I've recently got the Service transmission shut engine off to engage park message in EVIC. Shut off car awaiting my instructions. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. The failure mileage was 23,915. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. I drove the car to the dealer, they called it in and after a few hours they told me that they have ordered a new transmission and just waiting for it to arrive, they will call me so I can bring back the car to the dealer. I was backing into my spot today when the dashboard flashed "Service Transmission Shut Off Engine to Engage Park ". Now they called me stating that the radio has some type of noise coming from it and it has to do something with a software update and that they have to replace the subwoofer because it blown. Highly don't recommend it. The last time it happened was on April 2, 2020. After picking up the Jeep I could not get it into electric mode, called the dealership who requested it back to pull codes. I had to quick steer off to the side of the road because cars were coming at me and my car would not get up and go. Your code scanner may not be able to read trans/ body and ABS codes. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow. Those injuries include pelvic fractures, broken kneecaps, a ruptured bladder, busted ribs, sprained knees, trauma to the legs, lacerations to the face and various other injuries.. I have taken it to the dealership multiple times but they have done nothing to fix the issue. Please advise me as to where and what I should do next. Last occurrence this was the problem sequence. But now I have to have it towed to the dealership I purchased from which is 45min away. The check engine light came on in January of 2017 and Chrysler has many reports and a silent recall. Check Engine light will be on from the start and when shifted into drive/reverse I get a message, "Service Trans Press Brake When Stopped Key Off Engine to Engage Park" along with that wonderful idiot chime. Thanks for your consideration. light goes out. Cookie Notice I was driving on a very busy highway in Phoenix, Az in the far left lane, when without warning my car went into neutral. Service Transmission Unable to Park - RAM FORUM I went back to the car. Once on a bridge returning from the dealer after having it fixed the fourth time, it went into neutral and when I put it into park, it would not restart, would not turn off. Stopped mid-drive and mid-road. 2022, CarProblemZoo.com All rights reserved. Put in reverse and received :Service Transmission, Stop Safely Shut Off engine to Engage Park. It wouldn't spin the tires either. They are aware I have engaged a Lemon Law Lawyer, so I fell they are really trying to solve these issues. I know there must be others out there that are thinking this way as well, and that we can come together to get this taken care of. We saved our money to purchase a brand new vehicle so I wouldn't have to worry about things like this happening. Once it did start and put into reverse or drive the vehicle would not move. I was driving down the freeway, came upon traffic which caused me to come to a stop. 10 minutes later it started. I pulled my Jeep into my driveway. This vehicle is not safe to drive at all. 4xe went from full speed (45) immediately down 5mph to 0 mph a minute leaving us at the entrance of a local street (no shoulders). Thanks so much. I was able to pull off at a safe place before I stopped. "CarComplaints.com" , "Autobeef", "What's Wrong With YOUR Car?" Its been in the shop for a week now. 4 times I have started my 2021 Jeep 4xe and the engine light came on and wouldnt shift out of park. So, if you are stopped with your foot on the brake and turn . Girlfriend was driving this P.O.S on her way to work in the morning. The inside dash lights would also turn off making for a very unsafe situation. A few months ago my car started stalling while I was going down the highway (75-80mph), I was able to coast and pull over but could not shift into park. They wouldnt be putting in a new instrument panel for a stop/ start button . It is a serious safety concern. Loss of power steering at that speed to a less experienced driver than myself, such as one of my children could have proven catastrophic. Jeep Garage is where you can talk about all your favorite jeeps including the Cherokee, Liberty and Grand Cherokee. Front vehicle photos 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. We don't sell/share your email. Once green I realized I had very little power. " Could not replicate customers issues". For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. This is likely a $400 job at least (not including the part) if I bring it to an indie. I drove it home and the very next morning it did the same thing, wouldn't start and warning messages popping up just like before. We were able to drive back home and we thought maybe it was the loose gas cap issue. "Totally Integrated Power Module". Cars had to swerve around the vehicle as it rapidly lost speed. Major safety concern for a car to