However, upon the brothers' arrest, a photobooth picture was retrieved from his front pocket showing him, his brother and a female guest from the . Not all! What do you think? If a friend of Saturn (Venus and Mercury) even that hard aspect can bring great results later. Sun in Saggittarius 18 degrees Think of astrological degrees in terms of a type of communication happening between the natal chart (person and/or event) and the cosmos. It honestly Depends on what it squares off with. If Venus is 22.01 does that count as 22 degree or 23? Just be super kind to yourself, and love yourself. My dad was killed when I was 14 and my mother died 29 years ago and I have grieved her ever since. I assume you are familiar with reading your chart, just add the basic meanings of those degrees to your interpretation. I have Sun in Gemini at 18 conjunct Mercury in Gemini at 18, with a Capricorn 2nd house at 22 degrees and Cancer 8th house at 22 degrees. Im just learning about degrees. im soooooooooo scared I have two 18 degrees in Mars and Jupiter. Hi Natasha, omg that is a triple whammy! and how do interpet degrees in diff planets. But I dont know if this would manifest badly or what it means, jupiter and venus (in 8th) is conjunct (both pisces) . And titles such as PhD are under the domain of the 11th house. I have Venus in Virgo (1st house) at 18.50 degree and Neptune R in Sagittarius (4th house) 22.15 degree. And the 18th degree has many positive attributes. Can you please tell me what it means, I have mine at 21 degrees ; in Scorpio in my 10 th house .. Ive read I'm going to lose my husband and will suffer the worst life imaginable im really worried about this ,it gets quite upsetting thinking of it all the appreciate any input Thanks in advance . I have been getting more into astrology and I'm learning about degrees. Beneficial to be an authority one day. Having your Venus in Virgo at the Virgo degree is like a double whammy Virgo energy. I believe that the degree is not due to it is called deadly. Thank you! I have Mars at 18 Gemini. I have 22 degrees in my sun (Aquarius) in my 6th house. Hello! Don't worry. I am a little concerned, how can this double 22 degree thing affect me? I m losing my phd degree and this is my 3rd failure examination i underwent midheaven at 18.53 degree .also my 8th house start at 22 aqaurius..please help me to do any remedies.. Pleaaase. I appreaicte that you you shared it with us. My marriage to a Virgo moon (moon is used in Vedic) who is also a Virgo Ascendant has been an unqualified DISASTER. Kill Or Be Killed, Vol. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, which has made a world of difference. For a more in-depth interpretation of your Mars in Capricorn, one must know which house is affected and the aspects. Thank you for your comment! Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If ever there was one, Susan Miller would be a blue-chip astrologer. With all my love and hugs, Niki, My moon is in Pisces 22 degrees in my fifth house. . because a few people did relate with me on quora. Focus on the more positive manifestation of that planet. Hi, thanks for this info!! If you have a planet in the 22nd degree in the natal chart, then read on. Im getting into astrology and have a 22nd degree in Venus in Leo in my 1H. I have a question about getting the accuracy of those degrees. , I have both the 22 degree and the 18 degree. 22 degrees astrology. All of this has made me very stressed and I feel like I am doomed. Not even a house cusp in this example at 22 degrees. Or you measure your words (22nd degree= Capricorn) in communication. Click enter, and look for all the people with Sun in 22 degrees, and take note of how they died. Feb 14, 2009. 22 Gemini (82): DANCING COUPLES CROWD THE BARN IN A HARVEST FESTIVAL. My 18 degree 14 3 Virgo Mercury (retrograde) and 18 degree 3 23 Virgo Venus are conjunct at 18 degrees Virgo in my 11th House. Could you please give me some advice? I learned everything I needed to know from this website. Libra degree: 7 th degree and 19 th degree. I recently discovered that I have a Virgo Venus in the 18th degree. Love and healing to everyone with these placements, Is there any significance to I used to think entities were after me. Makes you think youre just destined to be a mess. Thank you! Hi Niki, I would really appreciate it since their both in the 18th degree . The pull is incredibly strong and its like nothing has changed. You can find more info about the 22nd degree in the article above. 