This is certainly one of those guns that youll want to give you kids, and likely one of those guns that your kid will actually look forward to getting. Now you get 18 rounds instead of 7 or 8. * The US Army operational requirements specifically say (key words) *increased lethality. I see the military addopting this fire arm in one way or another next. This is mainly suited for carrying- pistols, as it no Longer has a functional safety. Beretta 92FS Type M9A1 Compact 9mm Pistol, Beretta 92FS Type M9A1 Compact Inox 9mm Pistol. This model being new, they might not have produced them yet. I might eventually get an M9A1 just to have it but Im very pleased with the 92A1. I would feel safe to say that I would just my life with this pistol. A BERETTA M9A1 pistol is currently worth an average price of $681.03 new and $611.42 used . While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. On the slide it says Model 92A1- Pietro Beretta Gardone V.T. Includes locking block. I know I'm due for one and expect it each time I take it to the range, but it never comes. The M11 is not a P226; it is a P228 (the more compact of the two). I have a 92FS Inox that I purchased in 1994. Total Capacity. I have big hands, but as someone who taught Marines how to shoot a handgun, Ive seen new shooters of all sizes use the Beretta without issue. This issue is always covered in depth during classroom instruction but nothing teaches like drawing your weapon only to find yourself holding a $500 paper weight. BERETTA 92FS M9A1 22LR REVIEW - YouTube Beretta 92FS [Review]: True Wonder 9 - Pew Pew Tactical On my way to the range, I also picked up a few boxes of Federal 124-gr FMJ, Remington UMC 115-gr FMJ, and a box of Winchester PDX1 124-gr +P JHP, and Winchester PDX1 147-gr JHP. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Overview . Our site uses JavaScript for a smooth and modern shopping experience; we protect your data and never sell it to 3rd parties. Well I wouldnt say unsafe to operate, more like only ever so slightly inconvenient. It was the spare parts support package that lost SIG the contract. I am all,s proud owner of an Italian-made 92F 9mm. 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This polymer low ride level 3 retention holster is a popular choice among law enforcement and, ultimately, a better tactical holster for the Beretta 92. The MP7 has also got some combat time under its belt with US forces already. Quick view Out of Stock. I have a 92fs. Anywho, beautiful gun, great article. My two favorites today by far in a place where they carry about 90% of all guns on the market were the M9 Beretta and the CZ 75 full sized SP-01. SAAMI spec 9x19mm is, for example, so underloaded that a P08 Luger or a 9mm C96 Mauser loaded with it usually wont cycle, unless the recoil spring is beaten all to hell. Beretta Beretta Tomcat .32acp Stainless Thats been rectified, and as long as you stick with OEM magazines or Mec Gar mags, youll be good to go. Difference Between Beretta 92FS and Beretta M9 Im shooting low with with mine as well the weird thing is that I dont have the problem with the smaller PX 4 compact in 40 cal. Another complaint Ive heard is the combination of a wide grip, and a long trigger reach makes the gun hard for those with small hands to use. I was two shots away from a perfect score, and I am definately no marksman. Even so, the stack is easily accustomed to and grouping did not suffer. When reloading, I just find the max powder weight, deduct 2/10ths of a grain, and its perfect. . $195.30. Internally, the 92FS features an enlarged hammer pin, extending all the way into a groove in the slide. Look into the G conversion kits. Beretta NANO Barrel 9mm. I'm also anxious to see what the new 92s will be like. Since JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to properly navigate, add items to your cart, or place an order. anything extra and your I've discovered that this gun is so forgiving with ammo, that if it fits in the magazine, it will fire just fine. The US Army wanted a Safety (having been raised on 1911s). Forgetting to reset the decocker isnt a gun issue, it is a training/practice issue. Since JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to properly navigate, add items to your cart, or place an order. I find be one best made 9mm handgun ever made. Throughout the day, not a single FTL, FTF, or FTE occurred, limiting my ability to