Holy sh1t, Andrew and Jennifer didn't want a community, they wanted a cult. Those chosen to participate in 100 Days Wild have never met in person and will join Jennifer and Andrew, . Plus the voice over must tell us how dire the situation is every 5 minutes. Winter's coming but the group is far from ready. Adam Frye is one of the stars of Discoverys 100 Days Wild where 7 people come together to build a self-sustaining community in Alaska. Ok so just watching this show wow !!! A shame to the hard working people who came out to try and start a real community. I hope the four form their own community and leave Andrew and Jennifer on their own. The show follows the group on their journey which, as you can guess, has more than its share of difficult moments. Doesn't seem the stubbornness of Andrew, Jennifer or Oliver are willing to budge, which leaves things at a standstill. Aug 15, 2020. Buy 100 Days Wild: 100 Days Wild on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. And then she only deigns to look up when she needs to criticize the next victim. That is important in Alaska. Hopeless contestants who all would tap out on day one if on Alone. 10 Things You Didnt Know about 100 Days Wild, Why You Should Be Watching Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men, Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Chapter Twenty-Nine, Orange is the New Black 2.12-2.13 Review: It Was the Change/We Have Manners. | 1. I think a large part of it is the editing, but I also think they are just horrible communicators. Movies. | Rate. I want to see Adam, Evan, Oliver, Gerrad, and Christine in a big community. They all got along very well and had fun. 100 Days Wild premieres August 21 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. I believe they are frustrated that the rest of the group is not putting their free time and different skills towards developing the base camp and are instead focusing on making their individual goals and asperations. Now, I think Jennifer and Andrew might have a point there. I mean even poor Oliver that really wanted to provide for his community failed but perhaps he wouldn't have if Jennifer and Andrew had just reached out to him about what they know. . Feels surreal to watch the trailer and remember actually being there," she wrote. Watch 100 Days Wild Full Episodes Online. All they do is go out on that boat and catch dead fish and we can't forget complain about everything. Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer, so the outpost founders push the others to force Oliver out. A take after Alone, but 7 people try to survive together in the wild. or Use your tv provider. Gotta adapt and learn to communicate better. Andrew and Jennifer are horrible people . All Rights Reserved. Im watching this and it comes off as the no sense of community Is coming from Andrew & Jennifer, and not everyone else(except maybe Oliver?). 100 DAYS WILD . 5 . Offers may be subject to change without notice. Founders Jennifer and Andrew have been struggling to build a community based on their egalitarian values and agree to take in new . Jennifer and Andrew are lazy idiots that do nothing but complain that others aren't doing the work correctly. Rate. So when five new arrivals join a couple who have set up an off-grid outpost in Tanana Valley, they have no idea about the stakes involved. However, the show was filmed before COVID-19. . Online Marketing For Your Business 100 days wild andrew and jennifer Cookie Notice Andrew and Jennifer are controlling. They are now 5 years in. Synopsis:The battle over the food supply becomes the last straw for Adam, Evan, Christine and Gerrid; Andrew and Jennifer are abandoned at base camp; Adam and Evan join Oliver on a nearby claim . Led by couple Andrew and Jennifer, the group must also deal with the social stresses of their new living situation, and having to take directions from one another. Menu. Thanks for reading! For the last five years, group founders Jennifer and Andrew have searched for others tough enough to forge a self-sustaining colony in the last frontier. A sudden temperature plunge cuts Adam and Evan's bear hunt short. Bookings are updated several times a day so check back often! 2023 Audacy, Inc. All rights reserved. You can follow Camille on Twitter @CamealAshley. Andrew & Jennifer are idealistic and clueless. Available on Investigation Discovery, Food Network, Science Channel, Discovery, TLC, Travel Channel, HGTV, Prime Video, discovery+, iTunes, Hulu, Animal Planet, Philo, AHC GO . That long haired hippie drama queen annoys the shit out of me too. 27 January 2020. As far as I could see, everyone was working on their assigned tasks, and steadily tightening their belts while the disappointed couple, stayed in their cozy cabin and ate the best of the food, slimming down exactly none. Watch 100 Days Wild - And Then There Were None (s1 e7) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent. Adam and Evan join Oliver on a nearby claim, leading to a final confrontation with Andrew. The cast of 100 Days Wild certainly arent the first people to attempt