22 of Killings. Is that bad for my long term career? i dont want to kill anyone omg pls help 24/09/1998 16:09GMT. Secrets of the 12th degree in Capricorn | Big Wealth? thank you. I listened to an astrologer talking about degree theory earlier today and Im not sure I buy itseems like its causing unnecessary stress for folks! now, i want to remind you that this is the worst case scenario and that this degree can manifest itself in many diferent ways - just like the 18 . I have attached my chart for those curious. People who have planets or points* at 2 wield supreme power and are well-positioned to make remarkable achievements, according to research work done by Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic. note that i have also studied from various sources about this. why is 22 degrees a fatal degree in astrology? 22, on the other hand, is a master number which may be why there are some positive aspects to this degree. you can change your desitny. With all my love, Niki. Use your own judgment on the matter. Your blog article gives me some peace of mind. My leo moon is at 22 degrees, ascendant in libra is also 22 what does it mean? his significance of "to kill or be killed" is quite literal. 22 degrees means you have to experience a very raw and difficult part of this world. Those who have this degree found in the natal charts would have . Collected Editions. One site explained of a family with 22nd degrees being murdered I am freaking out. Because I have Saturn at 21.40, so would that count as 22?? My sun (father) is at 18 degrees: I had a very abusive father, mentally and physically, and my moon (mother) is at 22 degrees: she was a very cold and distant. It was informative. Hi dear Niki, Ive read in the comments that any planet in 11th house is good; I have pluto in scorpio at 22 degrees, does that mean Ill be killed in a massive attack or sth? Thank you for sharing your story! Is there anything I should worry about? A 3 percent ratio (2 to 5 tablespoons) of dried plum mixture (prunes) to 2 pounds of ground beef kills more than 90 percent of major food-borne pathogens, including E. Hi, I have my sun in Taurus at 22 degrees and also my mars in taurus at 22 degrees both in my 10th house, Im worried this means something negative about my career or finances or reputation. i would like to know more how this can play out for me positively? One must know the darkness to heal the darkness. It square the sun and venus, both in virgo, both in 5th house. Publisher's summary: Confraternities were the most common form of organized religious life in medieval and early modern Europe. I am no longer grieving for him as such but the connection. I have 18th degrees Neptune in my 7th house Scorpio. i recently got into degrees and i was worrying so much because i have a Gemini Saturn in the 12th house, at 22 (its my only aspect in that house, while having True Node in 6 Gemini 11th house); i dont know how to interpret this id appreciate so much if you could help me out! I have often read this could mean a violent (hopefully kinky) death in foreign country. I know it's the"kill or be killed" degree but any input on this would be helpful as i am a little scared. 18 degree Mercury XI house, II house Virgo without planets. This is interesting. I`m having health issues half of my life and I`m afraid what my life will be in the future. Thank you so so much!!! 0 coins. Thanks so much for your hard work and your ever-insightful observations! I have my Mars in Virgo at 18 in the 11th house and I have my sun in Taurus at 22 in the 7th house. Does she show any kind of Capricorn traits maybe? Thoughts on that?? This is such an interesting view of it! I also have Leo sun in the 6th house at 25 degrees. Or the native should be isolated if work in those fields. Five years after the unusual deaths of a group of teenagers, paranormal investigator Max Archer interviews survivor Matt Swanson who is serving life in prison for the murder of his classmates - but Matt claims he is innocent and that the inhuman force that killed his friends is still after him. I have a lot of trines in my chart and yet my Leo moon is badly aspected with my Aquarius stellium in the 8th house (consisting of 6 planets in total including my Pisces sun). Thank you, Hi, I am new here. Designed to teach you about some of the issues that this can bring into your life as we exp. Im a Scorpio moon myself so forgiving others doesnt come easy. I am sure not a workaholic, also the moon is oppositing sun and mars, trines pluto a little scary,i also have a 7th house stellium. He died last year, he was murdered. Moon in Taurus at the 22nd degree in the 10th house can be awesome! Oh, and plus, the Scorpio one also has an aspect of Sun-Chiron, but instead of conjunct, is opposite the Sun. Chapter 7 - DESIRE, THE WORD OF GOD. hey i have an aquarius moon in 18 degrees what can that mean for me? The last time I ever saw my Grandfather was my 18th birthday as he passed on the next day. I love your blog, it gives so much insight in simple points. Omg so I was trying to figure out what the degrees in my chart mean and I looked up my sun degree. Hi im Kelsie & thank you so much for this article! Hellothanks for a very interesting article. Hi Nikki, This is an introduction into the most famous degree in astrology. If you interpret your Venus this way add Capciron qualities to it. (I.e., 0 degrees of Gemini, it is like a double Gemini energy.) 