The sole remainder was spotted heading home after Car Craft this past year with the top down, FOR SALE in the windows, and a fresh cheap paint job. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. I didnt like it much then but like it a lot better now. Other C characteristics in 71 and 72 were a roof / greenhouse on the hardtops that seemed to have been pulled straight off the Electra, and two versions of the 455 were the only available engines. Pontiac Model 401. (282 miles away) 1. A 455 CID V8 was standard, and while the Grand Ville rode on the standard GM B-body platform, its formal roofline was shared with the corporations larger C-body cars. 1972 Grand Ville Coupe Interior Metal Trim. Onec we got the fuel pump up and into place and some fresh gas in his gut the old boy fired right up. > The 74 is throw-Cadillac-eggcrate-on-it-see-how-that-looks designing 1972 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible 455-4 V8 Horsepower/ Torque Curve Check: 1972 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible 455-4 V8 car fluids (oil and coolant) capacities Transmission specifications Complete transmission data: gear ratios, final drive, etc. These would be cool summer cruising cars. Source for tire and wheel application fitment data Last Update: Feb. 19, 2023, 4:32 p.m. News VCdb Integration Powerful 455 cu in 4 barrel V8 backed by a 3 . maintained, and pampered; under 72 K documented original miles. As she fretted about the next unknown chapter of her life, she recounted the various escapades and adventures she had provided. Sorry to be pedantic, but some of that high school French sticks with me forty odd years later. Sitting in the grass, facing the highway, she was experiencing a definite worry she had not really experienced before. Great car and reliable. CLASSIC.COM is a trademark of CLASSIC.COM LLC. See more NOS GM 1974-1976 Pontiac Catalina Bonneville G - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab, NOS GM 1974-76 Pontiac Catalina Bonneville Grandville / fender support / 495663, Report this item - opens in new window or tab, NOS GM 1961-64 Oldsmobile Pontiac Hydramatic oil control by-pass valve / 8620398 (#195571397617), NOS GM 1976-77 Chevrolet Chevette chrome rear bumper / 360702 / RARE ORIGINAL GM (#125756439689), NOS RARE!! 455 V8 Motor. The Grand Ville was offered as a four door sedan, two door convertible, and two door coupe, and was fitted with a V8 engine, of either 6.6L or 7.5L displacement. I dont know why the front bumper on this Pontiac looks so damn huge. Good job and well written from a different perspective, Jason. I used to drive it to work in NJ from NYC. Pontiac Model 402. The handsome burgundy interior complements the exterior color nicely. 15 results per page. The old girl had been born during the last days of the convertible, but what a last hoorah it had been. It was also Caserio who pushed and approved downsizing of the 1974 GTO from a mid-sized (LeMans) to a compact (Ventura) a backward step as the 73 Colonnade intermediates were much more modern than the Nova body/platform which dated back to 68 the 73 Goat was no longer a hardtop but did have frameless doors and windows, the 74 had frames the 73 had a double-shell roof, the 74 did not the 73 had front disc brakes standard, the 74 had small 9.4-inch drums the 73 had full body on frame construction, the 74 was unibody the 73 had full coil suspension, the 74 had multi-leaf springs in rear the 73 still had 400 and 455 engines, the 74 only a 350 the 73 had round gauges well laid out for optional instrumentation including a tach, the 74 had a horizontal speedometer and a small optional tach with the gauges requiring a floor console. With plenty of paperwork and a fantastic overall presentation, the desirable 455ci V8 under the hood is just the cherry on top of this hardtop. , Thank you. There's even the window sticker so you can see all the key original components that are still on the car. That being said, if only GM made it at 3/4 scale with more sophisticated body and chassis. Pontiac Model 601. Which is fine by me. Great runner! Pontiacs were also popular prizes on Lets Make A Deal with Monte Hall and there, announcer Jay Stewart had a penchant for describing the Grand Prix as Pontiacs Wide-Track Luxury Sports Car, Grand Am as Pontiacs Wide-Track Euro-style Luxury Sport Sedan, and Grand Ville as Pontiacs Sporty Wide-Track Luxury Car. And Jay describing the options