to survive in a remote area of Alaska. Jennifer- POS with no true skills, I would guess piggybacking off of Andrew for previous years survival. The weather alone makes it nearly impossible to survive in the Tanana Valley. And. how could they have been there 3 years and only 1 cabin was built and no other resources???? Does well around submissive members. So they are home free now with as little effort as possible. Couple of snakes. How will they adapt to a hunter-gatherer life in Alaska's Tanana Valley? All their talk about community is going to slap them in the face. Not only are the cast members on the show strangers, but they come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience when it comes to living out in the wild. Andrew and Jennifer didn't like Oliver because he saw right through their bullshit "leaderless" community with them as co-dictators. Over the next 100 days, they struggle to gather food and build shelters before winter arrives. Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer . Jen has a twitter which is pretty easy to find and a website with bush recipes. Those chosen to participate in 100 Days Wild have never met in person and will join Jennifer and Andrew, . This would be the hub from what I can put together. Give them more! I think that is what is bothering Andrew and Jennifer. 4. They even say in this last episode that they don't want their community stolen by other people's dreams. Those three are loners. The issue became that they got nothing up at base camp. Where are they when the actual work is being done having tea. So, Discovery shows that Andrew and Jennifer are "largely in charge of . And I had a little bit of coffee for a little while before it ran out, he said of his preparations. For example, one cast member is a homesteader while another sells sports equipment. ET on Discovery. 100 Days Wild is a fascinating look at how different personalities must work together - leaving their set-in-their ways egos at the door - to secure the . Some of the important natural resources that are abundant in this strip are moose, salmon, bear, and grouse. 100.Days.Wild.Series.1.Part.6.Off.Grid.and.Under.Pressure.1080p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup.org.mp4 (1393.54 Mb) Subtitles: Retrieve Share Stats. If they wanted everyone to pitch in on every project, they should have built a condo. While the series seems to have filmed there, we know that help is never really far away in these cases. "100 Days Wild'' premiered last Friday, August 21, and the second episode (airing Friday, August 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and available via the Discovery GO app) will introduce a military veteran to the show. . It's not like, "Come over, we need a fourth for bridge". I hope Andrew and Jennifer don't bum him out with their leadership non skills. Per the trailer for the series, one of the group members is an Army vet, another is a self-described mountain man, one is a salesman, and a fourth is a homesteader. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Episodes . pascal wager: definitive edition. Thus, they are real-life people and are not likely to be acting in front of the cameras. I could definitely get on board watching those four set up a long term community. If they weren't in it , it would be a great show. I like it a lot. [08/06/20 - 11:59 AM] As the Clock Ticks Towards Winter, Seven Strangers Leave the Comforts of Home to Try and Build a Self-Sustaining Alaskan Community in Discovery Series "100 Days Wild" Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Seven strangers are giving up the comforts of the modern world in an attempt to build a self-sustaining community in the Alaskan wilderness in 100 Days Wild. I did not like how it left us hanging though. Let him survive, or not survive, alone. 20 To hear of it. Its like the Amish. Start your 7-day free trial. After several days of negative reaction, Andrew announces he is to step back from public duties "for the foreseeable future". Waiting for his time to shine, but reminds me of a book smart, real world inexperienced mindset. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Wtf? That told me a lot about Andrew and Jennifer -- delusional. SO they can now fully devote themselves to this project. Jennifer and her husband Andrew aren't sure what to expect when five Lower 48 strangers head to the Last Frontier to help their homestead prepare for winter. Everyone has a say and everyone's opinions matter. . Finally, we come to the challenges itself where they have to gather food and resources while setting up a societal system necessary for survival. That told me a lot about Andrew and Jennifer -- delusional. External Reviews Instead, they come from different walks of life like Army vet, sporting goods salesman, homesteader, and mountain man. I keep watching the show and hating them. 886 people were booked in the last 30 days (Order: Booking Date ) (Last updated on 11/4/2022 10:16:28 PM EST). Also, whenever someone does a project for the community (ex., the dry house) he's complaining how they