make a conclusive statement as to whether or not the open-top slide actually makes clearing jams easier. Its easy to keep it on target and doesnt scare new shooters due to recoil or discomfort. If your looking for a full size 9mm, give the 92 some real consideration. The reason is that it was designed - and has kept evolving - to be and remain the most accurate, durable and reliable semi-auto handgun on the market. The Beretta is heavy, but solid think 1971 Cadillac DeVille. It has a Ambidextrous Safety/Decock Lever see ***** Description: BTA M9A1 9MM DA PST 10RD M Brand: Beretta Model: M9A1 Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto Caliber: 9MM Finish: Bruniton (Matte Black) Action: Double Action Stock: Black Plastic Grips Sight: 3-Dot Barrel Length: 4.9 with Combat Muzzle Crown Overall Length: 8.5 Weight: 34.3 oz Capacity: 10+1 . owned 3 and all have been 100% reliable. Action: DA/SA with safety/decocker Beretta 92FS - 9mm | D4 Guns It is 4-9/10" long and chambered in 9mm. Ive gathered a few standard accessories available for the Beretta 92FS, and some you fine folks may enjoy. No problems at all, including +P loads. When I shot it, while on active duty, I thought it was the most accurate pistol I had ever shot. Even Christian Slater in Kuffs makes this list. Its more ergonomic, makes more sense, and is a simple install. My armory even stopped using lubricant and they still kept going strong. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Good review, tho I was confused by the term MOI or Minute of Intruder, as you clarified. I say this because I have come across quite a few threads and posts in which other M9 owners have the same exact low and left issue with a few also using a gun stands to check their gun i seem to remember the two original reasons to adopt the M9 were the ease of fitting a suppressor [?] Beretta LE 92FS M9A1 Pistol - 15+1 Rounds - The Beretta is a chunky full-sized pistol designed for duty. The Beretta 92FS isnt all rainbows and butterflies. Those who have tried, for example, Fiocchi .357 Magnum ammo may have noticed a similar relationship between accepted European pressure specs and SAAMI pressure specs. Its quick to fix with the max room possible to maneuver your hands to free an error. Beretta Beretta 92fs M9a1 9mm 5 " Barrel $819.99 $739.98. I recall when this occurred during the testing. I have never seen anyone else with a Stoeger pistol and I really believe it to be one of the sexiest handguns outside of the 1911. Sand-Resistant Magazine: Developed for the sandy environments of Iraq and Afghanistan, this unique magazine comes standard only on the M9A1. I think the SIG P226 was the other candidate that qualified during testing, but couldnt lower the price (complete price, not just pistol) enough to compete with the Beretta. In some close gunfights, fingers are traumatically amputated. Having never seen that before with a military M9 we called them and discovered what we did. Almost 500 years later, Beretta is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world,. They sell for about fifty bucks by beretta and convert the gun into decock only, not unlike a sig.. My first handgun was the Stoeger Couger in .40 cal. The Ferrari of pistols. And lastly, good ol Joe not doing his diligence after quals. Do you believe he will EVER be in a gun fight? Also the 4.630 had its butt kicked in every measurable way by the 5.728, which is a much more common round in NATO countries. Well, I disagree with Beretta being given an unfair advantage over Sig in 1984. Regardless of what Experts intend for the Military, sidearms will have to go to more compact variants. Click below for a FREE LESSON! Add to Cart. Checkered grips like that are my favorites, I hate the sand paper feel of the current popular stuff like the Taurus G3, M&P, VP9, Gen 4 Glocks, etc. There is an advantage of the Beretta-style decocker over a SIG-style decocker . Note the 1911 pistols triggers (rear-pull design). Psa 5.7 Rock Pistol Optics Ready W/ Threaded Beretta M9A4 G Full Size Fde 9Mm Pistol American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid Maxx For Sale Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 10Mm Pistol Tac Eaa Girsan Mc1911 S Hunter 10Mm Auto (Acp) Kimber 1911 Stainless Lw Night Guard 45 Acp Century Draco 7.62X39Mm 12.25" 30+1 Black Pistol. Please enable Javascript and refresh the page for a safe, secure, and complete shopping