Evolution - Evolving your Hero to a new Grade gives a free Outfit. Thanks to Speedy on twitter, he came up with this leveling up guide from 60 to 80 with the recent level 100 being added. Fighting those big bosses like Demon Hendrickson and Gowther will go a lot easier with some stat buffs. SSR [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King (HP). As you complete more of the game, youll acquire enough mats to upgrade everyone youre attached to. This may not be the most offensive version of Ban but is great in terms of survivability. PayPal Tip Jar: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description\u0026v=UclLNHOM_zU\u0026redir_token=QniycRS670MBP8p0UkJ_OdmNdlV8MTUzMTM5NTQ1NEAxNTMxMzA5MDU0\u0026q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paypal.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fwebscr%3Fcmd%3D_s-xclick%26hosted_button_id%3DBQ6EPMMLZDJSU Seatinmanoflegends LinksTwitter: www.twitter.com/seatinmolInstagram: @Seatinmol Business Enquiries ONLYEmail: seatinmanoflegends@gmail.com To get the coins we need, well trade some of the other ones. Buff at Account Combat Class 3,000,000 is available (Increase heroes' HP by 9%). Even without other debuffers in the team, he can initially use his second skill, Flash Strike, which inflicts bleed on top of its decent damage. To do this, you have to constantly look at your cards and anticipate collapsing abilities. edited 2 yr. ago. Combat Class or CC in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a measurement point of your combat strength, in other games its called Combat Point or CP. With a full team of 3 heroes and 1 back-up, you get 7 cards to choose from every turn and 3 action slots where you must place cards in order to use them. Poisoning Garden can deal massive damage on enemies with debuffs on it although it does remove debuffs once the ruin effect triggers. Every single piece of equipment has its own basic and bonus stats. What about the SSR gear on the left side. Blood Strike can inflict between 240% to 600% of attack as damage, based on skill level, while Strike Decision packs 150% to 375% of AoE damage. Ultimate Orb Gauge Food This one is a little more specific and should only be taken when your team is reliant on using their Ultimate to finish people off. Nurse Call is a great AoE heal and works even better with the free ultimate orbs after being ranked up in battle. Formula to count the Combat Class is the individual number for each character is determined by adding up their primary stats (HP, defense, attack, and combat class) and dividing that by 3. 7DS Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Global Account 8 Million Combat Class. These rewards can be found from the bar at the bottom of the Heroes' page. Experience the original anime and all of its memorable battles! Club 57 Wiki. For long plays, Brawler Ban would be a decent starter though more may prefer a faster and more direct approach to combat. We suggest that you don't invest more than you have to into upgrades for them. Sharp Blade is not at all that bad, but has extra damage packed based on the number of ultimate move gauge orbs the enemy unit has. The stages of this dungeon is similar to Enhance Dungeons. Given that your main heroes have the best gear on, wearing basic HP/Defense sets for the rest of your heroes will yield a massive boost on your account CC. The easy way, from the coin shop where you can trade the same rarity tokens for the ones you need. Burning Wind Strike comes with sever damage for single targets while Yellow Dragon Sky Blade comes with shatter against all enemies. $649.99. This version of Ban is actually great for his survival skills. While it is important to select the best ability for a certain situation, you should always consider the positioning of your cards and might even prioritize a less effective skill just to generate better abilities and more ultimate points. After that, you need to select the ingredients and start cooking . Blizzard Axel, his primary skill, is likewise incapacitating, with its ability to disable the targets recovery skill. A-tier characters fall somewhere in the middle. SSR [The Dragon Sin of Wrath] Meliodas (Strength) (Unreleased). Please follow our Twitter account @sds_gcdatabase for faster update on news and information, as well as site announcement updates. 7DS & KOF '98 Pick Up Draw R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Jude (Strength). As one of the best single target damage-dealers in the game, Guardian Jericho stands as the bane of every debuffed unit in the opposite lane. For an appropriate finisher, Hell Buster inflicts weak point damage which will most likely trigger as targets get debuffed by his other skills. Once he becomes available, be sure to pray that you are able to get a hold of him fast. If you understand Cooking and Food youll be getting more Gold, Wins, and even Gems. Aside from the Death Match exclusive effectivity of her unique, Guardian Guila has a good mix of debuffs that can serve any team well enough. It is computed based on your stats from basic hero level, awakening, ultimate move level, equipment, and costume. Not much for offensive strength, Toxic Bottle instead chisels away attack-related stats off of an enemy it hits. Piercing Stab, once upgraded, can restrict recovery-related stats. In all honesty, you should never bother with characters that fall below B-tier. Dont worry, though. Of course, like it usually happens with similar games, it could be tough to choose between all of the characters and build your team. Games have always been an outlet where I can experience many different worlds and stories. They will be a great addition for pretty much any type of content, so it's safe to say they're easily the best heroes in the game. On the other hand, potions being sold in the Coin Shop is a hard skip since it is better to use coins for Stamina Potions and SSR Heroes. It would be a waste of gold if you enhance it until 5 stars and +5. The other Old Fart King has an HP regen passive as a unique yet offers less likable skill sets. Once all five bubbles are yellow, the heros ultimate appears in your hand and you can place it in one of your action slots in order to use it. Hawk Knight Rush may not be as menacing as far as raw damage is concerned, but its effect of taking away buff and debuff skills can be very