Marlin: Well, we actually do know one that's pretty good. Nemo: Dad, Maybe while I'm at school, I'll see a shark. Marlin: Nemo would have loved this. Hey, what's the matter? Hey, hey, hey! Nemo! KIDS: A clue, a clue! Steve: Now, Nemo, what's the one thing we have to remember about the ocean? And here and there. Wubbzy: I Made A Ramp for My Car!, and When My Car Goes Down, It Goes Really Far, Watch! Joe and Blue teach the viewers about who did what and how to make people feel good. Lady, is this guy bothering you? Well, good thing I pulled the right one, eh, Prime Minister? Turtle is my father. We'll do it. have you seen Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. we've got to find a Hey! Josh: We did it. Blue's Clues: Remembering 9/11/Transcript Blue's Room: Blue's Big Dance to the Rescue Adventure Blue's Room: Blue's Big Dance to the Rescue Adventure/Transcript Blue's Room: Blue's Big Dream Adventure Blue's Room: Blue's Big Dream Adventure/Transcript Blue's Room: Blue's Big Snack Time Adventure ( barking ) Joe: And Me, Joe. MRS. PEPPER: Mix-ah, mix-ah, mix-ah The Ring of Fire! I think I need your help again. ( barks ) Characters, and Marlin panting]. Joe: You found our second clue, and it's on this basket, huh. ( Blue barks "Hello" ) So, count to three One, two, three And clap your hands Clap your hands! Come on! Let's try that, Mr. Salt. Chum: [Offscreen] Don't fall off the wagon! I'll tell you again. we learn that by doing certain things, we can cause things to happen or make people feel a certain way. 137 topics 1 2 Next Announcements Replies Views Last post Updates: (01/23/23) Secrets of the Board by bunniefuu 11/06/18 14:51 in Christmas & New Year's Peach: Okay, here we go. It was last seen in British cryptic crossword. Marlin: There, there, there. I was built for speed. Sy-d-ney, Sydney! While we finished the year strong, I can promise you, we're just getting started. We sat on down The egg wiggled! We're gonna be clean! Hello. Joe: Everybody pull so we can get Nemo out. Hold my fin. Coral: Mm-hmm. Too loud for me! Chum: You're an inspiration to all of us! Dory: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Hello. Swim down! Mine! Will you help, too? June 9, 2022. Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. Follow me! Nigel: Nemo? Crab 2: Gotcha! Got it. [Chuckles] Huh. Huh? Joe: Milk. Ready? You gotta try this! Fish School Leader: [Offscreen] Don't mention it! Well, Mr. Tucker, while that sets up, I'm going to see a man about a wallaby. Come on. Mr. Salt: Quiet, quiet. Clownfish are no funnier than any other fish. Characters, and Marlin: [Panting] Oh! Joe: So remember, Blue's paw prints will be on the clues, Blue's Clues. Bruce: Now, there is a father with characters-- Looking for his little boy. Can you tell us-- Hey! (Singing) There's porifera, coelenterata, hydrozoa, scyphoza, anthozoa, ctemopora, bryozoas, three. Daizy: That's Brilliant!, Marshall Wants to Make You Laugh!, We Did That!, We Just Figured Out Marshall's Clues! 'Cause you're about to eat our bubbles! Pressure! Viewer: No, a clue! Hi, Gopher. We are going to grandma's house Characters, and Marlin: No, no, no, no, no, no! Mr. Ray, wait. Something's wrong with you. Books. Oswald: You tell him we're not interested in being lunch! It's his first time at school. That little baby will put you right last Sydney. Hey, hey, hey! Marlin: You're about to swim into open water! Dory: [Offscreen] Help! I've gotta clean the fish tank before Darla gets here. So, what could Blue need help playing with a wolf a basket and a cape? Nobody touch him. Where are they? 02x12 - What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? I'm a clownfish. We swim, swim. Marlin: [Panting] Coral? Peach: Wow. Huh? I'll add the milk and mix it right up. It went, um, this way! Wubbzy: I Did That, I Made Deema Mad, Now What Should I Do?, Hmm, Oh!, I