experience at Midwest Gun Works. Finish: Teflon-based Bruniton Black The Model 92FS/M9 was red hot at its adoption, featured. I have a 92FS inox and its a fine weapon, though a bit to big for my hands. Squeeze back and put more pressure on your left palm then your right grip. A 6.5 rifle bullet will drop less than one inch. While certainly not a world-class target gun, the 92A1 can keep a grouping well within MOI (Minute of Intruder). However, I cant see the value in making the purchase unless its a dedicated range fun-gun. As a gun built for duty, then the weight and size isnt a big deal. One of the earliest silenced guns you get in that game is a Beretta wearing a can. Both are utmost reliable. Beretta 92 Barrel - MGW Now Im $600 poorer. I've bought many other pistols in 22 and 45, but never felt the need to get another 9mm. BOTH FIREARMS WERE EASY TO CLEAN, DEPENDABLE AND VERY SAFE TO CARRY. The 92A1 comes with 3-dot sights, which are my favorite on a combat pistol. Furthermore, the M9 utilizes a fixed barrel design, in contrast to the tilting barrel like we see on most pistols today. And its just a 9mm. Beretta 92FS M9A1 9mm LTD 4.9" Barrel, Mil-Spec Rail, Black Synthetic The 92A1 also features a removable front sight; you can replace or upgrade sights with relative ease. So I proceed to round up the sear, the sear pin and spring. SOME NATO marked ammo is hot but there arent any NATO nations issuing guns that cant handle it. Black. For 1200 I could have bought him a brand-new damn gun. Beretta M9A1 vs Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus Problem is, the powers that be wont let our non-SpecWar units deploy this type ammo (they dont want to hurt anyone). Two of my Soldiers have earned their Gold Distinguished Pistol Badges in the last 18 months, with a third within four points of that achievement., This instructor says he aimed 25 feet above the target. I do the same in my newer SIG pistols. Its one of those guns that can be rapid fired and controlled without much difficulty. I will keep shooting the Beretta, and its Brazilian cousin, as, despite having owned most brands and many models of pistol, the slick old oversized nine will still have a place in my armory. Safariland 7360 Level-III Retention Duty Beretta 92 Holster. The quality of the 92fs is greatly diminished, the lock swinging sometimes breaks every 5000 shots. Thanks for the great review! Exclusive deals, discounts, new product launches, coupon codes and more. ;8) Now for you all who can carry a compact or full frame under a coat or otherwise great, however many people like me wear slacks and polo shirts or jeans and tee shirts. Plain and simple I want one. Ive fed this pistol everything I could find never had an FTF or FTE. This is where the S comes in 92FS, and was done in response to reported defective slides during US Military testing where, during catastrophic failure, the slide blew off and injured shooters. While static shooting at the range from 25m, well lets say being a combat gun it was not designed for that, although I still get 6 to 8 inch groupings without too much fancy aiming!good enough for bad guy popping. 9mm 6.5 Creedmoor.223 Rem 5 . All products found on our website are available in stock. Taurus PT 59 . I purchased Earnest Langstons trigger in a bag for my 92fs and WOW what a difference . There is also a simple reduction in how heavy the weapon feels when aimed or carried, of course. Here are the problems, and a little gem of a tip for those of you slamming the magazine into the pistol to get the slide to release and thus load a new round into the chamber as quickly as you insert the magazine neeto huh? I was issued +P+ ammo for use in Glock pistols. The barrel is a replacement for the 92, 90-Two, M9, M9A1, & M9A3 series. Beretta Model 92 Series 15 Round Magazine .22 LR C Beretta Factory Replacement Part Beretta Model 92FS/96 Steel Internals Trigger/S Beretta Factory Replacement Part Beretta Model 92F Beretta 92FS/M9/96 Locking Block Kit OEM Replacement Parts Steel Black. I went to the guide rods site and they wanted $40 for a stainless steel one. By the way, on the Wilson Combat website, under the Custom Work tab, you can watch the video for the 92A1 Custom Carry Package showing Gunslinger & his technique for grip & control. You are entirely misinformed (probably from Beretta forum cool-aid). Beretta 92X | Beretta 92X For Sale - Omaha Outdoors They