You will need to budget more for replacing the batteries on the 72-volt compared to the 48-volt. UNPRECEDENTED BATTERY WARRANTY. Since you will require more batteries than the 48-volt, it means that you will need to budget for a higher upfront cost in that regard. Our lithium golf cart batteries will maintain over 80% of their rated capacity after 4000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D and manufacturing of LiFePO4 Battery, NCM Lithium battery and Polymer lithium battery, Widely applied in lithium-ion battery for Low-speed electric vehicles, such as golf cart battery, electric vehicle(EV) battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV) battery, utility vehicle(UTV) battery, recreational vehicle(RV) battery, electric 3 wheel motorcycle battery. Allied Lithium chargers come with OEM plugs, charge the batteries quickly and turn off when charging is complete. Lithium batteries. Therefore the 72-volt carts are the superior option in this category. When leaving for the season, simply unplug the batteries from the application load. ). Besides normal protections, the inside BMS also provide options access by Bluetooth. If you need more distance after the initial order you can order another battery and add it to the system.Allied lithium battery chargers are made with the OEM plug-in connectors so there are no special adapters required to charge the batteries. Lithium batteries are often much safer than lead batteries to charge. Then, well outline some of the best lithium batteries currently available on the market. Connect your cables and you're ready to go. This is a result of the increased force generated by an enhanced flow of electrons. The M-Wagon is apremium version of it's Textron counterpartwhichfeatures diverse upgrades including: Split windshield, Hard Top, Turn Signals, 4-Way Flashers, Assault Industry Mirrors, Delta-Q On Board Charger, Custom Tires & Wheels, Suspension Modifications & much more. My experience of looking for a golf cart was nothing but a challenge. Lithium ion batteries are different from normal shipment. "Your Leader in Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles" The original, and still the best 3-Phase AC drive system for golf cars on the market today; and now it gets even better! This specific lithium golf cart battery offers is based on the safest derivative of lithium battery technology. Unfortunately, 48 volt lithium golf cart batteries are generally more expensive than lower voltage lithium-ion batteries. You are welcome to use your shipping agent. Furthermore, they provide an excellent affordable alternative to the higher voltage carts. Our goal is that everyone has a great experience with us, in accordance with our slogan of all for your health. 2022 E-Z-GO Express S4 72-volt Electric Blue, 2021 E-Z-GO Express S4 Gas Electric Blue Leave the Ordinary Behind. Besides 100Ah, With this same design, we can arrange production for 50Ah, 60Ah, 105Ah and up to 140Ah. The battery is protected by a corrosion-resistant, water-tight case. No sophisticated battery management system required. 100% Worry-Free! Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4) is the safest Lithium Battery currently available. To help your golf cart to drive longer. Lithium batteries are very light compared to traditional batteries. It requires special shipping forwarder to take care of them. Pros of a 72-Volt Golf Car Recharge fast with a high-capacity 1500w charger. With the E-Z-GO 72-volt technology, your ride gets boosted by unmatched power, range and efficiency. Last but not least, our P series of golf cart batteries can bring you to break the limit. With that in mind, a 48-volt capacity cart does carry the acceleration capabilities found in the 72-volt vehicle. No memory effect, so you can charge partially or fully at any time. But, these batteries should still be comfortable get you around an 18-hole golf course on a single charge with no issues. How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? / 420 g. The Chargery BMS is designed especially for LiFePo4 and Li-NCM lithium battery packs applied to an energy storage system or an Electric Vehicle (EV) such as an E-Motorcycle, E . Coremax is looking for OEM customers or distributors for this 72 volt battery bank. Top of the line BMS and system management. *All Prices & Availability Subject To Change. Connect the six 12 volt 100 Ah LiFePO4 same as the lead acid batteries were connected (series). Guaranteed to work with all motor & controller upgrades. As a result, the 72-volt golf cart provides you with more speed and power. Yes, they have a much longer life span than Lead batteries and are much more environmentally friendly, especially when compared to gas