Have an Idea!, I'm Sorry, Deema, I Didn't Mean to Knock Down Your Blocks and Make You Mad, But How Can We Both Play? Gotcha! Bye. It's actually shorter than all my other ones. 89 Nick Jr. 73 Shockwave. Characters, and Marlin: Nemo! Mailbox: Right this way. Nemo: I can't go with that girl! Patient: You're getting a little too--Aah! Bobby: The water's going down. Dentist: Well, that's one way to pull a tooth. Deema: Yeah!, You Rolled Your Car Into My Blocks and Knocked Them Down, Wubbzy, That Made Me Mad! I actually enjoyed that. Ha ha ha ha! Characters, and Marlin: [Gasp]. (Nick Jr Airing) (05/13/2008), Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Dory: Whoa, whoa, partners. La, la, la, la, la, la. [Gasps] There you are! But now we know, don't we that we don't want to touch these again. Aw, the picture broke. [Gasps] Coral? Mine! Filthy. Gurgle: [Offscreen] He's swimming to the filter! Deb: If there's anything you need, just ask your Auntie Deb. Thanks for finding my friend Nemo. Mr. Salt: Blue, why is Steve in there all depressed? Female Bird: Which means he may be on his way here right now. Joe: Hmm so, which bowl is small, purple and has pink dots? Dory: Excuse me! [Laughs] Nemo! OK? We find he's having trouble swimming, We let him take a break, 10, 15 minutes. Viewer: An egg in a nest. He's gonna clean the tank! Oh, good. This way! Characters, and Marlin: (Singing) We did it, we did it! We're gonna win! Coral: Aw, look. Are you all right? You shouldn't be anymore near here. It's about to hatch. Joe: Oh, you see Blue? We're just trying to get home. Marlin: Dory, listen to us. After mail time, Joe nearly tripped over a stuffed zebra, but then he put it back. Whoa. Mine! Marlin: Now, Dory, we want you to tell us. Hesaid it was called a a butt. Dentist: [Offscreen] Barbara, I don't understand it. Gill: That's great, kid! All we gotta do is find the boat that took him. Episode transcripts for the TV show "Blue's Clues". Bill: You know, for a clownfish, he really isn't that funny. Whoa! Chum: Remember the steps, mate! Dory: I don't know. Dora: Hola!, We're The Nick Jr. Diego: Who's that? Steve: We gotta get to surface. ( barks ) Joe: ( shushes ) ( barking ) Joe: Look. ( barking ) I usually forget things, but I remembered it that time! Daizy: You Did That!, You Found Our First Clue! What's that thing that we need to play Blue's Clues? Mine! Daizy: Is It Working?, Is Marshall Making You Laugh? What Blue's Clues You like impressions? Dory, this is not whale. Mr. Salt: Here goes. Joe: Oh, look. Steve: Time for school! Mailbox: Right this way. Marlin: Coral, honey, these are our kids we're talking about. Okay, class, optical orbits up front. We're your conscience. Mrs. Pepper Let's pour the blueberries in. Hold my fin. It's just about to start. Don't everybody fly off at once. Crush, We forgot! Peach: [Offscreen] Oh, Nigel! Helping along. Cinderella, wow. Dory: You're Nemo! Dory: Something about tentacles. Will you sing it with us? Mr. Ray: Don't worry. Gingerbread: Now I'm all ready for the party! Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. If we ask it directions, it could ingest is and spit out our bones! They're my fish. Joe: You're welcome. ( Blue barking ) Blue: ( barks ) Anyway, he swam out in the open water to this boat, and when he was out there, these divers appeared, and we tried to stop them, but the boat was too fast. Ta-da! The big blue. Mrs. Pepper: And he can get lost, you know, from sight if you're not looking. Happy Birthday, Blue! (extended version) Transcript | Blue's Clues They think they're so cute. I don't see it! KIDS: A clue, a clue! Peach: [Offscreen] Root canal, and it's a doozy. Characters, and Marlin: [Gasp] Coral! We will try to find the right answer to this particular crossword clue. I do. Daizy: Oh, Marshall, You Wanna Make Something Happen Too! were all about