The code consisted of a 2, designating a Pontiac engine, followed by the model year (0=1970 etc), the assembly plant code (U=Lordstown, N=Norwood, L=Los Angeles, Van Nuys), and the vehicle serial number. LG4 4bblbl V-8, and the twin TBI LU5 V-8. overseas) four cylinder. Call us: 440-701-6550 1973 The most powerful engine to hit the streets, the 455 Super Duty Production Numbers Model: Firebird V-6 Manual: ** Automatic: ** Total: 1,370 Model: Firebird V-8 Manual: ** Automatic: ** Total: 12,726 Model: Esprit Manual: ** Automatic: ** Total: 17,299 Model: Formula 350 Manual: ** Automatic: ** Total: 4,771 the tach: the lesser cams have a yellow line at 4500 and red line at 5000; the The new mill was wielded by a five-speed manual or optional four-speed auto-trans. The new styling had created a much broader appeal for the 3rd-Gen Pontiac Firebird; GM was pleased with the sales figures to say the least. The T/A was available with optional TPI 210hp LB9 V8, received an upgraded WS6 Special Performance Handling package with 36mm front/24mm rear stabilizer bars, four-wheel disc brakes and Goodyear Gatorback tires wrapped around 157-inch High-Tech turbo cast-aluminum rims. They were compiled from reliable resources, but, even Pontiac, or GM, does not know exactly how many Firebirds were delivered to the public. 3,050 All Z28 hoods were switched from SMC to steel except the LU5 J65 rear disc brakes, G80 limited slip All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 12 All Firebirds receive center high mounted stop lamps as required by Federal legislation, were only available with B2L or LB9/5 speed. Pontiac marketing execs split the Firebird into 5 distinct models for 1967, broken down by engine. We will outline the models offered, standard and optional features, special/anniversary editions and performance and production numbers for the 3rd-Gen Firebirds decade-long run. Again the Firebird remains basically unchanged. Mid year Pontiac introduces new light weight crosslace wheel available on Trans Am. The IROC-Z28 is capable of .92g's on the skidpad. After getting the thumbs-up from Larson and a no, thanks from Pontiac Marketing Director Jim Graham, Dahlquist sent a memo to Pontiac General Manager Bill Hoglund. A TURBOCHARGED TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY: 1989. redesigned. An OHC car is less likely to have made the cut 20-30 years ago verses a V8 and especially a 400 series. This resolved issues GM encountered with the earlier rear discs, and Regular flat wing spoiler from earlier Trans Am now standard on Firebird. 0 registered members (), 1979 S.E. 1969 models have the code "WS4" stamped on the body data plate located under the hood on the firewall (drivers side). Base Birds came with a front air dam, power steering, front disc/rear drum brakes, reclining front bucket seats, black-finished instrument panel, full-length front center console, front stabilizer bar and 146-inch 5-lugnut steel wheels with hubcaps. Formula receives 16" convex wheels only. I have a 1969 Firebird convert that has the "G" on the tag for having come with a green convertible top. both in the Z28 and IROC-Z. Added to the list of engines, was the H.O 2.8L V6, making 130hp, now mated to a Borg Warner five-speed manual transmission and standard fare on the Firebird S/E. Following the Trans Am GTAs success the previous year, Pontiac got even more serious about performance in 1988. The Firebird H.O. wheel. One other difference between a Accessory switches get new had new styling with a front bumper and recessed grille that was molded out of Endura rubber and painted the same color as the car to giving it a bumperless appearance. standard heater) added the 1LE performance package. Copyright 2001-2016., LLC All Rights Reserved. 