golf carts. This 72 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit is comprised of four (4) 72v 18Ah batteries for a total capacity of 72Ah and new lithium specific battery charger. These 72v Lithium Ion Batteries weigh 20% of what a conventional lead acid battery of the same dimensions. Serving: Orange County - Los Angeles - Ventura - San Diego - Riverside - Santa Barbara - San Bernardino & Beyond. Pretty much all lithium batteries will easily cover you for 18 holes of golf. But the the benefits are incredible and when converting to lithium batteries in your golf cart you will simply add to the overall performance and enjoyment of your cart. But, you have to make sure that 48v is compatible with your cart. Manhattan Beach Hours: Closed - New Location Opening Soon! Large and powerful, this Ampere Time lithium battery is perfect for juicing up your golf cart to go the distance. October 17, 2022. Zenn Car, Gem Car and other 72v applications. Rugged design is built to last with warranty to match. . Regenerative braking allows for a longer drive with the family. Coremax owned a battery design, research and development team with rich experience on Solar Energy Storage Battery Systems, forklift,golf cart, medical and other industry. Best consistency, battery cells are 100% tested and sorting before assemble. 72 Volt GEM Car . *Vehicle shown w/ M-Wagon options. with integrated golf cart battery system. EZGO 72-volt Vehicles With Carolina Golf Cars 72-VOLT TECHNOLOGY POWER LIKE NO OTHER BACK TO EZGO GET MORE OUT OF EVERY RIDE. The Right Choice for Your Golf Cart Fleet! Lithium Charger w/ snap plug or OEM Plug Snap plug comes on a 4 cord, so can be used onboard or off board. To our delight, we have earned a reputation all around the world. Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved. Led by their flagship product, the 48V 105AH lithium battery, EcoBattery is known as one of the best in the industry if you want to increase speed, torque and travel distance on your golf carts. This alone can increase the range of a golf cart from about 12 miles to about 35 miles. Trojan T-1275 Battery Pack: Set of Six 12 Volt Trojan Batteries (72V Vehicles) Most Powerful Batteries On The Market. My Elite 2020 Freedom RXV EZ GO Lithium Golf Cart. BATTERY LiFePO4 lithium batteries make your golf cart last Longer, go further and play harder. Voltage is basically the amount of electrical power that your lithium battery holds. Lithium batteries are DG goods. No sophisticated battery management system required. About JB BATTERY. *Vehicle shown w /M-Wagon options. Faster Charge: The Eco Battery EB48V72 72Ah Charges 3X faster than lead acid systems. Perfect for 72V Golf Cart. It gives you everything you need and goes for longer, so you can be assured you will never be stranded out on the course. That means to keep the price reasonable you often have to sacrifice on capacity. The shipping must according to MSDS and UN38.3 regulations. Note 48 volt is a nominal voltage language used to identify a cart. Never had an issue. For the price of $739.99, 100Ah is a very generous battery capacity indeed. Therefore the 72-volt golf cart is my preferred choice. This 72 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit is comprised of four (4) 72v 18Ah batteries for a total capacity of 72Ah. 2. 72V 100AH LBS Deep Cycle Battery $ 3,900.00 $ 3,700.00 SPECS - Sale! Through great management, talented and forward-thinking engineers, high-quality products and first-class customer service, we aims to provide the best vapor experience. One single module 72V100AH weights less and occupies less space than any six 12v100AH lithium batteries connected in series. More speed, more torque and more amp hours. each, |Distributor Login|US Distributors|Canada Distributors|WorldWide Distributors, |Government Awards|Military Contracts|SAM RegistrationCAGE CODE: 93CZ2DUNS NUMBER: 109774429Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved, |Battery ProtectionSystem| Battery Reboot Procedure|Frequently Asked Questions| Thermal Management, |Ordering|Shipping|Terms and Conditions| Privacy Policy| Contact Us. Differences Beeween Lithium Ion Vs Lead Acid Golf Cart Batteries, Why Choose LiFePO4 Battery For Your Golf Cart, Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Pros And Cons, How To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium Battery, Whats the best battery? Allied Lithium Batteries are the only true Drop-in-Ready Lithium batteries for 72V vehicles.72V x 18AH batteries connect in parallel you can anywhere from 4 to 8 batteries depending on the required distance. A Lithium Golf Cart Battery has been a very desired product in the golf cart world for years. EZGO model comes with battery