didn't do it right. Im familiar with the show but who made these two leaders? Im blown away they they can threaten to push people out and how open they are about trying to manipulate change as in not letting people in their community have opinions. Travel into the remote Tanana Valley of Alaskan wilderness where 7 survivalists will be living when '100 Days Wild' premieres tonight, Friday, Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. . If they want things done their whay why aren't they doing it themselves. In addition to providing absolutely no leadership or gentle guidance, Andrew sits in a corner, complaining about everything, and passive Jennifer responds to everything with her blank, passionless pudding-face. Adam and Evan join Oliver on a nearby claim, leading to a final confrontation with Andrew. In an interview with RADIO.COM, Frye detailed his experience and even described the dangers of living in the wilderness - including one that wasn't caught on camera. Respi Mee Sup Sabahiiat. My Fave Made-For-TV Movies. Jennifer appears to be someone who majored in "survival" and made the Dean's List. b/c she also knows "everything" and also seems quite miserable. I hope they get told to shove their community- they deserve to be alone and actually have to work themselves. Sadly, The 4400 is one of many TV shows to end without a proper resolution, as TV networks really don't seem to consider pleasing a small but devoted fanbase when deciding how and when to cancel a struggling series. . . They got mad about putting the boats away? Jennifer is always giving everyone a sour look and Andrew wants more than his one follower. People who are interested in seeing the outcome will have to tune in and see what happens. Please bring this back and let us see what happened and if it's over like any show you should at least produce a last episode that sums things up. Another thing that we did not catch on filmone morning some of the moss that was used to insulate our shelter had fallen down on the smoke stack outside due to the wind and we didnt know, he said. They, I guess, originally started this project to make a community. "Through creativity or necessity, you need to understand what you can use in your environment to make what you need.". 100 Days Wild premieres August 21 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. Reality-Soap 202055 Minuten. I really like this show. Oliver is an very individualistic person, and while he doesn't find it easy to get along with people, he can be made a part of a community with the right distance, respect, and kindness. Jennifer and Andrew have devoted their time to searching for like-minded people who can help them in building a self-sustaining colony in the last frontier. Joining Jennifer and Andrew are five new survivalists Adam, Oliver, Gerrid, Christine, and Evan. She sits there, lips compressed, jaws clenched, not looking at anybody. Once the harsh weather sets in, egalitarian ideals are quickly tested. 100 Days Wild Season 1. They had no communication of expectations and were so passive aggressive and negative. The show was filmed in the Tanana Valley which is a largely unexplored and very remote area in Alaska. Year: Season 1. They weren't trying to own everything they just know how it has to be and need to get every started and in synch before winter and they just want to do what they want not what is needed. We know that 100 Days Wild is set in Tanana Valley, which is reportedly 200 miles from civilization. 100 Days Wild - Andrew and Jennifer lead the new community. I love the rest of the cast and what they bring to the group. The Show Takes Place In Alaska. . 100 Days Wild, Season 1 Episode 7, is available to watch and stream on Discovery Channel. See production, box office & company info. Reply; Start Topic; Everywhere; This Forum; This Topic; . Discoverys 100 Days Wild premieres on Friday night at 9 pm ET. What else have they done? Combine that with the fact that the cast is their during the winter and the fact that they dont know each other, and youve got a recipe for disaster. Andrew and Jennifer want to create a fair and equitable community. Rank 69 100 DAYS WILD DISCOVERY CHANNEL 9:03 PM 62 0.09 616 showbuzzdaily com. Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer, so the outpost founders push the others to force Oliver out; a sudden temperature plunge cuts Adam and Evan's bear . But it seems that Jennifer and Andrew feel they are the leaders. Story line doesnt add up. DMX. This show was never going to be about living through a winter with 100 days of prep, it's about that it's Wild that anyone can spend 100 Days with Andrew and Jenifer. He chose that weapon. 99% of the other people are self reliant. If both of these hitlers started the colony I think everyone should leave their colony and start their own. There are much better similar series about folk surviving in Alaska. Adam Frye sits inside a goahti he built while on Discovery's "100 Days Wild." "I grew up in the woods, and we didn't have a lot of means back then, if you would," Frye said. The above-mentioned rag-tag group comprises an interesting mix of people coming from different backgrounds. 