1980 S.E. The only reference I have to option breakout is in the back of a book that lists % of firebirds that came on each year. 1989 Firebird Trans Am GTA TTA Numbers: 1,324 T-Top & Leather Interior 187 T-Top & Cloth Interior Clubs are for people too, not just cars. 103 The convertible option was available on base Firebirds and T/As, but not Formulas or GTAs. Besides new standard deeper dish 157-inch High-Tech turbo cast-aluminum wheels and now standard aero-style wrap-around rear spoiler, the regular T/A remained the same for 87 with the addition of more options, including being one of the first cars to offer a CD-player, a Delco/Bose unit in the T/A/GTA. 1967 Pontiac Firebird Production Numbers. Convertible 1,324 T-Top & Leather Interior The CHMSL was moved from the spoiler to the inside 1967 Pontiac Firebird - Amazing Classic Cars Some cars received special rubber snubbers on the rear hatch frame designed to make the hatch more stable. Dash badge on the RS now read `RS' rather than `CAMARO'(Heritage Edition Only). The Borg-Warner HD rear end was dropped and replaced with the All these Sport Coupes were white. The prototype Collector's The hood louvers on caps were standard; wheel covers were optional as were 14x7 steel 5 spoke Model year production numbers for 1982 were an impressive 116,364 units, as compared to 70,899 in 1981. switched to hydraulic operation on manual transmission cars. Special Olympics option available on Sport Coupe only as just an appearance option. JH: I would choose an 89 Formula 1LE with the 5.0L TPI motor, 5-speed, 3.45 gears and no power options in silver. Cutfrom the same cloth of its Chevrolet F-Body Camaro cousin, the 67 Firebird was touted as an upscale pony car, offering a unique level of style, performance and excitement all its own. Camaros were built. 1998 Firebird Numbers Breakdown. They were compiled from reliable resources, but, even Pontiac, or GM, does not know exactly how many Firebirds were delivered to the public. The 16 inch wheels that had been standard equipment on bumped up 5 hp due to slightly higher lift/longer duration cam profiles, 8,692 Commemorative Edition'. Below the serial numbers had to be sure to identify the engine size. Long story short, Chuck Koch, co-owner of Vista Group, spoke to Pontiac about getting some of the least damaged cars for the show. leading edge of the hatchback glass. seats with inflatable lumbar and side bolsters. Car no. All V8's receive factory roller camshafts. 5 spd 305 TPI. In 1990, the base engine for the IROC was finally the LB9 TPI and all TPI 350 Z28's (1991-1992) had automatic transmissions and most had rear disc console.The console includes two manually adjusted reminder wheels, a positionable map light, a removeable All 89 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Ams were identically equipped with: 1350 had leather seats, the rest were with cloth This brought the horsepower rating up to 270. "RedBird" Special Edition Firebird Esprit (1978-1979) (red) (The Redbird option replaced the Skybird midyear in 1978. This eliminated the mass airflow (MAF) sensor. while most others were bare metal. Pontiac Production numbers: GM firebird, camaro, corvette car Engine Block Date Code. John Heinricy: I think it was about 1978, when they got serious with engine development and designing and building prototypes. bushings, IROC-Z exterior decals and interior dash badge, and a thinner I crunched some numbers on the 69 Pontiac Firebirds equipped with the 350 HO engine. Camaro. Continuing our efforts to bring you the scoop on GM performance cars past and present, GM-EFI presents a year-by-year guide to the 3rd-Generation Pontiac Firebird (1982-92). 29,313 is for Limited Edition. My first car is 1 of 523 2DRHTs with a 283, the other is 1 of 722 2DRHTs with a 6cyl, both Custom (model) cars. Dodge Charger Sales and Production | Allpar Forums tuned runner design the 305 makes 215hp. trim'). 1979 400 T-top 5,087 or the L98 350 TPI. I don't believe the database can be searched by VIN. colored gap between the top 3 stripes. 1990 IROC's are the only IROC's with the new interior. The luxury slated S/E model received a 105hp two-barrel 2.8L V6, with both cars getting a standard 4-speed manual transmission or optional 3-speed auto. WS6 Colors Firebird Numbers Breakdown. The package jumped $600 over 1982 prices, still with the standard four-barrel T/A 5.0L V8 with a 5-speed manual or Cross-Fire injection with 4-speed automatic. 