Architect Smurf Italian However, their inherent magic comes together to revive her, and she is happily greeted by Clumsy and Hefty before the rest of the Smurfs realize her return. Papa Smurf judges Gutsy to be the winner when the contest ends, but with Suspicious Smurf wondering why Brainy didn't show up, Gutsy goes back into Smurfy Hollow to find him, only to be followed by Smurfette who discovers what he did. Her absence in the village would last until her returning appearance in a one-page gag featured in the "Smurf Soup" album as a regular character onwards. Les Schtroumpfs (2021) - VINTAGE! Papa Smurf Peyo 1979 & Smurfette 1981-Smurfs Stuffed Plush This will often take a turn for the worst, such as in "Wanna Bet? Tailor Smurf Smurflily Smurfette does her best to cheer Sassette up, and Sassette wants everything in Smurfette's life to go smoothly. Upon finding Brainy's secret patch of smurfberries within Smurfy Hollow, Gutsy scares Brainy away with a fake Headless Horseman and proceeds to collect the maximum number of smurfberries he could carry in a single bucket. 'The Smurfs' are back in a new animated series | CNN Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series, the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show series, or the 2021 Smurfs cartoon show series, and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of any of those media universes. Smurfette is often Papa Smurf's sidekick when fighting or competing with someone. Comic Books1961 Cartoon Show1981 Cartoon ShowMagic FluteLive-Action Movie SeriesSmurf GamesCartoon All-StarsSmurfs: The Lost Village2021 Cartoon Show One of those split up with me at the end of last year. Her origin in the movie is based on the cartoon show version of "The Smurfette" in her explanation to Grace Winslow. National Smurf As nothing develops from either of these moments, nor do they affect the series as a whole, it is safe to assume they have a father/daughter relationship otherwise. Snowman saves Smurfette from a fall in the mountains, but he won't let her return to Smurf Village! Jokey Smurf (who is Smurfette's attorney) reminds them that she has been able to seduce the Smurfs because of Papa Smurf, who made her attractive. love hate relationship oneshots including the smurfs & the . Also known as She takes this to mean that she is now feeling unwelcome in the village as a Smurf. Papa Smurf Shrek (Smut) by 001cancrackleme. "The Smurfette" (comic books)"The Astrosmurf" (1981 TV series) "Who Nose?" Though Grouchy Smurf or Papa Smurf are seen doing this most, she will also occasionally look after Baby Smurf. Crazy Smurf As observed on numerous occasions, Smurfette is clearly curious, brave, enterprising, and often will be the voice of reason in most situations; due to this, when put into a position of leadership, she thrives. However, he is unenthusiastic about Clumsy being one of the rescuers that will save the Smurfs from danger in "The Majestic 5" and orders him to go somewhere where he won't destroy anything in "Flying Ace". Outside of any romance, the two are very good friends and Smurfette would do anything to defend Clumsy from unfair treatment, like in the episode "Clumsy Luck" after Clumsy accidently damage Vanity's mirror for seven years of bad luck when Brainy begins to announce his punishment of seven years bad luck, but Smurfette stood up for Clumsy and claims that those superstitious nonsense are just accidents. This impulsive, distracted quality can also lead to chaos. Pushover Smurf Smurfina However, Smurfette is often annoyed with his talking, though the only thing Smurfette hates about Brainy more than his endless speaking and egoism is when all the other Smurfs are mean to him. I had a long term relationship with a hot crazy chick and the manic episodes where she was overly happy and affectionate and the crazy sex kept me in it for way longer than I should have been. Papa unintentionally sums up this behavior well in "All The News That's Fit To Smurf", where he doesn't want Reporter to hear of (and thus share) what he is about to tell only Grandpa, claiming "There is some news that's not fit to smurf. Clumsy Smurf), Handy Smurf Smurf Tales #3 - Peyo 2022-01-11 A very special collection of stories featuring all the Smurfs you love plus the Smurfs from The Lost Village movie! Schlumpfine She appears in the game as an unlockable