It went this way! Marlin: That's great! We'll try over here. Offspring, jellyman. I Did That! It's just as well. Children: A Clue!, A Clue! Marlin: Coral, get inside the house, Coral. Nemo: Come on, Dad. Nigel: All right, Gerald. ( barks ) Thank you, thank you so much! All the colors in the rainbow - Donald Duck Song - Alvin Alda as Hawkeye Pierce - Broadway and Musical Chairs - National Secret - You Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - The Who's Pinfall Wizard - Gum - Say hi. Addeddate 2022-07-26 02:56:18 Identifier blues-clues-s-05-e-22-i-did-that Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.7.0 2,091 Views 4 on Blue, Blue's Friends, and The Nick Jr. Wubbzy: Hey, Daizy!, Come See What I Made Outside! 'Cause when we use our minds, take a step at a time You feel a break? Trout? Daizy: We Are Looking for Marshall's Clues, We Are Looking for Marshall's Clues Daizy: Oh!, I Almost Tripped Over That Zebra Toy!, Hey, That's My Zebra Toy!, I Must of Left It Out. Once you get in, swim down to the bottom of the chamber, and I'll talk you through the rest. Nothing to see. They're dreaming. Not something about 'em, it's all about 'em! Daizy: Oh!, Foofa!, You Took The Dinosaur Away from Baby Duck, and That Made Him Mad. Daizy: I Wonder What Marshall's Gonna Make You Laugh. Blue needs help playing the story of "Little Red Riding Hood." KIDS: We see a clue. ( barks ) Joe: There's a castle. It's time for school. Dory: No, no. Pretty soon, the dentist'll have to clean the tank himself, and when he does, he'll take us out of the tank, put us in in individual baggies, then we'll roll ourselves down the counter, out of the window, off the awning, into the bushes, across the street, and into the harbor! Whoo-hoo! That we want to do. Snack Time (transcript) - Yuna's Princess adventure Wikia Nice parry, old man. Crab 1: Yeah, that's it, fella. Franklin: Are you looking at this thing? Echo! We can do this. Joe: And we're not saying you're not looking. Coral: Because alot of other clownfish had their eyes on this place. You got it. Pelican: Bloke's been looking for his boy Nemo. Speed read. "Es-cap-e." I wonder what that means. Little Bear: Let's Go Meet Them and say hello. We're all mates here, mate. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. There's a clue on this cape. Blue's Clues! Dory: Oh, boy. There is power in naming your emotions. Joe: Oh, we'll help count. Hey, little fella. Daizy: Yeah, Marshall!, Marshall Did That!, Marshall Made Us All Laugh! Viewer: No, on top of the bed. All right! Squirt give you a rundown of proper exiting technique. [Panting] Love you, Guys. We have to find my son. And remember, we keep our superaseophogeal ganglion to ourselves. Calm down. It's beautiful. Ha hwa ho ha. Blue's Clues S05E33 I Did That - video Dailymotion BOTH: Bruce: [Offscreen] That's all right, Chum. A Private Company Is Using Social Media to Track Down Russian Soldiers Open-source investigations were once potent journalistic tools, but in Ukraine, they're being used on the battlefield. Dory: [Offscreen] Here comes the big one. Joe ( in high voice ): Why, hello, Wolf. Today's crossword puzzle clue is a general knowledge one: Blue tits, goldcrests, greenfinches and other avians collectively. Mine! In this episode, Blue felt sad after Orange Kitten pushed her, just like after Green Puppy knocked down Blue's block tower in, In this episode, Shovel and Duck felt angry the same way Blue did in, This is the second episode in which a block tower is knocked down. Dory: [Offscreen] I'm sorry, but if you could just bring a little closer, I kind of need the light. Joe: Don't worry, Mailbox. I know where you son--Huh? Ready? Come on. You know that we were talking about! A Clue What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? And sometimes, if you want to do it four times--. Dentist: [Laughs] Beauty, isn't he? Crush: You, mini-man. Fish School Leader: [Offscreen] Hey, clown boy, let the lady guess. ( Gopher squeaks ) Joe: Hey, Shovel. 