also offer this in a low profile design, bringing it in closer to the slide, as well as one that eliminates the ambidextrous feature, making the other side flush. . Quoted delivery times on your order summary page are estimates and cannot be guaranteed(7 DAYS MAX). They are nickel plated (doesnt matter to me). I love the finish BTW it has shown no sign of wear and cleans up very nicely. This is absolutely one of the most reliable guns on the market. Bought the new Grade 3 walnut grips from Beretta now on sale, (Gold flat screws are extra). Another thing is I also really like the MecGar mags they make for all the awesome classic hammer fired double actions like the 75, 92, 226, etc. As for the problems the Beretta 92 displayed during US military trials and just after its adoption, its long seemed to me that these fell into the category of metallurgical problems (embrittled slides caused by alloy contaminated with zirconium; note that Taurus PT92 slides, made to the same basic design, have never been known to fracture in that manner) and design problems (sharp angles and sharply machined edges on the first versions of the locking block constituted textbook-perfect stress risers and its a marvel they dont fracture any more than they do). 779.00 . It guarantees that youll never have any guide rod failures. The M9A1 also features a more aggressive bevel in the magazine well. What are talking about, we went to Austria last year and all the police and the few military we saw all had Glocks. One few gun I know it is ammo picky put cheap ammo hollow points reload in it well shoot them all day long. You ever play Hitman 2 Silent Assasin? 1101 Mason Circle Drive Pevely, MO 63070 Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm CST, 2023 Midwest Gun Works, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Fires like butter now. I dont blame the gun so much as the people at Beretta who submitted it for trials without thoroughly testing it or modifying the 92 to factor in the hotter ammo. The 92A1 features an integral Mil-Spec 1913 (Picatinny) rail, comes with three 17 round magazines, an internal recoil buffer, captive recoil spring assembly, and the old-style rounded trigger guard. Wilson Combat Beretta 92/96 G10 Grips ULTRA THIN w Limbsaver CrossTech Leather Gun Holster Ambidextrous IWB/OWB Most Full Size/Comp Limbsaver CrossTech Leather Gun Holster Ambidextro Safariland 7377 7TS ALS Concealment Belt Slide Holster Right Beretta 92F/92FS/92 Safariland 7377 7TS ALS Concealment Belt Slide Hol Beretta Factory Replacement Part Beretta 92/96 Solid Steel Recoil Spring/Guide R Beretta Factory Replacement Part Beretta 92/96 Sol Beretta 92/96 Lanyard Loop Aluminum Black. High quality Euro style metallurgy! I am also a senior NCO and leader of a marksmanship training team in the US Army. Beretta 92FS For Sale $629.10, Review, Price - In Stock - Gun Critic So, Beretta removed the spring, and called it a safety. Between 1919 and speak to the passion remains the same place. BERETTA 92FS INOX New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023 We use cookies to give you the best possible user experience & to analyze traffic. SAAMI specs for a 919 parabellum are 34,100 psi. For me, I simply refer to the safety/decocker as the decocker. Such a weapon firing that type of ammo will offer the increased lethality (better terminal ballistics) that the US Army is after, as well as inherently better accuracy at all ranges, and increased magazine capacity. The Beretta M9A1 evolved from the base design of the battletested and proven M9 pistol with input from military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The Beretta holds 15 rounds in the standard mag with magazines going up to 30 rounds. JavaScript is not enabled on your browser - our site will not work for you as intended. Every item listed in stock on our website is on hand at our warehouse. I heard many complaints about the Berretta and when Taurus stole the design they supposedly made the corrections. Its an excellent modular design from a company that knows duty holsters. Is this correct? The Beretta 92 handgun model is a full size duty pistol known for excellent ergonomics and reliability. I take the M9 out every now & then but it just reminds me of how much I miss my Beretta by my side daily. The safety/decocker is often a common complaint, and its one weakness I see with the gun. 9MM SEMI AUTO 17-ROUNDS 5 