troublesome for enemies, especially in PvP. For lack or absence of a better healer, Princess Elizabeth here makes for a great consideration. Shift the position of cards in order to rank them up by bringing two identical cards together. You may consider these attributes to form some kind of triangle. Ground Strike is a little straightforward, and deals damage that ignores the targets resistance. SR [Star of the Kingdom] Holy Knight Gilthunder (Speed). R and SR heroes easily come by, which means youll acquire a lot of their duplicate coins. Red hero will deal more damage to the green hero. To pop more bubbles into the gauge, you have to either use one of the heros abilities or merge two identical cards belonging to this hero. but it enoughto say that the main stats of your heroare the ones you need to focus on. Its the heroUltimate Move, Awakening, Evolution, and Clothes will also increase your overall CombatClass. One of our personal favorites because of the rarity rank relative to his usefulness, Allioni here can be every useful for you especially if you do not have a lot of high rarity characters to use in campaign or farming. The chart is scaled on hero approximates and its basic upgrade levels: Hero level is the primary source of CC which increases your basic stats (Attack, Defense, HP). If nothing else works, its time to farm some resourcesand upgrade your heroes! Enhancing the heros Ultimate level using duplicate hero coins is one way to boost your CC. The extra stats come from the costume piece that you will get at lvl.5 Affinity. For example, if you are using a mono Red team, the best choice is to farm the Green Enhance Dungeon. Finally, dont forget that your opponents ultimates can be just as devastating as your own. He can tank due to his second skill, Long Shield, which taunts enemy units, and can also inflict decent damage with his Wall crush that ignores the targets resistance. Lightning Power, on the other hand, is one of the best support skills as it can boost the attack of his allies by as much as 60% for 3 full turns. Holy Knight Gustav is a decent overall character but he excels more in raids especially if his Freezing Field is fully utilized. She is pretty useful in numerous teams and game modes and an easy character to strategize around with. SSR [The Seven Deadly Sins] Old Fart King (Speed). Really, don't bother with them at all. You can get awakening materials in free stages, but you can only get the Chalices: Water of life and Demons Blood only from the Boss Battles. Mother Earth Catastrophe, as an ultimate skill, is a simple direct AoE skill that does 525% of attack as damage. If you struggle with Raid Bosses, then it might be best to check out our guide on how to beat Extreme Red and Gray Demon. Depending on the slot, a piece of gear has a specific attribute as their main stat: Bracer and Ring: Attack Necklace, Earrings, and Belt: Defense Rune: HP One of the advantages have high Combat Class (CC) is when you going into PvP, the player with more highest Combat Class (CC) will get to act first. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross - A Tier Characters. Aside from this outrageous increase in stats, each additional level will increase the skills effectiveness tremendously. At 3 stars, it can deal 500% of attack as damage, which translates to pain every other character can feel. The primary source is completing world stages, which youll be able to flash farm given the right team composition. And that completes our tier list for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. SR [Mobile Tavern] Hawk & Elizabeth (Strength). Some heroes have debuff abilities that remove an ultimate point, which means that they can be used to constantly postpone the ultimate of a single powerful target throughout a battle. We are lining up the best units in the game at the top of our 7DS Grand Cross tier list. Another top-tier single target attacker is Hunter Slater, whose Iron Slash, packed with sever, can deal massive damage on a single target. Another debilitating move, Mana Drain does decent damage and weakens the enemy by decreasing their skill rank. More importantly, you can push him more towards defending the rest of the team with his second skill, which puts him in a taunt stance and invite subsequent attacks on his party to himself. Lightning Kings Heavy Armor initiates a taunt stance and can take attacks away from allied units into Gilthunder. For example, Green Hawk & Elizabeth will soon benefit from an outrageous 1050% of attack and stance break at themax level. Combat Class or CC in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Crossis a measurement point of your combat strength, in other games its called Combat Point or CP. All in all, solid units with decent skills. Eating good food will literally put you ahead and give you free stats or rewards. Another character whose unique passive takes effect exclusively in Death Match, Ranger Griamore also exhibits some decent skills. In SDS, it's called Combat Class (CC) and it does a bit more. And since we know what every dedicated gacha RPG fans want, we strive to update this Grand Cross tier list on a regular basis and keep track of every single update and adjustment that will go live on the global server. Beyond the popularity of the characters in the game and how the games design and mechanics can make it even more engaging for players to spend a lot of time in it, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers plenty for players who enjoy customizations of their units and teams. This is also a good way to tell if an enemy is just about to use an ultimate and should be disabled. Although less important than all of the previous categories, their aesthetic is complemented by a slight utility boost. In SDS: Grand Cross, each ability has three possible ranks. [Tactics] Training Grotto. To start off, Pain Edition may not inflict a lot of damage by default, but against debuffed enemies, can deal a great lot. Continuous damage and anti-buffers can use Holy Knight Jericho for either strategy. =)Document Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7Ki0WT6YvDUg-uE7nkrIHqoWoHvj8pBxYVyTH3tPKE/edit?usp=sharingFor more endgame Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross content, news, livestreams \u0026 more be sure to subscribe to the channel!Want to help support the channel?