Myself, Id usually prefer to shoot a heavier bullet at a slower speed. If you use an alternative payment method, you will not earn CLUB Points on your order. Please provide address and copy of paperwork. Today, theres no point in my attempting meaningful 100-yard groups with either setup, but the Weaver tightened even my 50-yard groups. Until my exposure to the Model 71, my personal lever action experience had been limited to the Browning M92 in .44 Magnum, Marlin Model 1895 in .45-70, Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 and Winchester Model 95 in .30-40. Blast From the Past: Winchester Model 71 | Field & Stream I didnt grow up hunting in thick stuff, and I was an early child of the scope era. To provide the best experiences, we use technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information. I dont know. This rifle features a game scene on each side of the receiver. This rifle would still make a great hunting gun today. Yes, the only rifle to use the .348 was the Model 71. I may never take off for weeks at a time after moose or bear either, but I have the same type of rifle Henry used for that. Four of those were the Browning reproductions made in Japan. This makes the action feel a little smoother, but it has another effect. Sold as a 2 rifle set, 2nd rifle can be viewed online - Browning Model 71 Cabela's ID # 8818820. You can filter the list of items shown by selecting attributes. My opinion, and thats all that it is, is that a compromise of sorts was made. What I do like is the cartridges shape. Winchester dropped the 20 barrel after about ten years of lackluster sales. But while the 71s .348 is shooting a lighter bullet, its shooting it faster. I worked up loads, and Ive had one or another 71 ever since. Overall length with the 20 barrel is 38.25 inches (shorter than an M16A1 or A2) and it weighs 7.8 pounds. Tips, techniques, and equipment are applied to these classroom discussions on how to become more proficient and successful at making long-range shots while hunting with AR-platform rifles. Do not contact us and ask to change an order youve already placed. There were options and upgrades, but the Model 71 was produced in only two primary variants: Standard and Deluxe, both in rifle versions with 24-inch barrels and carbines with 20-inch barrels and pistol grip stocks. Any more might be a little too much. Winchester ~ Model 71 ~ .348 Winchester. Model 71 rifles came with a round 24 inch barrel and short rifles (carbines) were supplied with a round 20 inch barrel. Stock Configuration & Condition:The stocks are two-piece smooth wood with capped forend, pistol grip, fluted straight comb, and checkered blued steel buttplate. The Deluxe came standard with an aperture sight; the Standard had a buckhorn rear sight. The 200-and-250-grain (13 and 16g) loadings are preferred for anything past 100yd (91m). In order for us to accomplish this for our customers, we ask the following. It was manufactured until 1958, and about 70,000 were produced. But I dont blame that on any perceived fault of the 71 in particular. Heavy 348 Winchester Ammo - 250 gr. Browning ~ 71 ~ .348 Win | Cabela's The initial result scared me, producing more than 3,000 fps and flattened primers. At 54.7 grains, accuracy was excellent, there were no pressure signs in my rifle, and velocity was 2,830 fps. The recoil also pushed the bolt back, making ejection difficult, and damaging the brass.My Winchester 71 has been rated as "excellent" condition, and now I have an excellent load to match. Of course this is Brownings version of the Winchester 71. Basically, it is a free lifetime hunting and fishing license given to war veterans. The stock not only has a pistol grip, but has a straighter, higher comb. Transportation Credit Scores.Providing Credit Reports, Credit Scores, & Collections To The Transportation Industry Since 1987 Barnes Original Bullet. I wanted one with a 20 barrel. You dont see that much. .348 Winchester on Left, .45-70 on Right. The screw heads are sharp. Another thing I have read about is the 71s reliability. I had one brief range session and fired one box of the relatively rare .348 cartridges. Not that the straight-sided blunt-bulleted cartridges are hard to load, but the .348 seems easier. The open top receiver ejects upward by means of a fixed ejector, making conventional (receiver top) scope mounting impractical. The Model 71 Winchester was the culmination of the large-frame leverguns produced by the famed old company. The Standard