BARREL. I have no problems with the safety even in a meet and timed shooting. My reasoning is this. compare. . Beretta 84 F FS 84fs slide barrel 380 parts kit. I have several handguns, and after nearly a quarter of a century, my Beretta is still my favorite. I am a dedicated Glock user as they are more compact, lighter weight and simpler in use. Those reasons are simple, and Ill list them here. The Beretta got a bad rap, as mentioned the 3 slide breaks started this off. Apparently M9 style recoil rod & spring are not compatible. No question: the Beretta 92A1 is a great pistol. The 92 series is one of my favorites and while I do not carry it as a personal protection piece, it is comfortable to shoot and easy to care for on a trip to the range. The TLR 1 is my preferred weapon light for home defense. To date, my team and I have trained thousands of Soldiers deploying over the last 3 years. You will soon notice that you might get off one shot, or no shots at all, but the remaining rounds in the magazine are in a bullet nose down attitude, rolling around in the magazine with the follower stuck down inside and askew. It is well worth the price. The grips themselves are excellent overall and feel great. I've not experienced a jam, stove pipe or any failures due to the weapon itself in either my service weapon or personal. The first advantage is the reduction in weight. I would trust my life to it and I just love plinking with it. You never mentioned your problem with them. we have the market here. $439.99.22 LR SINGLE/DOUBLE 15 ROUNDS 4.9" BARREL. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Gimme a Glock or even that Sig M18. I own the 2013 beretta M9 and after 150rds the coating on the slide bubbled up and cracked off. All my 1911s, s&s wheel guns shotguns and rifles have 3#s! Lol hot rod version, but the money was worth the hours me and him have spent pulling it apart and learning and the long hours to come of rebuilding it. A 919 +P 38,500 psi. Out to 50 yards, the Beretta can hit the chest of a man-sized target. It is based on the elements of 92FS and 90Two the 90Two being an enhanced version of the original 92FS. Some folks have a problem with the safety, but if you know it is there and take the time to train yourself, it is not a big deal in the heat of the moment and can save yourself and others when outside of those heated moments. Not correct, it does not fit th m9a1 it also states that on Berettas web site. Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. Being the first 9mm handgun adopted widely by the United States military and following in the famed footsteps of the M1911 isnt an easy task. The only thing I can say negative about my M9A1 is that it does in fact shoot low and left. He did, however, manage to hit a milk jug at approximately 70 yards, and the projectile still had some bite to it at that range. OH, yes, the Glock. For a quality duty holster, Id suggest the Safariland 7360. The 92A1s ergonomics are fantastic, My grip naturally fell into place on each string. All of my SIG pistols are newer SRT models. BTW: does anyone know at what distance the sights are sighted at? There have been a few pistols that fell better mechanically, but this one has never jammed or misfired in the 5,000 + rounds I've put through it. Its outdated just like our education system.. I very much like this gun, but I will admit its dated for the price sometimes. If you wanna go big and lets be real you do, the extended magazine from Beretta gives you 30 rounds of 9mm. And I can't agree more about the Barreta ! If you are using a weapon or home defense, it needs a weapon-mounted light, and the Recover Tactical grips are a simple way to add a light to our handgun. Beretta 92FS - 9mm | D4 Guns The Beretta 92FS is a short-recoil based semi-automatic pistol, with DA/SA firing modes. Best part is, when her slide is locked back and you drive a magazine into her hard, tilted up on a 45 degree angle, she closes her own slide. Many new 92 shooters complain that the gun shoots low & the sights are off when they dont realize this, ESPECIALLY if they dont have long-slender fingers. Its rare that looks can actually kill, and the Beretta 92FS is a good looking gun. Mec-Gar Beretta 92FS/M9 9mm Magazine 18 Rounds Blu Mec-Gar Beretta 92FS/M9 Magazine 9mm Luger 10 Rounds Steel Blued MGPB9210B. This is the exact same as the Taurus 92b-17 that I bought a few years ago. My issue