on cars in Pontiac-speak like a carnival barker noted features such as variable-ratio power steering, Cordova Roof, Four Hundred (of Four Fifty-Five) Cubic Inch V8 engine, Morrokide interior with nylon loop carpeting, Cushioned Steering Wheel and Rally II Wheels. I always had a thing for these Grand Villes, I remember going to some friends of my parents house, they had one of these parked on the driveway on the side of the house, I dont recall seeing it when we go there, but I remember turning the corner and the motion sensor light kicked on suddenly illuminating this big burgundy over white Grand Ville convertible, it was of those images that just sticks in my head forever. 1971? Canadas third richest man, Jimmy Pattison, keeps a red 1975 Grand Ville convertible that he still drives around town. Pontiac Grand Ville For Sale 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville Price $33,750 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville Price $24,995 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville Price $99,750 Pontiac Grand Ville s by Year . Base . They just do not carry their weight as well. Pontiac did have a solid lineup back then, but this car reminds me of the schizophrenia occurring in the Excitement Division. As Miss Daisey once said, we couldnt keep it because we couldnt afford to feed it!. $16,500 Dealership CC-1681713 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville This big, beautiful 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible is one of the best ways to be distinctive, . This is a comfortable cruiser that came loaded from the factory with features such as power seat, power windows, power locks, and provisions for air conditioning. The film makers actually licensed that from a cargo carrier, I always liked BoB Newharts Grace L. Ferguson Airline and Storm Door Company. She knew some kept other, sportier Pontiac's as toys and to race; having been born a Grand Ville convertible, she was the queen bee of the Pontiac family in 1973. The Grand Ville and Bonneville shared a number of trim and design elements that distinguished them from the Catalina, and the 1971-72 Grand Villes were built on a stretched-wheelbase version of the GM "B" platform that nevertheless had identical interior dimensions to all other full-size Pontiacs. She knew some kept other, sportier Pontiacs as toys and to race; having been born a Grand Ville convertible, she was the queen bee of the Pontiac family in 1973. Restored 71-72 Bare Bones Dashboard. It appears to be enamel paint. Initially an extension of the Star Chief Custom in 57, the Bonneville became a stand-alone model in 1958 and a full product line in 1959 with the addition of a station wagon. (See our feature on the Pontiac V8 here.) The Stevie Awards, the world's premier business awards recognized The old Pontiac sat there for all to see, unashamed and proud. A unique and lasting tribute for a loved one. In 2016 The Journal, brought to you by, was celebrated as the SECOND MOST INFLUENTIAL automotive blog in the world by NFC Performance. It was kind of a stupid name, when you think of it a Broughamified Bonneville? Pontiac LeMans. Hopefully it found a good home. Next, the name was altered slightly from Grand Ville to Grand Ville Brougham (there was no non-Brougham Grand Ville). It was at least worth seeing what was causing the no start issue. And Truth or Consequences broadcast in nighttime syndication was still on during 1973 and hosted by Barker despite his new gig on TPIR, gave away LeManses and Venturas. For a girl with a few years about her, she knew time and relationships had been kinder to her than most. 1974-1976 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE GRANDVILLE CONVERTIBLE JACK SETUP 1975. Exterior Color: Red Actually, they didnt. It is where the rear quarter window beltline transitions to the rear deck. Chenoweth Ford Inc, Clarksburg, WV(66mi), Spitzer Ford Dubois, LLC, Du Bois, PA(88mi), Ted's Auto Sales, Inc., Louisville, OH(89mi), Serpentini Chevrolet Orrville, Orrville, OH(113mi), Nick Abraham Auto Mall, Elyria, OH(144mi), Wm. Great find, and hoping good fortunes found it with a new purchaser. As he drove away, one could sense a radiance reinvigorated from where it had been only a half-hour before. The Buick front end grille beats the pants off that Pontiac. I think it may be on you tube? Thats it! Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible 455-4 V8 (aut. The diamond-tufted pattern in the seatbacks is an instant reminder that Pontiacs were a more upscale brand that offered luxury with their sporting image. 1968 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX BONNEVILLE CATALINA CONVERTIBLE FRAME DIMENSION CHART. New listings are added daily. The funeral service for Aria will be conducted at the Belle Vernon Area High School Auditorium (425 Crest Avenue) on Wednesday, March 1 beginning at 10:00 am. I remember looking at red and White ones in Blauvelt Pontiac, while my Mothers 63 Grand Prix was worked on.In March of 1973 she Ordered a Black Thunderbird, unimpressed with the 73 Pontiacs. From 1971-76 I jump all around the B/C body divisions as to which has the best front or rear treatment in any given year. NOS GM 72 PONTIAC CATALINA RH FRONT FENDER EXTENSION ALSO FITS BONNEVILLE WAGON. The P. This big, beautiful 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible is one of the best ways to be distinctive, Gateway Classic Cars of St. Louis is proud to digitally present to you this 1975 Pontiac Grandville, 1974 Pontiac Grandville Convertible What a boat! The military honors was held on Sunday, February 26th 2023 at 7:30 PM at the Parzynski Funeral Home & Cremations (191 Liberty St, Perryopolis, PA 15473). Refresh your browser window to try again. The new flagship at the Pontiac division for the next five model years was the Grand Ville, a less familiar name today than Bonneville, Catalina, or Star Chief. and the 75 is the cleanest with that cross hairs grill. 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix . Send A Message. $100.00 lot . Syracuse, NY. Nuff said. [1], The Grand Ville enjoyed moderate success from 1971 to 1973. This prestigious accolade represents the continued growth of the company, and's dominance as the world's largest online marketplace for I like how Pontiac louvered them and was able to incorporate the reflex into the entire lens itself, avoiding a separate cheesy-looking reflector that nearly all other cars had (and ALL cars have now). One thing to keep in mind is that this Pontiac is the top of the line model while the Centruion was the middle model since GM didnt see fit to tool up for a C-body convertible. Cant get off on it. Very handsome car, beautifully articulated in a well woven story. Good condition. The 1972 is pretty handsome, Grand Prixesque? Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Good friends growing up were a Pontiac family, and some Catalinas and Bonnevilles were in the mix. Ditto the rear end. One of the first decisions Caserio made was to refuse to release the Super Duty 455 engine option planned for the 1973 GTO, Grand Am and Firebird Trans Am and Formula even though it had already been approved for production and met all 1973 emission standards both U.S. and California. (The Executive, in turn, rode in the former Star Chief slot.) Our Grand Ville came from Georgia in 2004. It sat in side for many years in a private collection. And vice versa. The same can be said for the shag carpet, as well as the wood paneling on the dash, door panels, and three-spoke steering wheel. In 1979 a regular customer at my restoration shop had a 73 woody wagon, fully decked. We update this page every evening. In our area, Pontiacs are particularely beloved among US car enthusiasts. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. I dont know the name, but read a story about how he killed SD455 at last minute, except for Firebirds. Caserio did later relent and permit the SD to go into production later in the model year but only in the Firebirds, not the mid-sized cars. The Grand Ville was the top of the line model offered by Pontiac during its production. The importance of saying "I love you" during COVID-19, Effective ways of dealing with the grieving process, Solutions to show your sympathy safely during the Covid-19 pandemic, Parzynski Funeral Home & Cremations - Perryopolis. This is a very nicely done CC. Simple and elegant. While the name Bonneville had at least implied performance, the new Grand Ville badge suggested well, grandness. C $19.03 + C $27.14 shipping. has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, successfully making the Inc. 5000 list in both 2015, You forgot to mention that the lady wears a front bumper that makes her look like she is wearing a african lip plug. Pontiac Grand Ville. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Conundrum: The Confusing World of Japans Kei Cars, On The Go Outtake: Toyota T100 With Broken Back - It Takes a Lickin' and It Still Keeps Tickin', Thomas Klockau I kinda like it, its the most over the top front end of the series, those grilles that stretch nearly the width of the car. US $2.00 (approx C $2.72) United States: Standstraight, shoulders back she said to herself, remembering what a previous owner had said to some long ago passengers. NOS 1973 Pontiac Catalina Grand Ville Bonneville front fender vertical support. Mileage Unavailable Classic Car Deals Cadillac, MI 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible $ 21,995 $ 382 /mo* 56,437 miles Engine: 400 Days Listed 83 Price $252 below avg. Other game shows that gave away new Pontiacs in 1973 included Lets Make A Deal by Monte Hall (see previous post on this subject) and The New Price Is Right, hosted by Bob Barker, on CBS and there the Pontiacs were usually high-end models such as Grand Safari wagons, Grand Prixs or Grand Villes as part of their showcases most of the pricing game cars then were low-line Chevy Vegas or Novas, or AMC Gremlins and Hornets though an occasional LeMans or Ventura was featured. Mileage 11,919 miles above avg. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Nice and thats from someone who isnt a full size fan (though this site is doing its best to convert me).Could the battering ram bumpers be changed for early ones or is it a legal and mechanical no go area?Who needs a Caddy when you could have had a Pontiac and a few bucks change? As a lazy adolescent in the hot summer of 1973, I would sometimes sit inside the air conditioned house watching daytime game shows on TV. $19,995 or BEST REASONABLE OFFER. But what's most impressive is the condition of all these items. $75.00 + $33.00 shipping. Love it! 4 BBL Carburetor. The P . I like the wheels and Jasons writeup more than the car. I wish I wouldnt have been so busy that I blanked on taking a few pics. 70s era B Body convertibles always remind me of this song. As he was digitally devouring every square inch of her body, she realized something good could come of this. Mileage Avg. I never understood this when I was younger, but somehow always realized that the Grandville was unique. He had it detailed regularly and still has it. Everything has its vice. 146,409 miles . Three days ago we got a call to pick up an 88 Mercedes 300 es that had sat for sale in some guys driveway for a while. (Good thing for him.) shows dramatically. 1949-1954 Ford Car PAIR front wheel grease retainers A9A-1190-A (#125717374855). Regatta Blue, white convertible top, white interior, 1973 Pontiac Grandville Convertible .'s first-class Customer Support team with a Stevie Bronze Award in 2019, celebrating the team's skills as exemplary customer support specialists. Only GM could have successfully named a car Big House. Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy had a 73-74 red Grand Ville ragtop too. Classifieds for Classic Pontiac Grand Ville. under 6.300. Separating the backup lights into the rear quarter extensions cleaned up the rear even further and I can tell you that having the backup lights there made them very helpful in seeing whats behind me when I back up at night. View cart for details. While always constrained by the corporate bodies, up until this point Pontiac had managed to (very successfully and well) fake that they were building a different car from the rest of the GM. It does look like they put a bit more thought into the interior with the nice door pulls that even my upmarket Centurion doesnt have. (There were no convertible Bonnevilles after the 1970 model year.) NOS GM 1971 Pontiac Catalina Bonneville Grandville / frt bumper bracket / 480373. Please choose to download one of the following options for an improved browsing experience: Chrome (Download ), Microsoft Edge ( Download ) or Mozilla Firefox ( Download ). Windshield Pillar Post Seals Rubber Weatherstrip Pair for Caprice Impala LeSabre. buying and selling classic and collector vehicles. Call Lucas: 7. Paint is a 7 plus out of 10 and shines really nice. has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, successfully making the Inc. 5000 list in both 2015, Apparently the Grand Ville convertible in 71 and 72 was about as close to a post 70 C body convertible as GM would ever come. Great story, I can easily imagine that grand old dame thinking that way about herself.