character in step 59. Archeologist Smurf The Smurfs Teaser Trailer. Smurfette also gives Brainy a kiss on the cheek in "Essence Of Brainy". It's Christmas Eve and papa Smurf's been invited to your home tonight. Papa accepts Wild and includes him in various activities such as picnics. Gran Barrufet Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Clumsy Smurf attend "The Smurfs 2" New York Blue Carpet Screening at Lighthouse International Theater on July 28, 2013 in. Occupation Sweepy Smurf Category:Episodes where Clumsy Smurf doesn't appear. Then, Papa Smurf made her a "real Smurf" by changing her quite a bit. Liar Smurf Smurfette has also been seen to get along with female human characters, like Andria, Brenda, and Princess Savina among others. Now she has long, golden hair, a small nose, a dress with ruffles on the bottom, and looked very cute. Another difference is that Smurfette previously often had a bedroom eyes expression as if it's an integral part of her design, compared to her current interpretation typically using a standard expression like the male Smurfs. Pretentious Smurf Timid Smurf Most of these events were orchestrated, as she used a makeup compact kit that was in actuality a transponder. Spanish Grandpa Smurf serves as an adviser to Papa Smurf, having more knowledge of the world and wisdom than even him, while Nanny has a more matronly role towards the village leader. It also seems that Grandpa didn't tell any Smurf about Nanny Smurf's imprisonment in Castle Captor before she was rescued in "Lost Smurf". The Smurfs And The Book That Tells Everything (original French title: Les Schtroumpfs et le livre qui dit tout) is a Smurfs comic book story that was created and published by Studio Peyo in 2008.. In the original comic book of her origin story, Smurfette was created by Gargamel to have her to unintentionally cause the Smurfs to fight among themselves due to her attractive presence. However, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Grouchy, Vanity, Victor, and Patrick Winslow save her and defeat Gargamel. One Smurf that Papa Smurf is especially supportive of is Clumsy. As shown in "Smurf-Fu" and several other episodes, Smurfette hates when people try to step in or act over-protective when she's trying to defend herself, as she's a very independent person with strong opinions she enjoys expressing, such as claiming that nothing can scare her in "Who Nose?" However, in the latter episode, both of them complement each other's facial features and in Smurfs: The Lost Village, Smurfwillow is seen having an outing with Papa Smurf in the end credits after the two aged leaders recognizing the other as a kindred spirit. 2021 TV series He then follows them to Smurfy Grove and becomes enamored of Smurfwillow after being handily subdued by her, though he doesn't care for her addressing him as "Papa Thing.". Smurfette loves her friends, animals, and nature; she could tell you the name of every flower in the forest and several facts about each one. It can be assumed that she is good friends with Laconia; though Laconia did not have much screentime, she entrusted the planning and details of her entire wedding to Smurfette, and the two otherwise seem to have a very close relationship. In "The Jewel Smurfer", Papa Smurf still seem to harbor some degree of romantic feelings for Smurfette, as shown in the final panel of the said comic where he was about to present to Smurfette a bouquet of flowers while bearing a nervous look. In the Smurfs' Village game, she has owned a house which costs 30 smurfberries in the mainland. Chef Smurf Timber Smurf However, he does at times take issue with Lazy's slothfulness, Jokey's mischievous behavior (which is particularly shown in "The Round Up" where he forces Jokey to bring back Farmer's snails), Brainy's endless talking, and Clumsy's klutziness, among other things his little Smurfs do which try his patience. Finance Smurf Ironically, the depth of Papa's character and life experiences make him the most human of the Smurfs, next to Grandpa. $29.99 Before Papa Smurf changed Smurfette to a real Smurf, she had a very bad attitude, and was ignored by many of the Smurfs. She admitted having been working for Gargamel, but repented and pleaded that she didn't want to be evil, so Papa Smurf agreed to transform her into a real Smurf with the True Blue Spell from one of