rack!!!!!!!!!! Smart Battery Lithium ion batteries are drop in replacement from AGM, GEL or lead acid batteries. *Listed MSRP is the base vehicle price excluding Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Options/Accessories. Toll-free 888.531.7383. Lithium Battery. MANLY 72V 50 Ah lithium battery is a state of the art rechargeable battery pack made with LiFePO4 cylinder/prismatic cells designed for 72V devices, perfect for golf carts, e-scooters, e-bikes, solar applications, robots, and other applications that require a higher energy density battery, Deep Cycle 50Ah 72 Volt Lithium ion Battery Golf Cart, 1/3weight of lead acid, lighter weight, but heavier power, Can be 100% fully discharged without risk and loss of the capacity, Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge, over current, and over temperature, No memory effect and rechargeable. All batteries packed with foams in a brown carton box. Charges 3X faster than lead acid systems. Almost every lithium battery should charge for more than 1000 cycles, but youre more likely to encounter batteries that have a minimum lifespan of over 3000 charges. Easy installation and the batteries require ZERO Maintenance. Advanced automatic production line! FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING FOR A LIMITED TIME! BSLBATT 72v lithium golf cart batteries offer high-level safety through the use of rhombus cells in Lithium Phosphate technology (LiFePO4 or LFP). Hartland, WI 53029 There is no more additional works on custom clearance for small quantity order. Enduro Power lithium batteries are fast becoming the brand to beat in terms of lithium batteries and for good reason. If you are reading this you probably already know that the Amp Hours on a lithium battery have a far greater . Even if the modification or conversion made perfect sense for numerous reasons. Choose from E-Z-GO's exclusive 72V AC powertrain that offers you unrivaled . 72V 150AH Lithium Ion Battery for E-mobility/ Electric Vehicle/ Golf Cart Bonnen Battery EV Batteries use a much higher quality lithium compared to competitors. Small in size Big on power More power with longer life DROP IN REPLACEMENT 36 Volt, 6-6 Volt 210 A/H 32 Volt, 7-6 Volt 210 A/H 48 Volt, 6-8 Volt 160 A/H 48 Volt, 8-6 Volt 210 A/H 48 Volt, 4-12 Volt 150 A/H. Battery information is still available here on the website. 72 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery $ 870.00 PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS TO SHIP Allied Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4); the safest Lithium Battery currently available. Before the 48-volt reigned supreme, golf carts came in a 36-volt option. SmartPropel Electric Vehicle Battery Feature. 48V lithium ion golf cart battery Everything You Need To Know, Sun Mountain Boom Bag Review - 5-Way With Speakers, The 5 Best Women's Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players, The 10 Best Golf Carts on The Market in 2021, The 5 Best Golf Cart Batteries For Longevity and Price, There is a lower upfront cost for batteries, Reduced depth of discharge over 72-volt carts, Requires fewer batteries to run, reducing battery installation time, Pressure washing the cart and its undercarriage, More batteries required than the 48-volt carts. This, however, shouldnt be needed; this is an experienced company that is well known for reasonably priced well built, high-performing, long-lasting batteries. Forging a path away from the 36-volt products that had previously ruled the industry. This means you may also have to buy battery spacers. We offer different voltages golf cart battery packages to match your vehicle needs: It has more aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling,better stability,and it's set up for beach cities and/or urban assault. Allied Lithium Batteries are the only true Drop-in-Ready Lithium batteries for 72V vehicles. As a result, carts with a higher voltage capacity can run for longer. Allied Lithium Batteries are the only true Drop-in-Ready Lithium batteries for 72V vehicles. How far can I travel in my golf cart before I need to charge it? TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls Review - Should You Buy Them? You cannot do this with Lead Acid without damaging and reducing the life of the batteries.In order to maximize the life of the Lithium battery, we require the Allied Lithium Battery Charger. POWERFUL72-VOLT AC DUAL MOTOR DRIVETRAIN. POWERFUL 72-VOLT AC DUAL MOTOR DRIVETRAIN. The 72-volt Freedom will get you to your happy place, and back again. A: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always full Inspection before shipment. In recent years, more and more people have been making the switch from lead-acid batteries to lithium golf cart batteries for their golf carts. Go Farther On A Single Charge. 