6th house rules work, work environment, and having the ruler in that house, it means that the Moon will take good care of that house. If its not squaring off with Mars, Uranus, Saturn, or Neptune in 18 degrees then youre fine. My dad is a capricorn rising and my mum a virgo rising haha, My Capricorn sun is in the 22nd degree and Im not going to lie but that is scaring me lol. Pluto in Sag, 9H I really hope youre still responding to these because I recently found out that 22 degrees was kill or be killed and I have 4 placements at that degree and its scary to me. Moon Scorpio 22 Thanks. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Love, Niki, Hi, my sun is also at 0 degrees Leo on the cusp, its located in the 10th house in cancer though, so it also rules my 11th, omg that super strong Sun takes good care of the 11th house domains. View Archive. (I mean where it is coming from? Hi, Im new to all this but I have Uranus in my own sign of Lubra at 22 And Chiron in Virgo at 18. Tagged: 18th degree, 22nd, astrological degrees, degree theory. The degrees are scary, is all I can say. Moon there can make you gainful with Moon domains. Thanks once again! *sigh The blessings still be abundant. I have my Venus in Capricorn at 22 degrees.. kind of scared right now lol. And 22 degrees in my North Node in Leo in the twelfth house. I mean even a 1-2 min difference in the birth time can indicate a different Asc degree. It is a process that really helped me transform and let go of what was and the cool thing is it shows you your possible trajectory, your life path and its lessons. And do the same with the 9th house too. i looked them up and all of them linked with jealousy. I have an 18 degree Cancer sun in my 12th house and I think it shows because Im an extreme perfectionist especially in terms of being as kind as i can, so Im hypercritical of any mistakes I make. But the aspects, sign positions count a lot too. Btw, my Ascendant is 22 22 Tau. You are having a Venus return soon. (Also really laughing at my Reddit handle right now how appropriate). This was amazingly accurate. Once you are convinced that your time of birth is accurate you can interpret the house cusps degrees easily. On another note, with that 10th house Pisces stellium and Sun in the 10th = can probably see quite clearly what her job was. I also have my moon in gemini 8th house and scorpio ascendant. I had night terrors and bizarre dreams. Im very sorry for your loss. JavaScript is disabled. Scary stuff!! I have seen many models chart and those who in the beauty industry having Virgo Venus. The Sabian Symbols for your 2nd house cusp and Moon would be 23rd and 19th degree respectively..Based on zero to one degree = first degree and 29 to 30 degrees = 30th degree, which (I think) most astrologers use. Shes a Capricorn sun. By Posted browning 725 pro sporting canada In tennis necklace swarovski The final degree in the natal chart: poised for change. Also I have my taurus Mars at the 18th degree in the 4th house. Lol XD. What does that mean for me? Does it mean my mom Will get sick? Do not be scared! Chapter 4 - THE SECRET OF FEELING. Another possible scenario and manifestation have the Moon at the 22 nd degree in the 8 th house in the sign of Leo: . Thank you so much! The 12th house is also at 22nd degrees, in pisces, it's ruler, Neptune is in the 8th with Uranus. One possible scenario: with (18th degree) with friends (Aquarius) at home or introduce the other domains of the Moon and you can be gainful(11th house).It has many possible manifestation though. I have Leo Venus 22 degree in the 3H and Scorpio Pluto in the 18 degree in the 6H. One has difficulties in understanding that self-centeredness harms relationships with friends or lovers, and that other people's aspirations must be given due consideration. Could you explain why those are big red flags? For some time Ive been reading warning comments regarding this but I would like to have another explanation rather than traggedy in my family or with my kids. I have a Virgo Venus at 22. How can I turn this into something positive? Hello there. 22 Libra (202): A CHILD GIVING BIRDS A DRINK AT A FOUNTAIN. . Scorpio degrees: 8 th degree and 20 th degree. 