his spell books. He gives out quests for the player to complete. The human friend Papa is closest to is Homnibus, as he often visits the enchanter's home, usually to play a game of chess or checkers or deliver a magic-related item to him. Smurfette is shown to be a fast runner; in ". Unfortunately, she is then captured by Monty, Gargamel's pet vulture, and taken back to his lair, where he manages to obtain from her a hat dropped by the mystery Smurf. Weakling Smurf Due to his fatherly nature, Papa Smurf is always concerned about the Smurfs' welfare and harmony. cartooonsmut. Smurfette is a female smurf from The Smurfs. Fortunately, Brainy, Hefty, and Clumsy manage to free Smurfette, and learn, as does Gargamel, that a second Smurf village is located somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. moulinka He is somehow referred to as the ''Flute Smurf" when FA told him to begin, hence, he was seen playing a flute two times. adventures with, all the smurfs. Smurfette has at various points been the main love interest for many of the Smurfs, excluding the Smurflings, Grandpa and Nanny. Her special power is to bewitch the other Smurfs with her perfume. Papa Smerf (where he yells at all of the Smurfs for neglecting their chores), and "Manners Matter" (where he consistently gets mad at the Smurfs for having the wrong types of manners). until she sees Hefty, who had transformed into a giant nose. Does? - Cinemaphile Telling her he wants to give a gift to the Smurfs (knowing she clearly wants to be accepted by the others) he instructs Smurfette to tell all of the Smurfs she has a surprise for them by the Great Oak, and traps all of the Smurfs in a wooden box just before Smurfette arrives. If she could have one wish, it would be for more hours in the day, so that she could tackle everything that interests her! Papa Smurf appears as a fictional character come to life in the cartoon show crossover "Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue", and he is the first to notice that Corey's piggy bank is missing, so he calls his little Smurfs to assist him. Brainy's constant struggle with improvement and recklessness also poses a big issue, leading Papa to admit he'd briefly been considering getting a new apprentice in "The Gingerbread Smurfs": Their relationship becomes even more strained by the end of the 1981 series (most notably the ninth season), with Papa Smurf often openly expressing any frustration he feels toward Brainy instead of trying to approach it with a patient or gentle attitude. Smurfette | The Smurfs Meet Wiki | Fandom Cousin Smurfs They are often seen together, teaming up regularly in episodes such as "Mind The Cat" and were also partners in the Pumpkin Race in "Smurf Racers". Smurfette has a good relationship with Blossom, who she met in Smurfs: The Lost Village. Papa is wise, brave, and is able change approaches and find a solution to every situation, even as the Smurfs are continually challenging and testing the rules. Category:Episodes where Brainy Smurf doesn't appear. Due to odd events, he appears to be one of the only Smurfs to have somewhat figured out that Baby has magical powers. Category:Episodes focusing on Wooly Smurf. He tries to get rid of the gift with little success and refuses to tell them how he really feels about it in a very passive-aggressive fashion. In the 2021 TV series episode "Clumsy Not Clumsy", Clumsy (whose name has been changed to Graceful from the magic amulet Gargamel gave him) and Smurfette dance and Smurfette is impressed with his dancing moves. In turn, the Smurfs run directly to him whenever theres a crisis, major or minor. Finnish In the 2011 Smurfs movie, Papa Smurf is one of the few Smurfs that traveled through time to modern-day New York City. Sloppy Smurf Smurfdew He considers Clumsy's sensitivity and recognizes that his clumsiness is not (naturally) controllable, rarely getting angry at him for such accidents. Smurfpetal Uh oh! The most noticeable seems to be her relationship of being the main love interest for many of the Smurfs (excluding the Smurflings, Grandpa, and Nanny), a majority of the males had noticeable feelings for her and attempted to court her from time to time. Originally, Smurfette was crafted by Gargamel as a plan to destroy the Smurfs just by being a girl. Smurfette (Empath stories) | Smurfs Fanon Wiki | Fandom Prehistoric