48-volt golf carts require fewer batteries than a 72-volt cart, which results in an expedited installation process. DDP. Do you have any MOQ limit for Battery? The 72V 18Ah Lithium batteries will connect in a parallel method. Please Call forAvailability. This specific lithium golf cart battery Pete offers is based on the safest derivative of lithium battery technology. The Li-Ion offers the best battery warranty that we've seen in the industry - six full years. A full 48V setup will charge in 2 to 4 hours versus lead-acid batteries that require 8 to 10 hours. The battery itself shouldnt make any difference to the speed of your cart. JB Battery China Is A LiFePO4 Battery Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery Pack Manufacturer,Producing Different Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Types & Specifications,Voltage With 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V ,72 Volt And Capacity Options With 30Ah 40Ah 50Ah 60Ah 70Ah 80Ah 90Ah 96Ah 100ah 105Ah 110Ah 120Ah 150Ah 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah And Higher. FedEx and UPS have approved our product for air and ground shipping. 72V x 18AH batteries connect in parallel you can anywhere from 4 to 8 batteries depending on the required distance. Coremax provides standard shipping to most area like USA and Europe. As the LiFePo4 lithium battery storage system industry is expanding rapidly in such a short amount of time, there is a high demand for certain products that take weeks and even months to arrive at the retailer. Save over 300 lbs in your golf cart ormotorhome, and 75 lbs in your fishing boat. Yes, Allied's rugged BMS is installed in every golf and marine battery. Backed by the power of Textron, a Fortune 250 company. Hot Tags: 72 volt lithium ion battery golf cart, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized, wholesale, buy, price, in stock, made in China. Which means you'll spend less time charging and more time driving. The higher the voltage of your golf cart, the more efficient the transfer of power will be. At 12V, it isnt the most powerful of batteries, but it will deliver a consistent amount of power that is more than enough to swiftly carry you and your buddies around the course. More Power: High output and longer run times. This 72-Volt Machine is full-time 4WD and it has two independent motors for far better handling and traction control. To help your golf cart to drive longer. Its essential to check the dimensions of your golf cart battery holder before you purchase a new battery. The fastest and easiest install in the industry. For heavy shipment and higher wh/ batteries, we will shipping by freight. With Optional Two 200A Contactors / Relays. This battery can last up to 10 years. to help you with all of your conversion needs. A battery made to last. Is it OK to print my logo on Battery? 360 lbs for lead acid vs 150 lbs for LiFePO4. . With the excellent quality and reliability. Q4. With strict operating delivery systems in place, customers in the UK, Western Europe, and the US can be delivery door to door service. 159 (72) 165 (75) Mileage (per full charging) Up to 10-20 miles: Up to 20-40 miles: Up to 20-40 miles: Up to 40-60 miles: Up to 40-60 miles: Standard Charge: 22A: 22A: 22A: 22A: 22A: Operation Philosophy: Quality and customer service are the decisive factors in any enterprise future. Show more Show more EZGO ELiTE Lithium Delivery Video The Villages Golf Cars. LCD Battery Monitor 72V to 13.5V Voltage Reducer Installation Kit Guaranteed to work with all motor & controller upgrades. The versatile design of the Delta Q 72 volt Battery Charger 72v 12 Amp 912-7200 provides you with flexibility and superior battery charging performance. It also has an exceptionally low self-discharge rate, capable of up to one year of maintenance-free storage. We have developed 36 voltage, 48 voltage, 72 voltage systems for your golf carts, the right one can deliver you a substantially better performance. Now, no matter where the road, trail or curiosity leads you, you'll elevate every moment. No memory effect, so you can charge partially or fully at any time. Please kindly you can tell your nearest airport or sea port name for us to check the best option for your delivery. The M-Wagon is Street Ready. More torque with power and efficiency. Much longer run time than a 48-volt system. 25% more efficient than DC-powered vehicles. BSLBATT 72v lithium golf cart batteries use much higher quality lithium compared to competitors. Releasing their version in 2008. The actual voltage of the RoyPow battery pack is 51.6 volts and is offered in three capacities: 56Ah (very light duty) 105Ah (replaces the four 12v T-1275) 160Ah (only fits Yamaha G29) . Though due to manufacturing processes and just the sheer cost of the upgrade made it very unattainable for the average golf cart owners. High quality-No complaint! 