All four species of trout are present in the stream. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. 7. DIY Guide to Fly Fishing Kings Canyon National Park In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. Fishing spots and baits to use at Middle Saint Vrain Creek? . Keep your eyes out for adult midges flying around, if you see these little bugs emerge, a . The upper stretches are small and brushy. Evolution of a Mountain Man: Ceran St. Vrain - HistoryNet We not only will help you with selections, you will learn why, after trying Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands of our customers will use nothing else.1-800-594-4726Remember the elevation of the St. Vrain Creek changes drastically from the headwaters of its three branches to the foothills. This was the first trip where Id put these ideas into practice. We also have custom Perfect Fly selections in 3 different price ranges for this stream that come with or without fly boxes. We didnt receive any reports from anyone last week. Productive Flies: Zebra Midges #18-24, RS2 #18-22 Copper John #14-18 Flashback PT #14-20 Jigged Micro-may #16-20 Lite Brite Perdigon #16-20 Iron Sally #12-16 BWO #16-22 Parachute Adams #14-22 Elk Hair Caddis #16-20 Smoke Jumpers #18-22 Little Black Stones #14-18. Midges,little BWOs, winter and little brownstoneflies are hatching.03/19/21 The stream is low and cold.There is a lot of slush ice in the middleand upper sections. 8/25/21 Stream levels remain unchanged and below normal. A good place for solitude nearby with little pressure. The St. Vrain is a beautifyl creek that holds browns and rainbows in its lower reaches. Here are the recommended patterns listed by order of importance: Ventures Fly Co. offers a great selection of dry flies, nymphs and streamers that will catch fish just about anywhere. South Platte River Float Trip with Addictive Angling Colorado, Addictive Angling Colorado Guide Trips take place on the South Platte River. St. Vrain State Park (Barbour Ponds) | Colorado Fishing & Angling - SNOFLO I do best here in the late evening after Ive had a few beers at the local oskar blues restaraunt and pub! The N. Fork in Allenspark is only fishable from May-September due to freezing conditions. Our annual Kids Learn to Fly Fish program is designed to teach youth ages 8-13 about important aspects of fly fishing including conservation, entomology, fly tying, knots, casting and fishing. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Big Thompson in CO! Im just a visitor who shows up now and then and asks whether hell go fishing with me and he always comes up with a good spot. The Fishing in the town of Lyons can be fantastic. Walleye and saugeyes have been landed during this aggressive post-spawn feeding. There are good hatches taking place and we continue to get good reports from customers. 17864-18860 North Saint Vrain Drive, Lyons, Boulder County, Colorado, United States 80540. Reprinted from LyonsFirst Guide Book originally published by the Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce. 01/22/22 We still didnt receive any reports from anyone this past week. Front Range Creeks - Bear & Clear Creek, St. Vrain & The Big Thompson It wasnt the kind of day where you catch one fish after another. Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Fishing - Colorado Parks and Wildlife Seasons: Best during spring, summer, and fall. 28324 S Saint Vrain Dr, Lyons, CO 80540 is a other listed closed at $430,000. Midges and littleBWOs, and winter stonefies are hatching.12/28/20 We received one good reportthis past week. From its headwaters through Lyons, it is a very viable trout fishery, although the trout densities are not as high as in some other rivers there are still plenty of fish. All types of baits and lures work well. These are very large caddisflies.Hydropsychespecies hatch throughout the summer. St. Vrain River Report . River Reports - Angles Sports - Ski, Board, and Fly Shop As the South Platte flows east, it pours into a series of Reservoirs. See current fishing conditions, free Colorado hatch chart and blog with our best fishing tips from local guides. 11/18/22 The stream is flowing at a good level and clear. Mahogany duns have started to hatch good. The nippers were still missing after Id sorted everything else out, so I rummaged through my stuff for a spare pair and stuck them in my pocket. 01/06/22 We still didnt get any reports from anyone this past week. . There are multiplehatches taking place.07/05/20 Conditions are very good,especially in the headwaters. Fishing reports, best baits and forecast for fishing in Middle Saint No problem, take all the time you want, he responded. This is a river where you never know what youll get as you fish. We didnt receive any reports from anyone this past week. Flows can get low on this area and the fish count is lower than desired but still a fun place to hike and fish when you get the time. We didnt receive any reports from anyone fishing it this past week. The trout are far less than selective. DWR Station information and time series measurements of surface water, groundwater, environmental and climate data. There is a fee for parking of $5 per car to enter, but