100 Days Wild is a documentary series following the establishment of a nomadic, hunter/gatherer community who travel along Alaska's Tanana River. Those two are toxic. And we could not be more excited! I think Jennifer is the root of the problem. Weitere Folgen von 100 Days Wild - Das Survival-Abenteuer: Fr 03.03. Each member must have a particular skill set that will lead them to success. In 2015, Discovery debuted a show called The Last Alaskans which had a somewhat similar concept. Evan, Christine and Gerrid. When breaking down the JEFFERSON County jail population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners and make 10% with 109 female and 835 male inmates. Two stars because I like everyone else including Oliver except dictators Andrew and Jennifer. 100 Days Wild throws the limelight on a new generation of survivalists who have taken the brave decision of leaving their homes and embracing a new life on a vast expanse of Alaska. The other camps would be way stations that people stayed at for short hunting trips. It's kind of crazy they keep talking about how the others don't understand the idea of community; kind of the pot calling the kettle black. Reply CrankyRobby . And the obvious being, Jenn and Andrew, used the others to get them to stock up for winter, and then made them not feel welcome. I also get the feeling she doesn't trust others unless they go along with her ideas. Yes, another off-the-grid show! And her knitting while people are trying to express their feelings. They want this "no leaders" idea to be believed, but then they just put their foot down on everything. Who are Jennifer and Andrew from 100 Days Wild? Apparently, there are at least a handful of people who have, and theyre the cast of Discoverys new series, 100 Days Wild. As a side note, I liked his idea about how to treat Oliver. I think that they need to recognize that they do not have the strength of character to be community builders. Viewers can additionally stream the show by downloading the Discovery GO app. Jennifer apparently bought all the land., they scrimped and sacrificed to do this community. The CW is developing a reboot of USA's cult sci-fi series The 4400, but fans of the original are first owed a resolution to its cliffhanger ending. We got it out, unfortunately it wasnt captured.. I am thinking now that has more to do with Andrew and his wife/partner then the difficulty of living their lifestyle. REENADED . Good show, enjoyed it, apart from the obvious. Andrew and Jennifer are abandoned at base camp. It annoys the hell out of me how she's always complaining about what someone did or didn't do at one of the camps. Sorry but I am hooked on it. For many people, the phrase "Lifetime movie" is synonymous with curling up on a The channel reached the tipping point in the late 2000s, . A Place For Fans Of The Discovery Series 100 Days Wild, Press J to jump to the feed. 2020 13+ Seven strangers come together to create a self-sustaining community in Alaska's wilderness. . And I felt bad for Oliver. Its hard to watch. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Oliver tries to survive solo as temperatures plummet. It's going to be Wild that anyone can stand Andrew and Jennifer for 100 Days. This show reminds me almost of Animal Farm/Socialism. No contract, cancel anytime. Leaving comfortable lives behind, strangers journey to Alaska to chase their dreams of establishing an off-grid community. A sudden temperature plunge cuts Adam and Evan's bear hunt sh. The next issue at hand is how remote the location is. New episodes will drop every Friday at the same time slot. 100 Days Wild (TV Series 2020- ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. 2023 22:15 DMAX 100 Days Wild - Das Survival-Abenteuer - Der Einzelgnger It's a great show that really questions what the meaning of "community" Is and how the leadership should be directed as well as all the drama that follows because of it. 6 . In all honestly, being stuck in the Alaskan wilderness is probably a safe place to be during the pandemic. Neither seem to desire a communicative, working environment. User Ratings One of the things that makes the show so unique is the fact that the cast members are strangers. Or will there be some hierarchical structure in place for the smooth co-existence of everyone involved? Jennifer seemed surprised when he was all we have NO protein! And then they left without any? . Likes. 100 Days Wild season 1 will premiere on August 21, 2020, on Discovery at 9 pm ET/PT. I'm of the mindset that if I dont like someone, it's up to me to say it to that person. Evan, and Adam are, too. The cast members are lead by survivalists Jennifer and Andrew who have been living off the grid for the last five years. 100 Days Wild (2020- ) Episode List. I had a little bit of flour, a little bit of sugar. A Facebook post from cast member, Christine McGuigan, says Last fall I was gone for a few months, my first time in Alaska doing this Discovery TV series that starts next week.