22 : kill or be killed Astrology and Psychology. This thread got me thinking of sabianshope i'm not too off topic here. hi thank you so much for this article i have pisces venus in 22nd degree in my 7th house squaring pluto in my 4th. 22 degrees astrologyred gomphrena globosa magical properties 27 februari, 2023 . thank you for sharing this, eased my mind sooo much!!! Arianna. what does this mean for me? Astrology helped me better understand and accept certain things that happened in my life, so that I longer think like a victim. For an accurate systray reading, more info is needed. What does that mean?, Making money (2nd house) with Moon domains and make it as a career (22nd degree, Capricorn degree). You know one or two minutes difference can indicate a 1 degree difference in the natal chart. Thank you!. i have an aquarius moon in 18 degrees and its in the 11th house ): is this good? Cause I know the degree 22 is "to kill or be killed" saying . A 1 percent ratio (2 to 5 teaspoons) of garlic powder to two pounds of ground beef kills 90-97 percent of E. coli. You are using an out of date browser. She fights a lot with all of us-mostly with me (she is a teenager). but then its was called the worst degree in astrology! I assume you are familiar with that, if not you can find articles on the psychology of Socprio and Neptune on my website. I have Saturn at 18 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house and Mars at 22 degrees Capricorn in the 10th. Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more. sun in 1h, i think this about my death. If you are a Leo ascendant and having the Ascendant lord in the 10th house is already a great indicator for career success. I really appreciate it and we all can learn from it! Welcome, Unregistered. For example I have my 2nd House cusp at 22.03degrees, is that considered 22nd or 23rd degree?.I have my Moon in Gemini at 18.55 degrees so I should assume that it's at 19 am I correct? Thank you so much for your comforting words and explanation. 22 degree astrology kill or be killed. It's forcing me to face. How could I interpret that? i think we need shadow work i get the vibe that most of us have been looked down upon or not believed in because of others which led us to be envious or self centered. 18- Virgo degree. Ive made some other comments on 22 degrees if you want me to tag you in those posts. I wondered if it wouldnt bother you- what you think of both of these degrees? The 22 degree rings true to me because my father is emotionally cold and distant as well as a workaholic. Chapter 2 - THE NAME OF GOD. It just struck me as odd as Ive always wanted to act but confidence & public speaking were a huge hindrance, but I adore reading & writing so wondering if this might be some sort of coincidence? In 2022, I have my solar return ascending at Libra at the 22nd degree which natally is my 4th houseshould I be worried about my family in particular my mother? Maybe here? 120K subscribers in the AskAstrologers community. I have my sun in 22 degrees in Leo as well as my north node in this house. Wishing you all the best with the upcoming exam! I was having anxiety over the 18th and 22 degree. A precious piece of information. I have my mars in scorpio 22 degrees in 10th house. Hi!!! okay thanks for listening to my ted talk lol if u felt better im glad, even if it doesnt go away it will help for the time being. I am really curious about this bc after the tragic event I went through with my kids dad that was battling an addiction and became violent it has inspired me to learn about my chart, his chart, and our kids charts. Hi, I also have Neptune in the 18th degrees, but its in Aquarius & the 11th house. 22 degree astrology kill or be killed. Have fun on those days! if we think we are superior and try discouraging people who are jealous, even if they are innocent, we attract who we are. :)), I hope I could help! Also my Pluto squares Chiron; and Chiron squares my Sun. This doesn't imply the literal death. Children's deaths of any kind are rare, researchers noted. Thank you for this article. I think that it can be considered for my Jupiter in Saggitarius (8th house) 13 to be sextiling my sun, but it might be a minor aspect, it doesnt show up sometimes in charts. guys, ive seen numerous comments about Sagittarius in 22nd degree, and this is what ive interpreted : "A dagger with the hilt encrusted with precious stones pierces a heart caught in a wire screen.". , Very sad to hear, I am sorry for your loss. I dont think that would harm your career or reputation. Anyway, interpret it as a double Capricorn energy. I wish a ot of succes with your career! And the 18th degree (all the Virgo analogy) use as additional information. Chapter 9 - THE ANNUNCIATION. However this 22nd degree always had a creepy assent to it. omg! And which planets are aspecting it? What difference does the degree on the planets and house cusps make? Rony and Josue Castaneda, 31 and 22 respectively, were