had a smooth walnut pistol grip stock, while the Deluxe featured four panel checkering on the pistol grip and forend, a pistol grip cap, detachable sling swivels and (on pre-war guns) a bolt-mounted aperture sight. The big 1886-type lever action could survive, but only in a modernized form, with a new model name, and with a jazzed-up cartridge. These loads are running in the 2200 to 2500 fps range. The bull didn%u2019t make it 50 yards after the shot and it had a full pass through. Engineers created manufacturing accommodations to reduce costs. Im happy they are offering them, but will complain anyway. If looking to acquire an automated powder-charge dispensing unit to speed up precision reloading, don't judge the RCBS ChargeMaster Lite powder scale and dispenser by its name; the Little Green machine packs a heavy-weight punch with speed and accuracy. Ive heard some say this whacks their face more than an 86 in recoil, but others say its width and gradual curve makes the blow easier to take. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "$Prod_PLPThumb$" The Auto-5: Brownings Biggest Achievement. The box-magazine Savage 99 offered serious competition for the 86, as did Marlins side-eject rifles. .348 Winchester.35 Remington.35 Whelen.350 Legend.357 Magnum.375 H&H.38 Special.38-40 Winchester.38-55 Winchester.380 Auto.40 S&W.416 Rigby.44 Remington Mag Ruger Revolvers and 45 Colt +P Ammunition, HEAVY 10MM OUTDOORSMAN Handgun Ammunition, Heavy .38 Special +P Pistol and Handgun Ammo. Henry tended to let his employees handle things, as this allowed him to come and go as he pleased. The 71s .348 cartridge was sort of an update too, supposedly intended to be a more powerful version of the .33 Winchester round that was introduced for the Model 1886 in 1902. Browning Ammunition (10) PMC Ammunition (10) SIG SAUER (10) Aguila (9) Kent Cartridge (9) Plano (8) Barnes Bullets (7) Sellier & Bellot (7) B&P (6) . The .348 should be flatter shooting, but so are a lot of rifles/calibers. The screw heads are sharp and the markings are clear. The blackpowder-era cartridges it used were old. Check local laws before ordering. I had forgot that Winchester announced last winter they will be making a limited run of 71s (Miroku-made) this year. bullet, but they could never keep up with demand, so I switched to Hawkbulletsbut had issues with quality. Unleaded bullets are required for hunting, so this was a problem. The Shootist: Winchester Model 71 - Shooting Times by John T. Amber. Is a flatter trajectory even much of an advantage here? Apparently others thought so over the years too, since Winchester has made .348 ammo in 150, 200 and 250 grain bullet weights at various periods, with the 200 always being most popular and the only one they have made in decades. To get a proper field of view, I just grind my cheek a little harder into the comb. If it is not in your spam folder, that means we have not yet shipped. Manufactured only 3000 in 1986 and 1987. The Winchester 71 and .348 Winchester Cartridge, M1941 Johnson Semiauto Rifle, Part 1, History. OK, so its a fine rifle. I used Model 71s for a lot of wild hog hunting, for black bears and for this and that. You could have it in Standard or Deluxe grades (the Deluxe had nicer wood, checkering, sling and swivels), and could get either grade with a 20 or 24 barrel. Those locking bolts went straight up and down on the 1886, but are slanted slightly rearward on the 71. But one time dad remembered something about some gun of Henrys. Barrel Break-In: What It Is. There are no chips or cracks. The .348 has the appeal of a classic muscle car but at the same time, it has a practical element to it, the potential to be a solid working hack for the bush hunter. View Scott Winchester's professional profile on LinkedIn. Contributing Editor for RifleShooter Magazine, Brad Fitzpatrick gives us a review of this modernized version of an iconic favorite. In the event that we need to cancel your order for any reason, you will receive a full refund of the amount of the purchase less up to 10% of the total purchase amount. You do not need an FFL to purchase ammunition online. This is the limited edition High Grade Browning Model 71 manufactured in Japan featuring deluxe checkered, high polish walnut stocks, scroll engraved grey receiver with gold inlay and trigger. .348 on left, .45-70 on right. Incidentally, unlike previous Winchester lever action rifles, the 71's nomenclature is not date based. It is a homegrown invention with direct