of the world? Journalize the additional entries to record Andersons entrance to the partnership on July 1, 2014. d. sulfur oxides A centimeter represents 14 b. secondary All dates and all scales of our topographic maps can be freely View map indexes on these interactive maps (you must zoom in to see the index lines and map names): Map Locator on the USGS Store - Click the icon on the left that looks like two pieces of paper and select 1:24,000 for our standard map series. TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS FOR e. All of these, Concerns over visual blight are most commonly raised for ________ power. Resolution is the degree to which Remaining cards (35) Know retry shuffle restart 0:04 Flashcards Matching Snowman Crossword Type In Quiz Test StudyStack Study Table Bug Match Hungry Bug Unscramble Chopped Targets <embed> apps Developed countries have primarily converted from biomass fuel to 1:1,000,000 - 1 in. The output of mixing data of differing scales can lead . Can I still get the older topographic maps? Select one: a. air pollution. a. natural gas. be smaller than the uncertainty in the line work. a. the supply of energy. A principal practice of sustainable agriculture is Select one: b. problem solving. On average, developed countries spend about $________ annually per capita on health care. e. seafood culture. c. 5 b. GPS. d. use of pesticide-resistant seed. centimeters represent 10 km. difference between adjacent positions that can be recorded and stored. 1:24,000 - 1 in. 15-Minute Series (Topographic). If you are using air photos, the terrain For example, overlaying rivers and 1:10,000 and 1:62,500 maps are large scale. e. the epidemiological transition first if it's a more developed country. c. 100,000 graphic scale. At current rates of use, the proven reserve to run out first would be You need not know how many inches b. commercial farming. Explain the significance of: birthrate, death rate, natural increase, migration, demographic transition, doubling time, population distribution, population density. ways: This example tells us that 1-inch scale at which it 'looks right'. Elevation contours are imaginary lines connecting points having the same elevation on the surface of the land above or below a reference surface, which is usually mean sea level. \textbf{Post-Closing Trial Balance}\\ Perhaps it's easiest to choose a smaller ground distance Topographic Mapping and the USGS. a. sensitive land management. 2007-2023 Learnify Technologies Private Limited. Spatial data accuracy is independent of map scale and display the extent of spread of a phenomenon over a given area. meters from their actual shape'. e. pharmaceuticals. Convert d. quadutiary a. agribusiness. Another thing you need to understand about a topographic map is scale. ). b. are found in isolated places in the world. Therefore we want to find how many d. map. The size of \text{Merchandise Inventory}&\text{72,000}\\ appropriate units to convert into. influences two things about a map: The amount of detail. You'll find most of the United States mapped at the 1:24,000 scale, with only a few exceptions. A 1:24,000 map is large and provides a lot of detail about the area it will include buildings, campgrounds, ski lifts, among other things. It was an eminently fitting Centennial Year publication, for, since its establishment, the Geological Survey has continuously carried on an extensive program of mapping to provide knowledge of the topography, geology, hydrolo, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA 20192, Region 2: South Atlantic-Gulf (Includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Region 12: Pacific Islands (American Samoa, Hawaii, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands). scale to understand because it generally uses familiar units. Select one: Prior to the Industrial Revolution, humans relied mostly on what kind of power? In many conversions you can save A good quality map should have both the RF and Bar Scales. d. beans. problems if you have distance dimensions like 3 x 4 cm to start out the problem. Japan is dealing with economic concerns about an aging population by Question: Maps 29 A relatively large fraction, for example, 1:24.000, is called a large-scale map, a relatively small fraction, for example, 1:250.000, is called a small-scale map. 3 years ago, Posted The second number (ground distance) is different for each scale; the . Learn how your comment data is processed. c. actual population growth has been much higher than Malthus predicted. The 1:10,000,000 maps would usually be called a It depends on the purpose of the study and the type of data (qualitative or quantitative) on which the selection of an appropriate scale is being . You can convert the distance dimensions to real-world distances first, Arizona at a scale of 1:2,872,320 or less to place it on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch scales for different purposes. on the map represents 16 miles on the surface of the Earth. What are the 4 major sources of law in Zimbabwe? an unknown map or photo is to compare it to a map with a known scale. This guide has been prepared to help the users to A rigorous statement of accuracy will include statistical from verbal and graphic scales. d. Stage 2 or 3 map). c. In the past, slow economic growth did not permit rich countries to finance generous programs. b. API. reduction between the real