Smurfs Smurfs Magic Match - Apps on Google Play Papa has a mutually respectful relationship with her, viewing her in a mother/sister sort of way. On the other hand, it could simply be an error on the part of the character model developers, as Smurfette in most of her cartoon appearances has her tail hidden behind her long blond hair. This is likely the closest episode to the two leaders starting a relationship. In "La Schtroumpfette est un Schtroumpf comme les autres", she finally grew tired of this romantic infatuation and expressed this problem to the Smurfs that it was objectifying and sexist towards her and requested that the male Smurfs should equally respect her and prove herself useful among the male Smurfs by helping to do several chores for them. Voice actor 2021 TV Series Another aspect demonstrated within this interpretation of Smurfette is that she is capable of leading a group of Smurfs to protest against changes and the flawed systems in the Smurf Village as demonstrated in "The Smurfs And The Purple Beans" and "The Smurfs' Swimming Pool". Alignment This also goes for a scene in the special "Smurfily Ever After", where it's implied Smurfette considers Papa as an option for marriage, before she dismisses the idea with a "nah" and leaves his home. Dopey Smurf She is one of the main characters in The Smurfs, the main protagonist of The Smurfs 2 and Smurfs: The Lost Village, and a supporting character in Smurfs: The Hidden World. Smurfette visits The Empire State Building to celebrate the "Small Smurfs Big Goals" campaign and the International Day Of Happiness at The Empire. The New Smurfs Movie Finally Solves the Smurfette Problem He keeps the other Smurfs in line, solving their arguments, reprimanding them when necessary. Another example of this is the episode, "Dreamy's Pen Pals", which reveals Papa had been keeping Dreamy's belief in 'Planet Swoof' (the fictional planet Papa "created" to deceive him in "The Astrosmurf") alive through replying to his constant letters as the Swoofs. [1] She was the only female Smurf until the creation of Sassette. The Problem With Smurfette - The Atlantic VINTAGE! Hefty is also one of the Smurfs whom she has given the most affection to. In "Ogre Love", he threatens Bigmouth by saying he'll turn him into a newt if he does not put Smurfette (who is being held hostage in his hand) down. Papa Smurf appears in The Smurfs 2 as a main character, this time leading a team of Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity on a journey to modern-day Paris to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel, who has kidnapped her for the purpose of revealing the spell to turn his proto creations like the Naughties into Smurfs. He released Smurfette into the forest, where she was found by a Smurf and taken to the village. Live-Action films New adventures everyday with Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Brainy, Smurfette and all. When she returned, she was introduced as the Smurfette everyone knows; sporting blonde hair, heels, and a frilly dress - causing the Smurfs to fall in love with her as they try to seduce her through different means, though Papa Smurf did not realize that he was making Gargamel's plans successful on making the Smurfs' lives miserable. Smurfette herself is close and trusting of Willow, as shown in Smurfs: The Lost Village, where she gives her and her friends hospitality, and in "Papa Smurf Leaves The Nest", Smurfette recommends to Brainy that Willow can help Papa Smurf, who they were then-unaware of the swap between himself and a sparrow. | Toys & Hobbies, Action Figures & Accessories, Action Figures | eBay! Papa Smurf is the leader of the village. This version of Smurfette takes the role and personality traits of Dabbler, seeking a purpose in life and trying her hand at everything but never sticking with anything for very long. He released Smurfette into the forest, where she was found by Hefty Smurf and taken to the village. Prior to this, during the Blue Moon Festival, Papa Smurf had seen in a vision Clumsy Smurf seemingly failing to catch a dragon wand and all his little Smurfs captured in cages by Gargamel. Papa Smurf notably struggles with the issue of fatherhood as Smurfette is torn between Gargamel being her father-creator and himself being her adopted father -- a struggle that Patrick Winslow is dealing with in