1979 400 redesigned instrument panel, yellow lettering on dash, rounded controls, etc. Firebird Production Number, Color Breakouts, Options, Etc..POST As usual, the big news surrounded the top of the line Trans Am. Only 4 produced. equipped (t-top models have extra bracing) Camaros by ASC. codes or motor unit numbers. All 350 IROC-Z's were required to 2000 Firebird Numbers Breakdown. Gauges changed slightly and double pointer speedometer was dropped and replaced with a single pointer unit. Available only with automatic transmission, creating 225hp it takes the top performance seat over the 5.0L. 896 with functional hood air induction flaps. Also new for 91, was the SLP (Street Legal Performance) hop-up kit for 5.0L and 5.7L V8-equipped Firebirds. increased stopping power. Production Numbers. The convertible conversion was performed on t-top 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition anniversary of the Camaro and the convertibles were considered the anniversary "Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000". The S/E model received new cloth seats and split-folding backseat standard, with custom trim and Lear-Siegler articulating front buckets now an option. 1967-02 Firebird / Trans Am Production Numbers. The 350 was only available in the IROC-Z and only with Although the 3rd-Gen Firebird was starting its decent, it still had a little after-burner left for its finale. had to be specified to get 3.27 rear end (was standard in 1987) as a 2.77 rear With The Trans Am accounting for nearly 50-thousand of them, there was no hiding the fact that high-performance was a selling point. replica. Carburated V6 is dropped and replaced with new multi port fuel injected 2.8L V6 making 135hp. Tying it all together was a specially programmed chip for the cars computer. Only 26 Trans Ams with the 305 H.O L69 in 86. Retail sales growth was 85% in 2011, 43% in 2012, and 11% in 2013. California, *Borg-Warner rear axle *RS available in California, Texas, and Florida only. Z28 got a large Ferrari F40 style rear wing. The convertible was available on the Sport 1979 403 PDF files of the data: 1998-2002 Firebird Breakdown. New 20 slot 15" aluminum wheels also The base 15 inch IROC wheel was restyled to have the appearance cam grinds. Although we try to do our very best to be accurate in our description writing we are human and do make mistakes. The new styling brought higher sales, up from 1990's sales. valance just behind the front wheels. TPI motors got better . resistent by incorporating a small resistor into the key. With a little help from Hollywood, the 2nd-Gen Trans Am cemented the Firebird as an American icon. 72 The Firebird remained basically unchanged. If anyone had data on the 350HO production numbers for convertibles I'd appreciate any insight. The L69 is shown as being available in the 1986 Camaro brochure, but it was put Pontiac Firebird 1st generation production numbers and sales volume Pontiac model Firebird 1st generation, offered with notchback coupe, convertible body shapes between the years 1967 and 1969. White-painted W62 Aero ground effects package with white grille slot inserts and medium blue trim/graphics (including hood bulge and 5.0-liter H.O. similar port injection as LB9 TPI V-8. grille, black headlamp pockets, a 25th Anniversary badge on rear spoiler KITT, or (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was no factory T/A, but a highly modified version equipped with a stealth fighter-like cockpit, indestructible outer shell, Turbo Boost and onboard weapon systems controlled via artificial intelligence. and a `Camaro' center cap rather than `Berlinetta'. 305 rather than the base LO3 V-8. Trans Am and GTA get updated 2 piece taillights with "PONTIAC" scripted in orange across the panels. 1989 Pontiac Firebird - ThirdGen.Org code L, data plate code BL or L). Included bar-graph tach, digital speedometer, and stalk-mounted cassette/radio, changes are much less drastic. By checking-off option code B4U and plopping down a check for almost $40k (base price for a Formula coupe was $16,205), you got one of the quickestBirds ever to fly. The T/A also received a new hood with forward facing intake louvers and engine heat extractor vents at the rear, front fender-mounted brake heat extractors, 157-inch or available 16-inch high tech aluminum wheels (with WS6 package), wearing Goodyear Eagle GT 245/50VR16 rubber and a new wrap-around rear spoiler. taillights. RS available in California, Texas, and Florida and with V-6 power only. more well-known. 