ties to the Model 1886 and hence the Old West. That sounds like a long time ago now, but one has to realize it was one of the very last lever actions from Winchester. The Winchester 71 is a great big lever action, but by using a pistol gripped stock, curved lever, somewhat wide forend, and tapered round 24 barrel, it looked both sleek and strong. The worst pounding I ever got was from a 7mm Remington Magnum, and this includes comparing to 45-70s and 375 H&H Magnums. When you get close to maximum loads that start to push back against the bolt more than normal, it will tell you by giving the lever a little pop you can feel. I couldnt resist. In addition to hunting and fishing, he would head off on other adventures. Browning Model 71 .348 Winchester - GunsAmerica Both the .33 and .348 used a 200 grain bullet (.338 diameter in the .33 Win and .348 diameter in the .348 Win) but the claimed velocity of the .348 was over 500 fps faster (2530 fps vs. 2000 fps). Always a heavy-bullet guy, Keith commented that the cartridge really needed a 250-grain bullet. The .348 also served as the basis for the .50 Alaskan and .500 Linebaugh cartridges.[3][4]. Today Skinner Sights makes a receiver sight for the 71/86. (The Model 71 was discontinued in 1958. In its high condition, it would also make a great addition to a Browning or lever-action collection. Both Browning and Winchester have offered modern versions over the past few decades. 2006 - 2023 BPS Direct, L.L.C. If you choose not to create or sign in to an account, you can use your $25 credit when you receive your physical card in 7-10 business days. Suggested site content and search history menu. So please stop asking to exchange or get a refund for ammo you ordered, but have changed your mind about. The Browning version was a limited production model only. The Winchester websites new 71 specs remind me of something else. But if 20 barreled Winchesters sell for more, Id think it is due to relative rarity and not actual preference. I cant speak to larger game, but this bullet is awesome on hogs. Just an outstandfing example of a Browning Model 71 Limited Editon High Grade rifle (serial # 00899PR6R7) in the 348 Winchester, with 24" barrel. This rifle is in excellent condition with just a very few small stock dings. Copyright 2014, 2016 by David Tong and/or Like . The big lever action had ceased to be a huge seller before the 71 came along, and honestly never was. Please do not contact us and ask for tracking numbers or when will my ammo ship? We have not fired this rifle. Winchester had chambered the previous Model 1886 for .33 Winchester (.338 inch bullet) and the Model 1895 for .35 Winchester (.358 inch bullet). "Cartridges of the World 14th Edition". One of the Model 71 improvements was to replace the original leaf mainspring (hammer spring) of the 1886 to a more durable coil spring, which made cocking the hammer lighter and the trigger pull smoother. The bolt, hammer and lever have very light operational wear. $46.74 Make Offer %local_inventory_count% Free Shipping! So, please do not email and ask if items are in stock. Unavailable at Phoenix. Browning Model 71 "High Grade" rifle chambered in 348 Winchester. In Stock. Id always pump dad for information about Henrys hunts. No ammo is tamper proof! These bullets run closer to 240 grains made from wheelweight alloy, lubed, gas checked, and ready to go. It is also easy to load into the rifles magazine. Manufactured by Browning from 1986-1987, This is a high grade reproduction of the Winchester Model 71, Beautiful bluing and coin finish. All ammunition will be shipped UPS GROUND ONLY ammunition can not go expedited! Jim Taylor. The 71 is one of the strongest lever actions made, if not the strongest. It is on the website, but you have to look for it. That covers the most common supply. The Model 1895 was dropped around this time also, so the 71 would effectively replace two rifles. I started casting bullets about the time i got my 71, and the .348 seemed a natural for cast bullets so I got a mould from Rapine Moulds designed to make a 235 grain gas checked bullet. Browning made Standard and High Grades and made each of them in both 20 and 24 barrels. As with all previously owned firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards. The 1886 looked old. Appears as new, comes with original box. Well, they finally got it done and it is excellent brass. Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. It features considerable body taper and a 19-degree, 4-minute shoulder. 