On the opposite side, she is also the goddess of death and war. Do you mean domestic cats or other felines too? Celtic deities can belong to two categories: general deities and local deities. Cats in Norse mythology. The Poisonous adder of the British Isles has the same reputation. Accueil; Services; Ralisations; Annie Moussin; Mdias; 514-569-8476 Cybele, one of the most ancient Greek goddesses, rules over large cats like the lion and tiger. Moon Goddess Title used for Goddesses of the Moon, such as Luna, Selene, and Artemis. For most of the tribes, the coyote played the role of a trickster, that is, a rogue, a producer of chaos, someone who doesnt want to work hard, who repeats the same mistakes because he doesnt memorize them, capable of transforming and therefore assuming a human form. (This board was open from February 2007 through June 2011). Celebrities or pagan deities? Kenworth Replacement Seat Cushion, The Mesopotamia had its share of male cat gods, surprisingly enough. In the old Babylonian Empire, Nergal was a god of the sun who was also a lion. //-->,