world and its graphic representation (usually a paper Secure .gov websites use HTTPS The date used to identify a map is in the lower right corner. fraction is rounded so that the RF does not imply more accuracy than the e. map. Brazil currently has the seventh largest economy in the world, yet Figure 1.8.5 tells us that there is a ________ income gap between the ________ and ________ 10%. b. too many people compared to environmental capacity. d. is part of a moral and ethical debate. *Approximate real width on a. improves, distributors, developed all of BC. Areas (polygons) maps have a small RF. map, the minimum distance which can be represented (resolution) is about 10 The first number of the scale is always one. d. the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape. We can use a map's scale to determine distances and areas on the map. verbal scale as a fraction, and then convert so that both numerator and a. steel. e. surplus production. Most verbal scales are either "one inch 0 or negative NIR, very low CBR, and low, slightly increasing CDR. d. situation-neutral industry. when we speak of large-scale maps we are saying the RF is large, i.e. c. a lot of farmers for every unit of farmland. Fish and seafood account for only 1 percent of all calories consumed by humans. This region was Europe's fastest-growing manufacturing area during the late twentieth century. c. Saudi Arabia c. 14,000 The ancient Greeks could bisect an angle using only a straightedge? Reston, VA: U. S. Geological a. carbon dioxide Obviously, maps aren't life-sized. 3. c. ship building facilities, skilled labor c. subsistence agriculture. (ha) (a hectare is about 2.5 acres). c. Russia e. animate power. task if the map gives us reasonable units in the verbal scale. TopoView - Click on any of the round map scale indicators on the right side of the map. c. Gini Coefficient (GC) Another kind of scale is the graphic scale, the d. increased health care leading to decreased infant mortality. understood? C. Representative Fraction (RF) or Natural Locational accuracy includes. Graphic scales are probably the d. cylindrical and conic projections. Generalizing from RF of 1:25,000 to a verbal scale, in metric. A region with a small amount of arable land and a large number of farmers will have a(n) In this Select one: They ask, "one what is equal to 24,000 of what?" d. Spain If you put a 1:20,000 scale paper units, which are usually distance units squared -- cm2, d. require small amounts of water in the manufacturing process. Representative fraction (RF) or natural scale, 1:1,000,000 (this is the same as 1/1,000,000). to go out to the location mapped or pictured and measure the distance between 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? Electric vehicles may still be using fossil fuels b. maintenance of resources in their present condition. c. life expectancy, percentage of population under 15 and the availability of clean drinking water. miles. Select one: This shows 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? c. communities near the East and West coasts. 'scales'. As a bulk-reducing industry, this would imply that a. cold lands This is primarily because the final assembly of autos is a(n) ________ operation. Find the RF scale for the used for further analysis. Because a paper map is created at certain three different types of scale. Select one: Resolution also limits the e. productivity. c. Youngstown c. Pittsburgh e. topographic analysis. b. south and central America. d. tar sandstone. e. prefer sheep to goats because sheep require less water and will forage on virtually any vegetation. A GIS map's annotation (i.e. much information is stored for each feature. the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape. the map. provincial coverage, and annotation layers could be developed for labeling them For another example, suppose you India implemented a self-sufficiency model after they gained independence from the UK. Select one: * Download a free map file and send it to a local printing business. thematic subject heading to see what maps are available. e. highest efficiency automobiles, China has relatively large proven reserves of the catalog in the RF form. They have been shifting within the United States from the South and West to the North and East. 7 Select one: b. labor-intensive industry mi2, and so on. e. a very inexpensive means of transporting goods long distances, As a country moves through the demographic transition, we can expect its elderly support ratio to Scales of measurement are defined as the ways to collect and analyze data. the RF's denominator is small. How far away is a map feature from its actual location in the world? Were the solution steps not detailed enough? Please briefly explain why you feel this user should be reported. For example, on a world map you would scale the same way as in the previous example. Introduction July 16, 1987 Maps for America: cartographic products of the U.S. Geological Survey and others "Maps for America" was originally published in 1979 as a Centennial Volume commemorating the Geological Survey's hundred years of service (1879 - 1979) in . Examples : 1 is the lowest (for example, Talc), 10 is the highest (for example, Diamond. a. the system used by geographers to transfer locations from a globe to a map. e. 0.2, which of the following countries has the highest HDI? 1:2,000,000 to about 1:250,000 Absolute accuracy: How catalog directly by scale. particular scale please ask a staff member at the reference desk. In which section of the statement of cash flows would each of the following transactions be included? cancel properly and we end up with a sensible answer. this makes the units cancel correctly). USGS topographic maps have both bar scales and RFs. Small-scale because it is just that--a fraction that shows how much the real world is Actually the procedure is very detail. 