1970-81 models all had 15" wheels as standard equipment. It included a double blue/orange striping around the base of the car, pinstriping in the same colors along the upper body, and an "Olympic" style decal on the sail panels. All V8's receive serpentine belt systems and A/C compressors move to V6 with a two-barrel Rochester carburetor and five-speed manual. Data plate code systems varied by assembly plant. Acadian was its own lineup from GM, with the Beaumont being a top of the line model, with its Delux, Custom and Sport Deluxs available in, 2dr 4 dr, converts and wagons SDs only in 2DR and converts. 1981 S.E. All TPI 350 The T/A now came standard with a cleaner version of the previously optional W62 aero ground effects package. The earlier Trans Am "Power Bulge" hood returns on the Formula only. Every car has an an automatic transmission, the 2004R. Trans Am convertibles had GTAs camel interior and gold cross-laced wheels standard, but there were no topless GTAs for 91 and 92. Mid-year, additional Coupe, Sport Coupe LT, Z28, and IROC-Z. 301 Turbo Starting in 1982 and running four seasons on NBC, Knight Rider told the weekly tale of ex-detective and new-age crime fighter, Michael Knight, and his assigned partner and steed, KITT, a black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. The Trans Am Channeling its inner Italiano, Pontiacs GTA (Grand Turismo Americano), was meant to be the ultimate grand-touring Trans Am. 1980 305 T-top new 16x8 aluminum rims, P245/50VR-16 Z Rated Goodyear Gatorback tires, fog lights, Front discs different leather boot. Recaro option no longer available, but Recaro seats were. Z28 convertible came only with P235/55R-16 tires for 1992. Many of these blocks were later-year castings, which were restamped with the applicable block casting number. Pontiac markets another pace car replica. 15 Hardtop & Cloth Interior (Base) The LG4 V-8 was Oldsmobile Engine Color; Cutlass Production Numbers; Mopar Decoding. The Firestone Cup was open to multiple makes, spurring-on the family rivalry between the F-bodies and pitting the Firebird against foreign competition such as the Porsche 944 and Nissan 300ZX. The 80s however, would present a new list of requirements for a fresh Bird, with a new take on an old theme. ??? Started back in 2000 gathering information about the Second Generation Pontiac Trans Am. Trans Am and Formula receive new fiberglass constructed flat wrap-around wing spoilers. Although slightly smaller, the pop-up halogen headlamps were improved. 1969 models have the code WS4 stamped on the body data plate located under the hood on the firewall (drivers side). L.E. built aluminum calipers and more reliable parking brake actuators. (high-output) L69 four-barrel 5.0L V8 making 190hp. The Sport Appearance Package side skirt flares were standard on T/A/GTA optional on Base/Formula. 14,866 Sport Coupe came standard with the LQ9 (LQ8 in Canada and Shift indicator changes for the Automatic Overdrive 700-R4. Choosing the top tier Trans Am, and why wouldnt you, netted a 5.0L 305-cid 4-barrel Chevy (corporate) V8 making 145hp/240lb-ft, mated to a 4-speed stick or optional MXI 3-speed automatic. 1981 301 T-top Join today and help support and build the best of all Pontiac Clubs in the world. GTA wheels slightly restyled. GMEFI:With the early 3rd-Gen F-body light on power, was increased handling prowess a priority during development? The limited edition cars featured full body Sport Coupe took on the appearance of the defunct regular Z28 except for: `CAMARO' and a 3 speed automatic. `Tuned Port Injection' (TPI) motors introduced. Predominantly a Pontiac guy, he had grown-up driving and experiencing many EFI cars from the 80s to the present. Very few Trans Am's, GTA's, and Formula's were produced this year as some buyers were waiting for the new 93. Pontiac model Firebird 2nd generation, offered with fastback coupe body shapes between the years 1970 and 1981. redesigned gauges that use an embossed graph patterned background, new door panels, new T handle shifter for All 1987 350 TPI ALso can any one estimate the production number on a 1967 convertible automatic convertible 400 engine (not Ram Air) with power windows, AM/FM radio, upgraded package?