just shut down for no reason while driving down the street. Also vehicle would not start and all hell broke loose when going to start the motor, the starter did not crank, the start button would not return to Off position, fuel pump noise with out the motor running, horn blaring, wipers working extremely slow and they are in the Off positions. The 2015 model year is the first year of the Chrysler 200's 2nd generation. Basically when I sit at idle with the car running and in park for 10 - 15 minutes, I will get a message saying that I am not in park, the P on the dash and the rotory shifter blinks and to says to service the transmission. I am concern this will happen again and maybe next time I won't be so luck to be stranded in the middle of the road on a slow christmas morning. They are replacing a valve body (not sure what that means exactly). Warning messages seen while it was acting strange. As I was talking with roadside assistance I kept trying to put the car into Park and/or engage the parking brake. Warning lights going off complaining about the transmission, shift it into park, AWD. I do not feel safe, or that this car is reliable. I coasted until it completely stopped in the middle of a busy road. There are so many Chrysler vehicles with TIPM failures, Chrysler will not initiate a recall because they do not have reliable TIPM's for the millions of vehicles that will be on the recall list. I think thats because some owners have had their TIPM's replaced and the issues continue to take place. My car is in the shop for the 4th time. After 30 minutes of trying to get the car to start I called the dealership and they told me to call roadside assistance, so I did. Last Wednesday they called me and told me my car was ready to be picked up. Called the dealer they do not recognize the recall. Im having te same problem with my WK2 14. I have a 2013 Chrysler 300 and after driving around the Cars will stop in the middle of the road when this happens. However, took the car to dealership today and no replacement cars were available. There is no warning before the vehicle does it, and I have broken down in intersections, highways, and other dangerous locations. The day after I got it back I had the same problem. Was driving yesterday when it felt like I got rear ended between shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. I have a 2014 Charger. Since this car is still under warranty, I wonder if they can trace the issue properly as when I bought the car for service due to that recall. I have a 2012 Charger with a push-button ignition. When I put it back in drive the car wouldn't move. Picked up the van on 4/30 and the vehicle stalled again and exhibited the same error codes while not even a quarter mile from leaving the dealership. Electric panel fried. I put the car in park with my foot on the brake. Very scary to be towed on a narrow bridge. That's awesome! Despite the article from May 2019 pertaining to this same exact issue, they said I didn't have a recall on my car. Once the car was restarted the transmission would not shift out of Park. 1. vehicle not in park, service trans stope safely shut off engine to engage park, service electronic stability control, park . I have spoke to Chrysler and requested a reimbursement for my car payment since I am paying five hundred dollars a month on a car that I can't even drive. Got an odd "Service Transmisson message" | Charger Forums Let me know. As I approached a stop sign while braking, the Jeep seized up, shut off, and gave the electronic stability control warning. The vehicle would shut off and then turn back on while on the interstate whenever speed was reduced. They weren't even going to give me a rental until I became a huge pain in the butt right inside their showroom. All they do is call the shop to find out the status and call me to update me. Was told due to software update per recall instructions, caused a hybrid module to fail, I was the part was in back order with out a shipping date. I purchased this vehicle new and over the past 12 months, the back-up camera and stereo has stopped working four times. The dealer explained that even though the car has been recalled all that means is that they keep trying to fix it again and again and arbitration takes 2-3 years. When I stepped on the gas, the car started to go and then all of a sudden seemed to slip in to neutral and stopped accelerating. Vehicle is in for repair again. Anything that engages/ disengages has ability to wear and fail . "Service Transmission Shut off Engine to engage park" 2015 Charger R/T Click to expand. Need any w163 partsSee link to photos of parts below and PM me with an offer and it is yours! Dealer was unable to isolate and repair the problem the first time. The car simply shut down, no warning, driving about 60 on an interstate. I was driving my 21 4xe on e-save mode with a quarter tank of gas left and about quarter of my battery life left when it suddenly powered down while driving. Front vehicle photos 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data.