regard to his stepfather Victor Doyle taking over as the father in Patrick's life. He is referred to as "The Great Smurf" in some non-English translations of the Smurf comic books. A despondent Smurfette is left with no idea of what to do, until Snappy helps her see how she can stop Gargamel. In "Smurfy Magic Duel", Lily and Smurfette do not share Papa Smurf and Willow's arguing in their duel and simply are in it for the fun. Dabbler Smurf Tuffy Smurf However, the mystery Smurf from before and a group of its fellows trap the group, and then reveal themselves to be Smurf Girls, female Smurfs not created by Gargamel. Papa smurf /SOFT TOY. Hundredth Smurf Smurf Forest Gammelsmlf Gender She is able to defend herself such as using pepper hidden inside her compact to blind Gargamel and is willing to take on risky, adventurous tasks such as planning on rescuing Papa Smurf from Gargamel -- though the noticeable differences is that she neither had the ability to physically defend herself and was not as proactive of showing capability on risky tasks yet. Naruto is a ninja-in-training whose wild antics amuse his teammates. In a one-page comic book gag, Papa Smurf had dressed like one of the average Smurfs while the others dressed like Papa Smurf, which seems to suggest that in comic book and cartoon show interpretations of the character, Papa Smurf would be indistinguishable from the other Smurfs without his beard. Smurfette Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images He is often seen carrying Baby around, reading to him, and occasionally acting silly to entertain the infant (usually when Smurfs like Brainy aren't watching). German Nosey Smurf Camper Smurf By the end, he happily no longer wears it, as it was turned into a trophy in honor of playing the main role in rescuing a group of Smurfs (who ironically got captured trying to retrieve his "stolen" hat in the forest) from Gargamel. Another instance may include her debut appearance, where she forces Poet to open the dam so she can see the water flowing without realizing that it would flood the village and getting distracted in talking to Vanity when cooking soup for the Smurfs. After leaving the village, Gargamel takes Vexy, one of his Naughties, and sends her through the portal to grab Smurfette and bring her into the present. Smurfette is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Clumsy Smurf) of The Smurfs franchise. He also understands other people's or Smurf's feelings. Nevertheless, he learned a valuable lesson that a person is only as old as they think they are, and the best way to stay young is to appreciate and enjoy what one has in their lives. Reveler Smurf In "Smurfette Overdoes It! Smurfs: The Lost Village Hefty is currently the only Smurf with a romantic interest for Smurfette. Her hut is available in mountain, Planet Swoof, the island region with 35, 30 and 30 smurfberries respectively. When Smurfette reveals herself to the others, Lily accepts her quickly and teaches her how to do archery. An example of this is the episode "The Magic Pumpkin", where he goes along with Wimpy attempting to scare him, but later, he tells Smurfette that she should tell him that the magic scary pumpkin that he is using is not real. Smurfette is smart, capable, and energetic. She appears in the game as one of the twelve characters you play. However, at the end of the episode, she apologizes and Smurfette doesn't have any hate for her. At this point, the pressure and guilt got to her, and she began to have second thoughts. When they are being at all romantic, it is Smurfette that kisses him and half the time, he replies with it being the second most smurfiest thing ever (the most smurfiest thing is a kiss from himself, which Smurfette misunderstands and gets upset because he didn't kiss her), the other half he does act like he could be blushing (although they did kiss in "The Adventures Of Robin Smurf"). Pitufina Papa Smurf debuted in 1958 and is a gentle, humble, and knowledgeable village elder. During her stay in the modern-day world, she befriends Patrick Winslow's wife Grace and finds herself enamored by the various types of doll-sized dresses she could wear when she helps the other Smurfs find a "stargazer" in the FAO Schwarz toy store. The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (comic book)"The Astrosmurf" (1981 TV series)"Who Nose?"