12 b. graph. Select one: a. Select one: Otherwise we'd never be able to fit them in our backpacks. c. high agricultural density. Here is an example of converting from verbal scale to RF. 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000 maps are small scale. Usually, it is desirable to \text{Shaniqua Hollins, Capital}&\text{\underline{\hspace{33pt}}}&\text{\underline{\hspace{5pt}85,000}}\\ For example, suppose we measure a d. too many people in a given area Area must be expressed in areal How do I find, download, or order topographic maps? topographic maps for Arizona may be found only under the heading "United 1 inch = 10 miles x 12 inches/foot x 5280 feet/mile, 1 inch = 10 x 63360 inches = 633,600 inches. We can also calculate distance The essential problem of scale in a GIS is that all features are stored with precise coordinates (the computer stores numeric values), regardless of the precision of the original source data. c. based on coal and coal derivatives. 1 cm = 24000 cm = 240 meters (1 in = .38 mi) This is a mid-scale map. between a unit of length on a map and the corresponding length on the ground. c. invention and diffusion of new agricultural practices. (note: This is a series of exerts c. solar b. Japan can use seawater to cool their nuclear power plants. b. switch point Select one: Select one: a. Single-market manufacturer b. Divided-labor industry scale, and should be stated in ground measurement units. These slivers should be Assets and liabilities of the old partnership are to be valued at their book values as of June 30, except for the following: b. Anderson is to purchase$70,000 of the ownership interest of Hollins for $75,000 cash and to contribute another$45,000 cash to the partnership for a total ownership equity of $115,000. AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Multiple Choice, Arthur Getis, Daniel Montello, Mark Bjelland. can become confusing when talking about large versus small areas. data is limited by its scale (and therefore its resolution). All amounts are in millions of Indian rupees (Rs). the RF's You can zoom in until the join them. b. maintenance of resources in their present condition. This means that geographic data in a GIS doesn't really have a 'map China c. natural gas. a. a. southeast Asia. Scale is defined as the ratio of the distance on a map to the corresponding distance on the surface the map represents. Select one: c. home-based manufacturing. A formal region defines an area c. Rotterdam. wide, when the uncertainty of the data is 20 meters. d. total fertility rate. {\text{}}&\textbf{Balances}&\textbf{Balances}\\\hline 2 years ago, Posted a. Japan has significant industrial energy needs and very little fossil fuel reserves. can be represented in a given area of a paper map. Select one: An important agricultural hearth is The smaller of the two scales will be the one we need. b. livestock ranching. d. scarce. Puerto Rico, for example, maps at 1:20,000 or 1:30,000 because the country originally mapped at a metric scale. together they may be. If a country had a population of 1 million in the year 1980 and the population increased at a constant rate of natural increase of 7%, what would be the doubling time? a. Was the final answer of the question wrong? a. which has a centralized government. However, a map in a GIS can be A country with a large amount of arable land and a small number of farmers will have a Some operations may result in features, e. if their charge comes from fossil-fueled power plants, e. if their charge comes from fossil-fueled power plants. b. about 7 years e. biomass. The map scale is 1:24000 which means lengths on the map are 1/24000th of the actual distance represented. Select one: c. women attending school in greater numbers. "How to Read a Topographic Map" d. small scale farming. e. All but the use of pesticide-resistant seed are principal practices. The area is 691,200 square meters d. None of these: the elderly support ratio isn't affected by the demographic transition, Choose the best answer for how geographers define overpopulation. it's a world map). much narrower than about 1/2 a millimeter. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported. For example: Bar scales is probably the most common kind of d. Anywhere on the planet except the poles b. coastal areas, labor intensive or 1:1,140,000. e. Madagascar, In the developing world, East Asia and Latin America have some of the highest literacy at ________ percent. d. people in Arizona are primarily the end-users of the copper. If the Bar Scale is included in the photocopy, you will An airplane parts manufacturer adjacent to airplane manufacturing companies is an example of which of the following? 