had to do with with its ergonomics. Its on the cover and poster for Die Hard, on three of the four covers for Lethal Weapon, and its even on the poster for Pulp Fiction, even though its not in the movie. Im also looking for a steel guide rod for my new 92A1. Other pistols have come further in design and ease of use. When adding ING drop the E Beretta Stainless Allen-Hex Grip Screw Kit Fits Beretta 92/96/80 Series Pistols Beretta Stainless Allen-Hex Grip Screw Kit Fits Be Rock Island Armory 9mm Beretta 92 Magazine 17 Rounds. Our site uses JavaScript for a smooth and modern shopping experience; we protect your data and never sell it to 3rd parties. No! As for the safety, if you train yourself to flick the safety upwards with your thumb as you draw the pistol, it is just as quick as the downward-pivoting safety of the M1911. For the last ten years it's been pretty much put away but now I am shooting again. If you get a 92FS (and I highly recommend it) get it because you love it or love the idea of it, not because you want the best of the best full-size pistol on the market. The Beretta M9 and 92FS are known for their inherent accuracy. How do you put tritium night sights on a 92FS/M9 family of handgun? My hands measure a large so I found the grip of the 92 acceptable, but I prefer the slimmer feel of the Vertec. Thats what we are going to talk about today. This usually happens during a stage in competition that a guy had been doing real well at. Soft-Shooting, Accurate and Easy to Maintain At the range, the M9A1 will impress you for its low recoil, as well as its accuracy. Question about enhancing the Beretta- Beretta uses a proprietary Teflon-based paint finish on their pistols, referred to as Bruniton. Regardless of the bulk and weight of the 92, there is just something about the Beretta that keeps calling my name. The Beretta is a natural pointer for me (coming from the initial first few years of revolvers, that says a lot). The Federal 124-gr grouped the tightest hand-held at 33 feet. Gun Review: Beretta 92A1 9mm Pistol (Civilian M9A1), AZ Legislature Concealed Carry: One Rule for Them, Another Rule For Us, Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 317 Kit Gun .22LR Revolver, New From ShaloTek: P320 Compensated Slide, The 3 Most Important Handgun Shooting Stances to Learn, Beretta 92FS Type M9A1 Compact Inox 9mm Pistol The Beretta 92FS has been setting the standards for best military, police and tactical pistol for over a quarter century. The Beretta 92FS is also an awesomely accurate gun. Good article. Serial Number: BER797497 . it is virtually impossible to become good shooters with a 92. Fortunately (or unfortunately), muzzleloader barrels are no longer available in the Beretta catalogue. My research indicates that Beretta won the trials in 1980 and in 1984 a new trial began were the last two contenders considered were Beretta and Sig and Sig did not match the reliability of Beretta and therefore lost out as far as head to head testing. This design isnt just about looking cool or unique, and its actually a practical design. However, the 92A1s DA trigger is horrendous. My first Beretta was a pre WW II bring back in .32 APC and found it to be accurate and reliable. There have been some amazing advances within the past 20 years in firearm technology, as well as ammunition and accessories. We would like to officially train Soldiers to always DE-COCK AND HOLSTER rather than SAFE AND HOLSTER. If you buy one of these pistols from Beretta (as a number of us bough our own so we could get more practice) please know that we were told by Beretta that only the military M9s are zeroed at the factory NOT- the civilian market pistols. This gun however is a mess. I run it as like a chainsaw or an axe F*ck the finish, you just work and do not stop!. $149.00 (2) . Galactic love is definitely potential that the high-pressure 9mm 4.25 17 1 black interc. The triggers rated at a 12-pound pull. An excellent refview of a beautiful and important pistol. Gunsmithing! Afterall, theres gotta be at least 1 or 2 people out there who are better than me HA! Or is the MOI you refer to in your review something else? Nice article Sir, I referred to it as the Civilian M9A1 because it looks like the M9A1, but is capable of using personal-protection ammo commonly used for civilian self-defense. Its not hesitant about being big and beefy. Thank you for the article, very well done.