02x07 - What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things? Nemo: Dad, there's no time! Tickety: He's not coming back. ( barks ) Joe: It is an egg in a nest. That's a funny thing to promise. ", and then we were all, like, "Whoa! Joe: Notebook, right to draw the clue. We live in this anemone, and We're used to these kind of stings. Daizy: (Singing) Now It's Time for So Long, But We'll Sing Just One More Song, Thanks for Doing Your Part, You Sure Are Smart, You Know With Me and You, and Our Friend Marshall We Can Do, Anything, That We Wanna Do!, We Can Do, Anything, That We Wanna Do!, Bye-Bye. Coral? No, no, no, no! Marlin: And I know funny. Gill: I'm thinking, tonight, we give the kid a proper reception. Viewer: Notebook. Let's name the species, the species, the species! Dory: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Hi. Stop! Bloat: [Offscreen] What are we gonna do when that little brat gets here? Don't make any sudden moves. Mine! That's it! Marlin: Thanks, Steve. And see? This tank'll get plenty dirty in that time, but we have to help it along any way we can. Here are the possible solutions for "Blue tits, goldcrests, greenfinches and other avians collectively" clue. I'm a flippin' little dolphin. It's time for school, time for school, time for school, time for school. You're gonna be okay. Baby Bear: Hi. Mother Fish: I'll pick you up after school. The Ring of Fire! It's morning, everyone! Joe: Oh, you see a clue. (Nick Jr Airing) (05/13/2008) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Volume 90% 22:23 Blue's Clues 5x33 I Did That! Fish School Leader: Sydeny? The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are getting out-- The tank is clean. Marlin: But it doesn't matter because no fish is this entire ocean is going to help us. It makes me want to wag my tail Ha hwa ha ho ho ho. You're ridin' it, dude! Steve: We just can't afford any more delays, and you're one of those fish that cause delays. Dad, can I go play, too? Go ahead and rinse. Ha hwa ha. All rights reserved, Time: 0.535s | Peak Memory Usage: 12.72 MiB | GZIP: Off | Queries: 12, Last post Characters, and Marlin: The drop off?! Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. We will try to find the right answer to this particular crossword clue. Ye-Ye and Gui-Nai-Nai: Down! Joe: Oh, look, it's Gingerbread Boy. Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. Gill: Okay, Sharkbait's one of us now, agreed? Characters: No! Rupert Murdoch acknowledged that Fox News hosts endorsed false stolen what does holetta mean in polish renault clio steering wheel controls not working blue's clues i did that transcripts. Male Bird 2: in a matter of days. Think dirty thoughts. On your mark, get set, go! Steve: Okay, We were right. blue's clues i did that transcripts - Here's the game. Daizy: That's A Neat Looking Dinosaur, Baby Duck!, Roar! Joe: So far, Gingerbread Boy's button pattern is red star, green square, red star, green square, red star. See, right by their bedroom window. Fish School Leader: Saw that! Crush: Tell your little dude I said hi, okay? We got to find the last paw print, that's the third clue Joe: [Offscreen] We haven't spoken for a while. Dory: Ohh. We can do anything Sure do! Gurgle: That's not a Hedstrom file. Let us see what Squirt does flying solo. This is the second appearance of Mouth, but Joe did not use a red crayon. Joe: Uhh! ( chuckles ) "I Did That!" is an episode of Blue's Clues . Search the history of over 797 billion I have one, two, three-- That's all I have? We need to-- And they're gone again. Mr. Salt: Well, then, here! Blue: ( barking response ) Foofa: I Did That, I Made Baby Duck Mad, Now What Should I Do?, Oh Yeah!, I Could Do