72-volt golf carts demand the same regular maintenance that you would undertake on the 48-volt vehicles. Some lithium batteries have a cycle lifespan of up to 8000 cycles and can last as long as 10 years. Arguably, the most impressive trait of this battery is its cycle lifespan: it promises 4000-8000 cycles, with 10 years of service life. 24v is a fairly standard amount of voltage for lithium golf cart batteries. Enduro Power manufacture and ship its batteries from inside the USA. Lithium golf cart batteries are half the weight of a traditional lead-acid battery, which shaves off two-thirds of the battery weight a golf cart would normally operate with. A battery made to last. For most golf cart owners, the five lithium batteries we have suggested can be great choices but its worth doing that little bit of extra personal research to make sure that the battery you are eyeing up is right for you and your golf cart. A 48v module (12 cell) and a 24v (6 cell) module. Warranty. This 72 volt LiFePo4 battery bank is design for golfcart, scooters, marine or any other EV. ( Please note year, make and model of golf cart in the notes section during purchase) See chart for performance expectations. Extended power and hours of use on 72V propulsion marine electric motors. MORE POWERGreat for Gem Car, Zenn Car or any 72v applications. 48-volt golf cart batteries can be arranged in different ways. The voltage holds over 24V for 95% of the batterys capacity. We are looking for distributors from different country like USA, Australia, Germany, England, Lebanon and South Africa.. You are welcome to contact COREMAX TECHNOLOGY, Lost your password? 2-hour recharge after an 18-hole round. Through cooperation with famous university on constant research and development in new technologies on BMS and Lithium batteries, we are heading toward leader status in the BESS industry due to its high-end technology. A: For sample orders or small battery packs, will be shipped by express like FedEx, UPS, TNT, or special lines, If the whole parcel is over 100KG, will be shipped by air or by sea, sea shipping is cheaper. Capacity: A 100Ah capacity provides ample power for extended use, allowing you to play multiple rounds without needing to recharge. 128 * 114 * 33 mm. Special Note Use of the Allied Lithium Battery Charger for all applications required or Warranty will be Voided! The ordering and shipping process were flawless. 72v 72 Volt CT&T E zone Ezone 2 Passenger golf cart $895.00 Local Pickup or Best Offer 2019 MOKE $10,400.00 46 bids 1d 7h Local Pickup 2022 Quickie Golf Carts $6,600.00 Local Pickup (OMR) 1997 Club Car Golf Cart Electric 2 Seater NO RESERVE $2,025.00 50 bids Ended Local Pickup The golf market today boasts a wide range of 48 and 72-volt options. The benefits are just incredible and will simply add to the overall performance and enjoyment of your golf cart. . With one of our lithium batteries fitted in your golf buggy you will never have to top-up the fluids again. Traditional Lead Acid batteries can weigh up to 330 pounds! The carts increased voltage enhances the flow of electrons. You should charge a lithium battery every time it gets below 50% of its maximum charge or every 6 months. They also enjoy a longer running time. A 48-volt system of 412 volts can deliver approximately 600 amps. Deep Cycle 50Ah 72 Volt Lithium ion Battery Golf Cart - LISUATELI LiFePO4 Battery Low Temp Protection 12V - Best 12 Volt 4. Lithium ion battery kit for GEM CAR or other 72v systemsEstimated range 28 - 30 miles6 - 12v 40ah lithium ion batteries15 lbs each, Lithium ion Battery kit for GEM CAR or other 72v systemsEstimated range 70 - 90 miles6 - 12v 100ah lithium batteries28 lbs. This 72 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit is comprised of four (4) 72v 18Ah batteries for a total capacity of 72Ah and new lithium specific battery charger. B-LFP72-200. 72-Volt Golf Carts Pros Increased power Delivers greater distance Provides accelerated speeds for longer Faster charge Cons Expensive to operate More batteries required than the 48-volt carts Increased installation time, given the additional quantity of batteries that are required. As battery weight and detail address will cause a different shipping rate. Q: Is it OK to print my logo on the product? Lead-acid batteries use a chemical reaction to generate electricity. The Right Price. However, they require more battery packs than a 48-volt cart, increasing the upfront and maintenance costs.