348 Winchester - Outdoor Limited This is fine for targets, but I would remove the Merit aperture completely and go with the sights wide open threaded aperture receptacle for hunting. This question stems from sight makers not listing the 71 in their charts. If that isnt enough to narrow down what Henry had, only one rifle was ever made to chamber it- the Winchester Model 71. In practice, ejected cases hit the scope, then bounce off to the right. Though slower, the heavier bullet is a hard kicker. Browning 71 .348 Winchester - Firearms Classifieds - Thanks Buffalo Bore ! The hammer has a quarter cock safety position. The buttplate is flat checkered blue steel, which may not be as traditional as a curved buttplate, but it doesnt have pointed tips to snag clothing when snapped to the shoulder or to penetrate into the shooters shoulder when fired. / MADE IN JAPAN and BROWNING MODEL 71 CALIBER .348 WIN. BROWNING MODEL 71 "HIGH GRADE" - The Model 71 .348 Winchester was manufactured during 1986 and 1987 in rifle configuration with a 24-inch barrel, and in carbine with a 20-inch barrel. This rifle is in about Excellent condition with about 99% of its metal finish remaining, and there are only a few light marks in the wood. Browning Model 71 Carbine in 348 Winchester - Long Range Hunting Forum This load is awesome! Please provide this ID when contacting support via phone, email or chat. A 200 grain Power Point bullet (SD .236, BC .246) is the only one of the three still loaded by Winchester today. Update: I just read that Swift bullets is, or will be, making a .348 bullet in their A-Frame (similar to the Nosler Partition) lineup. Im back in business with the .348 as a favorite hog rifle. | When 30-50 people per day send emails asking for tracking information and we have to pull that information up, then type it out and email it, it takes a huge portion of our work day that we should be using to ship those orders to customers in need. My 71 came out of the box it had been in for 20 years and was tight as a drum, but it was really slick in spite of not being worn-in. And I dont think the 24 barrel would give that much more velocity either. Free Business profile for Winchester Transport Inc at 7200 West 132nd Street, Overland Park, KS, 66213, US, We specialize in: Rental of Railroad Cars. Simi Valley, CA 93065. There is a place on the back to check off whether the bearer is a veteran of WW I, WW II, or the Spanish War. I reduced an old 150-grain load using RL15 powder, which seemed to make sense. Contact Us Other specifications include a 24 inch round barrel, four shot half magazine, 43-1/8 inch overall length, 13-1/4 inch length of pull, 1-1/8 inch drop at comb, 1-1/2 inch drop at heel and eight pound weight (empty). I have a terrible time seeing open sights, so I mounted a Lyman peep sight on the rear, and replaced its aperture with a Merit adjustable iris aperture. Some guns cause one to form a mental picture when you see them. These sights bring a bunch of money by themselves. The 1886 had gotten some streamlining of its own in the last few years of its existence. Copyright 2011-2023 All Rights Reserved. It may feel better or worse, and that will depend on the shooters idea of recoil. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. 20 Round Box ITEM 12A BUFFALO BORE's 348 WINCHESTER AMMO Over the decades, I've owned six or seven rifles/carbines chambered for 348 Win. Nothing has shot really bad, and I dont recall anything reaching 3. Your $25 Instant Credit will be automatically applied at checkout. Dad remembered that number only because an uncle had a Chevrolet around that time with a 348 engine. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. I handloaded Barnes Original 250-grain bullets, using them for bison, black bear and nilgai. Rifle weight dropped accordingly. Remember, we are right up against .30-06 speeds with a heavier bullet. They added a Lightweight Model, then an Extra Lightweight. Description The .348 Winchester is an American rifle cartridge. Scopes came into common use after World War II, and its a challenge to scope a top-eject rifle like the 71. Their address will go into the shipping address on our order form. It was simply the next rifle designed after the Model 70 bolt action, thus it became the Model 71. Although big and strong, it handles nice. In 2013, Winchester quit making 348 brass, so weve been out of loaded 348 ammo since 2014. The .348 was a new cartridge developed to be a