That!, Here, Baby Duck!, I'm Sorry I Took Your Toy and Made You Mad. ( howling ): A clue! [Gasps] P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Actually, the mollusk isn't moving. Sign up | Log in. I wonder who it's from. Dory: [Offscreen] The second line's "42 Wallaby Way.". Dory: [Offscreen] P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Read this now! Come on! Bloat: That's it for the escape plan. Marlin: We need to get to the East Austrailian Current. Today's the day! The Parody Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Dentist: Leave it open, would you? Marlin: Oh!, Hi. Dory: (Singing) Just keep swimming. Nice and steady. Viewer: There it is, that one. It looks just like him! Whoa! Ha hwa ha ho ho ho. Mail time, mail time, mail time! Stop! For example, Tickety makes Shovel mad/angry when she knocks over his block tower and fights each other. Nemo: Hey! Come back! Music Makes Me Move, Makes Me Happy, Got The Groove. Peach: Isn't there another way? Dory: What mask? He's orange with a gimpy fin on one side. ( barks ) Characters: (Singing) Bye!, Ba-Bye!, See Ya Lata!, Sweet Potata! Let's name the zones of the open sea! Mine! Publication date 2003-09-24 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics Nick Jr., Amazon, Nickelodeon Language English Blue's Clues belongs to Nickelodeon. A wide collection of trailers, shows, recordings, and other captures on VHS tape. Hahoo ho ho wahoo ha hee! I even help with the plants inside American Electric Power Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEP) Q4 2022 Earnings Bloat: What's happening? Stay awake! Would you look at that? Gill: Just calm down, Nemo. I like to help out. Why do I have to tell you over and over again? Moose A. Moose: Who do you want to ask, the speck? Viewer: Notebook! And the next one, just a guess, me. Joe: That one, yeah. We'll name one Nemo, but I'd like most of them to be Marlin Junior. Stay awake! Fish School Leader: When you come to this trench, swim through it, not over it. Yes! Ooh, where'd you go? Let's read this recipe, so we know what to do. I got a live one here! Quick! . Now he's with a bunch of sea turtles on the E.A.C., and the word is he's headed this way right nowto Sydney! Now swim up the tube and out. Dragon: All right. Well sometimes there are wolves in stories, so maybe Blue needs help playing a story with a wolf in it where someone holds a basket and wears a cape, yeah. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Please don't go away. [Muttering] My bubbles! Wait a minute. It's all our fault. What is it? Steve: Come on, Nemo. [Making whale sounds]. I was aiming for the toilet. Squirt: The tops don't sting you! Zuma: Hi!, Will You Watch Me Go Down The Slide? Please? Sit down in our thinking chair . Daizy: Did You See That?, I Clapped My Hands, and Made The Pawprint Dissapear! Marlin: But you gotta stay awake. That's the East Australian Current. Would you look at that? But we're having fun at the same time. Gill: From this moment on, you will now be known as Sharkbait. Mouth: So, What Does Marshall Want You to Do? Let's draw a line that goes up and loops around then goes back up and around a line across, and we have a cape.We have all three clues to figure out what Blue needs help playing. Murdoch testified that he could hear Trump shouting in the . Ages 3+ Specifications Number of Pieces: 14 Fish School Leader: [Offscreen] Oh, hey, ma'am. Ha ha ha ha! We delivered strong fourth quarter 2022 operating earnings . Joe: You know what to do! Nigel: He's swimming, and swimming, giving it all he's got, and then three gigantic sharks capture him, and he blows them up and dives thousands of feet, and gets chased by a monster with huge teeth! Blue Wants to Play a Song Game/Transcript. Marlin: [Offscreen] Just keep swimming! You got that. Whoa, I bet this is where Cinderella shops for