convicted of second-degree murder by a jury on Feb. 9 for Melgoza's death, the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office said in a . guys, firstly, this is a very broad interpretation. What does this mean. so you have your Saturn and Mars in weak conjunction in Taurus, correct? Now i am completed and so looking forward to my life as an elder. Hi, is it bad that my Mars is in Virgo and its 18 degrees? If mercury is his best planet he can make a nice career/work out of it. hi, my north node is 18 in capricorn and in my 12th house. NO. It may not display this or other websites correctly. If you have an opportunity and can help me with that, it would be great! Ive also definitely been witness to some traumatic shit also. Chapter 8 - FAITH. Because I dont want bad fortune in my life I dont wanna be a failure or I dont wanna be connected to demonic energy please help me !!! And it is truly magical. I have great news for you! As the degree next to "sun" click 20-25, and on the right, you can enter in any aspects you're concerned about. The Taurus one had Sun conjunct Chiron, next to fixed star Algol. Sharon Tate, the actress who was murdered by the Charlie Manson cult members. Does anyone have any experience or have any planets at the 22nd degree? Hi there, You have done a great job. Barbee Knowflake . Read My Chart As Saturn being one of the career indicators in the chart.. My mother who is a Virgo rising has her Venus conjunct her ascendant in 18. I don't find the astrological analysis in the article terribly compelling. Do you think its an influence of this degree? suggest to my friends. My ascendant is 18 degrees and my moon is 22 degree. Hello, can you tell me something more about my pretty important 18 & 22 conjuction? So you have your Venus in Leo at the 18th degree in the 11th house. Most likely, your relationship with your partner will experience a hiccup, or something else will cause your life to shift. She for example is a Taurus sun in the 12th house and her sun is in square with Mars. And the Sun in the 6th house shohws many respobsilites and duties. What about both degrees in a natal chart in three different positions? I would say firstly make sure that your time of birth is accuarte. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Without seeing your chart I really do hope for you that the Saturn in the 7th house bring a long marriage. A community for asking questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general. Does it mean we are not good for each other? I just found out about degrees todayand I am freaking out because I realized I have my Venus (7th house) in Scorpio at the 18th degree. I would suggest adding a basic Virgo quality to your Uranus, which can be ie budgeting. Do not freak out about the rest of your chart. Read more at NPR. trust the universe has good intentions for you and do shadow works to be a little more content and less slef victimization will happen , also do not surround yourself with people who do so because, ive been there and it sucks, they are primarily why my standards in terms of envy are so low. These will give you very accuarte understanding on your self-esteem and also on how can you work on it. I have placements at 22 degrees ( mercury, jupiter, uranus, and chiron) a lot of the information Ive found online have mentioned the kill or be killed. It is by far the strangest and saddest thing Ive ever experienced . In the night chart, Mars manifests handsomely even in Virgo. Pluto is also in midheaven! Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. I doubt it ever will. I would advise you anyway to make Mars manifests in your work. If it helps I also have Virgo in Chiron and Mars. Then I call it and all the fears go by. And bizarrely on point. And 22 moon in cancer. #1. Kill Or Be Killed, Vol. A person murdered by father had most malefic at 21 Sagittarius and MC on 18 Scorpio. My Mars is 18 degree in Libra and my boy friend has Venus in Libra 18. im literally SO scared rn im having a panic attack, my cancer moon is at 22 degrees in my 6th house please what does it mean? Im a Leo sun with 22 degrees 44minutes in the 5th house. Watch popular content from the following creators: Cosmic Drugz(@cosmic_drugz), Cosmic Drugz(@cosmic_drugz), A rat(@thebeesaredyinghelp), Roses and Alcohol(@roses_and_alcohol), (@factsrological), Forrest (@saliorgoon), Alyssa Sharpe(@thedivinevenus), Feelings(@astrovibe.z), astroa3h(@astroa3h), Cosmic Drugz . This is so exciting!!! Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house. The degrees just add more meaning or deeper insight. It is also considered a critical degree. Soon, in June there will be a solar eclipse on your Sun, I hope it will bring something amazing for you in regards to your career or life goals!