one-shot-does-all, replacing all of the chamberings of the 1886 from .33 to .405. Copyright 2011-2023 All Rights Reserved. People who bought them, and there werent that many, bought them with a specific use in mind: Hunting mean animals in tight spaces. It is the only commercial .34 caliber cartridge. Where did he shoot the moose? Ive seen many Standards with apertures, so this must have been a common option or a quick addition by local gun shops. I think of the Winchester 71, and I picture one laid across a red and black plaid Pendelton wool jacket in some north woods cabin. The success of Winchesters effort to revive the large-caliber lever action is questionable, primarily as a matter of timing. This stock change was more a styling change than a weight and bulk reduction, but combined with the trimmer barrels, made for a faster handling rifle for some. These were only made for 2 years, '86-'87. _________________, NY: Due to New York State ammunition regulations, Black Dog Ammunition cannot ship ammo to the Burroughs of New York city. All Rights Reserved, You Are Now Leaving will be directed to I dont have a red and black plaid shirt, so this will have to do: By the way, the paper stuck in the RH pocket of the shirt is my dads Veterans Permanent Free Permit from the state of Indiana. The 10 Best Lever-Action Cartridges of all Time | Field & Stream 1) Continue and have the firearm(s) listed below automatically removed from your shopping cart: 2) Cancel and the item listed below will not be added to your shopping cart: 1) Continue and have the items listed below automatically removed from your shopping cart: 2) Cancel and the firearm listed below will not be added to your shopping cart: {}, {address.stateOrProvinceName}, {address.postalCode}, You can unsubscribe at any time. We will have to have a copy of their FFL or their resellers permit. Browning Reproduction of Winchester Model 71 - 20-inch barrel. The markings are clear. "partNumber" : "3681251", 94 W. Cochran St., Suite B Browning ~ 71 ~ .348 Winchester Description: This Browning 71 is in great condition and will make an excellent addition to your collection or a good hunting rifle for bigger game. This is the same strong system used in the Model 1886 and it is a very smooth action. The 71 was chambered only in. The 200-grain bullet was always the most popular. Right now, we expect you to do your part to help us all get the ammo we need in our troubled country. Case sensitive with a minimum of 6 characters & one numeral. All other areas in IL require FOID faxed or scanned and emailed to us on file BEFORE ordering. With ourmodern 250 gr., 348 Winchester ammo, it generates roughly 2,250 fps. (The streamlined Model 88 lever action of the 1950s was designed with a front locking rotary bolt, one-piece stock and detachable box magazine; it was essentially a lever-operated bolt action rifle.) The receiver is flawless, and the bluing is deep and bright with a few minor rubs. He would take a boat down a river just to see what was there. . We were unable to fetch your Capital One account information. Or in the woods behind the cabin. In addition, the crescent (rifle) butt plates on early examples of some of these rifles made firing hard kicking cartridges punishing. Heavy 348 Winchester Ammo - 250 gr. It was based on the large 1886 lever action. Nothing to complain about there. In those days, I could shoot apertures well, being accustomed to them from military shooting. It was introduced in 1936, and developed for the Winchester Model 71 lever action rifle. It ultimately made its reputation for use on large (Class 3) animals and the cartridge was well regarded in Alaska and Canada. Not only were all my Brownings more accurate than the Winchesters, but the20-inch carbine Browning, will give about the same velocity as the 24 inch Winchester rifle..and the 24 inch Browning will give 100 to 150 fps more velocity than the 20 inch Browning version. Stock Configuration & Condition: The stocks are two-piece smooth wood with capped forend, pistol grip and checkered blued steel buttplate. It is a Browning 71 in 348 Winchester. The Old Guard at the Winchester factory was losing out to the modernizers. If you continue as guest, you will have to wait to receive your physical card in the mail to use your Instant Credit. }, And then there is casting. To show viewers how to succeed at long range, J. Guthrie gears up for a challenging shot while chasing Colorado pronghorn at long range with DPMS' Panther 6.5 Creedmoor.