shoes. Me, too. Uploaded by And he shall be my Squishy. What are you thinking about? Don't bounce on the tops! I'll remember. Coral? Blue's Clues Darla: Raah! An illustration of a 3.5" floppy disk. Come on in Daizy: We Better Write This Sound Clue Down in Our Handy-Dandy Daizy: Notebook!, Right!, Thanks for The Clue! We're gonna stay together as a group. There I go. Joe: It's mail time? Daizy: I Did That!, I Made The Pawprint Dissapear!, You Know What We Need Now, Our Handy-Dandy Daizy: Notebook!, Come On!, Hey, Binyah Binyah, We're Here for Our Notebook. Then nothing would ever happen to him. I have to get back to my dad! < Blue's Clues View source Episode No. Under oath, Murdoch concedes Fox stars 'endorsed' lies about - GIRL: Say the first thing again. Aah! Steve: It's Me, Steve. Huggy: I'm Sad, Because I Can't Tie My Shoes. Take a guess. Mine! All the animals have gone mad! No! Dory: There, there. An illustration of a 3.5" floppy disk. Ruby: No, you can't! But which one is two cups? I help, I help, do lots of things Great. This is gonna be good. Two cups of blueberries. An illustration of an audio speaker. Dory: Hey, Mr. Grumpy Gills, when life gets you down, know what you got to do? Squirt: Whoa! And now we're stuck here! Are you all okay? Cat: Normally, they don't talk, sea cucumbers. Mine! Takin' on the jellies. The ocean? Joe: Do you want to help? The VHS Vault : Free Movies : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming Let's see you get closer. It had been years since we last saw the original. Gill: Keep on him. Peach: Honey, your dad's probably back at the pet store. Horton the Elephant: We're all set and ready to go, Cat. It's P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Beaver: And we're really, really done talking about this. Pick me, pick me, pick me. I've got to speak with him. A Snowy Day/Transcript. Franklin: Sometimes you can't tell 'cause fluid rushes to the area. (kids sit at the tv seeing Josh playing guitar) Marlin: No! Excuse us. Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, and The Nick Jr. It's gonna be okay. We are looking for Blue's Clues Blue's Clues 5x33 I Did That! I'm a clownfish. Fish School Leader: I'm a fish with a nose like a sword. Daizy: That Song Makes Me Wanna, Get The Mail!, Come On! Joe: You found the matching slipper. Steve, Joe, Blue, Blue's Friends, The Nick Jr. Where are you guys going? Toons vs. Villains (Monsters vs. Aliens; 2009), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends TV Spoofs. ( barking ) (barks) Joe: What did Blue and Periwinkle find? Crush: Oh, man. It's gotta be soon. So, count to three I was so ready to get out, so ready to taste that ocean, I was willing to put you in harm's way to get there. Shane: So, just then, the sea cucmber looks over to the mollusk and says, "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?". See? Dory: I'm trying to swim here. It says "one-half." Hey, come back! Blue: ( barks "Hello" ) Gastropoda, arthropoda, echinoderma, and some fish like you and me! Moste excellent! That we want to do. ( barking excitedly ) We put it in our notebook Nemo: [Offscreen] First day of school! Barbara: Darla, your uncle will see you now. Dory: Okay! Dory: [Offscreen] Whoo! Mr. Salt: Coming right up. Give it up, people. This episode is all about actions and results. Joe: Look at that. Did i do it right Kids: Yes. We're ready to sit in our No, not the mask! Blue and I found something in the backyard. Marlin: No! Crush: So [Sighs] What brings you on this fine day to the E.A.C.? Great, thanks. Dentist: Hold still! Gurgle: Ah, the ocean. It's another Blue's Clues day Mr. Salt: "Look Carefully" It's another Blue's Clues day. So, has that Novocaine kicked inyet? Joe: Bye. Daddy's got you. Uh, Over there. Dory: No, it's not. Dory: I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. Joe: Blue just skiddooed.