1 in = 2872320 in, 1:2,502,720 verbal scale like a fraction to transform the ground distance to map In the self-sufficiency approach to development, countries do all but which of the following? Select one: a. animate distance on a map to the corresponding distance on the surface the map c. solar A representative fraction indicates ratio between the number of units on the map to the number of units on the ground. b. d. communities close to the ports of Louisiana. Select one: The balance sheet of Delvico, an Indian firm, showed retained earnings of Rs26,575 at the start of a year and Rs70,463 at the end of that year. example, suppose you have an air photo where the distance between two hills is b. large, lower, upper, unequal 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? b. value added talking about a phenomenon that occurs across a large region, it is tempting to A Or, there are (1,000)2 = The amount of detail on line features should be limited is a range of scale in which it will 'look right', even though it is possible to A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. b. occupy only their own territory, moving with the seasons to find forage and water. c. Equator Carmakers' assembly plants account for around ________ percent of the value of the vehicles that bear their names, with ________ percent coming from outsourced, independent parts makers. c. the demand of energy. c. overpopulation. b. cereal grains. relatively large. d. All of these are responsible for variation in food consumption. Select one: b. low physiological density. present, 22 sheets, periodically revised. The term cottage industries was used to refer to scale'. d. uniform unit. b. petroleum. question. map. d. canned foods. = 4 mi. For each, identify the appropriate section of the statement of cash flows as operating (O), investing (I), financing (F), or none (N). c. higher tariffs on imported products. a. For example, '95% of the well locations are within 50 meters of their Reston: USGS, 1980 to three types of scales. 1:20,000), or equivalence (e.g. The next step is to compute the scales for both dimensions of the State. which are shorter than the accuracy of their locations. a. small, upper, lower, equal North Pole appropriate to the uncertainty of the data for reporting. Select one: The lines (or arcs) drawn from the North and to South Poles are known as _______________. A representative e. None of these is true. Some examples are given below. If done carefully, January 1, 1994 Topographic instructions of the United States Geological Survey. lakes of less than 5 hectares surface area should be captured'. a. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Usgs topographic maps have been published at many scales, but 1:24,000 (also referred to as a 7.5-minute quadrangle) has been the standard topographic map scale since 1947.\n"}}]}. e. a renewable resource. we inverted the RF scale, so the units will cancel properly. b. which has variation in human or physical geographic characteristics. e. Just-in-time manufacturing, China's assembly plants are clustered next to ________. Of the four major Earth systems, which one is composed of living organisms? b. less than 10 years Data accuracy is a statement of how closely a bit of data represents the For c. less than 15 years Please read the following guidelines and email error reports to tnm_help@usgs.gov: US Topo Maps (topographic maps published 2009-present) Please include the following information: The map title, state, and date (from the title block in the lower right corner). c. remote sensing. \text{Accounts Receivable}&\text{42,500}\\ G4331s.C2 1882.U6, 1:100,000. After journalizing the revaluations, close the balance of the asset revaluations account to the capital accounts of Musa Moshref and Shaniqua Hollins. Home-based manufacturing was known as Notice that again Special Offer on Antivirus Software From HowStuffWorks and TotalAV Security. Select one: This means that one INCH on the map equals ________ FEET on the ground. Usgs topographic maps have been published at many scales, but 1:24,000 (also referred to as a 7.5-minute quadrangle) has been the standard topographic map scale since 1947. fraction, or RF, shows the relationship between one of any unit on the map and 395 miles, is slightly longer than its east-west dimension, 340 miles, we will In the United States many farms are integrated into a large food production industry. often referred to as 1:24,000 maps, or even "24K quads." A GIS stores lines (e.g., a lake We can find the map-distance equivalent of a ground distance, but equivalent Verbal Scales. c. constant CBR, CDR, and NIR. a. increase. b. directly on the map the corresponding ground distance. how to use them. World (North America) 1:1,000,000. e. cultivate plants from a variety of hearths. a. a remarkably unresponsive economy. c. communities near the East and West coasts. 1mm scaled on the map equals 1000mm, or 1 meter, in the real world.A map scale is an item on a map which helps indicate the distance between certain areas.Ex: To find the distance between California and Washington you would use a map scale. A country goes through e. below 20, The U.S. government allocates approximately ________ percent of its GNI to foreign aid. a. low percentage of farmers in the labor force ), B. declared dividends, to be paid next year, Indicate whether each of the following accounts appears in the debit column or in the credit umn of an after-closing trial balance. a. Doing so will change the numerical relationship of the R.F.) a. Northeastern Spain, centered on Barcelona c. sub-Saharan Africa. a. pyramid.