you can stay all day. The trout dont tend to be of the river monster variety in this region, but they definitely have all the fight and wily cunning of their wild river cousins. Theres plenty of vegetation along the banks just waiting to snag your fly if you dont pay attention. Subscribe to the love, Lyons newsletter for the latest on upcoming events, special local promotions, and more. All Rights Reserved. Take Highway 72 and look for the turnoffs and campground parking. Bugs: The St. Vrain has many caddis flies, also mayflies, midges and stoneflies. We received another good report from a customer fishing this past week. The two branches join at Lyons, at the mouth of the canyon. Nymphs in brown and olive from size 10 to 18 are useful, and should include pheasant tail, prince nymph and copper john. 07/20/22 The stream is still a little low but okay. The kind of places where you expect to find trout. The stream has a large population of Sculpin, so imitations of them are always choice streamers.As always, we recommend our Perfect Fly trout flies. By Louis Cahill "IF YOU CLIMB INTO THE CAB OF THAT PICKUP WITH JOHN YOU'LL FIND THAT WHERE YOU WIND UP CAN, ONLY IN THE MOST EXISTENTIAL TERMS, BE CALLED A FISHING TRIP." It's about seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. Please contact the park for the most up-to-date conditions by calling 303-678-9402. . You can expect to find most anglers here drift fishing, still fishing, spin casting, fly fishing, and trolling. Winter stoneflies and midges are hatching. 05/28/22 The stream is still in good shape with good hatches taking place. There are very good hatches and our terrestrials are working. Fly Fishing the St. Vrain The creek is full of opportunistic fish that are eager to take a dry fly, so take advantage of the great caddis, blue wing olive and terrestrial fishing. 07/06/21 The stream level is up a good bit above normal but clear. Further downstream, the main branch of the St. Vrain flows through Button Rock Nature Preserve. The most accessible section of the St. Vrain is easily the South St. Vrain Creek, as it is accessible here via the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. . John tried to apologize for the lack of trout, but I cut him off. 05/09/21 The stream is in okay shape except the water is a little low and trout are being caught in good numbers. You are using an outdated browser. A big plus is that the small cutthroat and brook trout that do survive there are very aggressive and fairly easy to catch. How do I put it? I also had to shorten the distance between my dry fly and dropper because the dropper was snagging bottom too often. 09/21/21 The water is still low but okay. back to all Saint Vrain River - Lyons, Colorado Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting, and River boarding on the St. Vrain River Tire Tubes - $15.95 Whitewater kayak rentals Paddle and Rowing raft rentals Kayak and Stand up Paddle Board Rentals Paddle and Rowing raft rentals Inflatable Kayak rentals Previous Next Access There are several places to Saint Vrain River - Lyons, Colorado Read More THE CCC IN BENNETT SPRING STATE PARK- March 18-2:15 -3:15 pm. As the river drops in elevation, there are fewer cutts, and more brook and brown trout. 03/28/22 The water is a little warmer so you might give it a try. Midges and BWOs arehatching. Watercraft Kayaks iSUPs Sunglasses Rentals. See the current weather reports for the next 5-6 days listed below for the nearest city. Below Deckers, the river continues into Strontia Springs Reservoir before it once again flows through yet another beautiful canyon and finds itself flowing into Chatfield Reservoir on the South West Corner of the Denver Metro Area. Emailus at ( with the dates you will be fishing and we will send you a list of our fly recommendations. The North fork is also accessible from off hwy 36 as you get out of lyons in a few places, though it is limited. DATE: 2/4/2023 12:30 pm. It took the Flash Midge. Good hatches continue to take place. The lower you get in elevation, the more the browns take over, eventually joined by rainbows. The stretch of river that flows through the town of Lyons can be fished year round. Good hatches are takingplace. Big Thompson | CO Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions | Orvis Please see the bottom of this column for ordering options. Ceran Saint Vrain Trailhead I rigged up with a size #14 Elk Hair Caddis with a green Flash Midge for a trailer. Lake Pueblo Colorado fishing report covers seasonal patterns and fish migrations for walleye, bass, wiper, catfish, carp, and crappie. Use the trainhead at Wild Basin to take you into the high country of the Rocky Mountain National Park. He fishes the entire St. Vrain River drainage better than anyone I know. If you havent already done so, please give them an opportunity to prove their effectiveness to you. Rocky Mountain National Park Fishing Report | Blog / Happenings 07/27/22 We received one good report from a customer fishing in the park this past week. It's mid-September and the chilly Colorado air has coaxed a fair number of lookie-lous, headed up from Denver and Boulder to catch some fall color, into the Stone Cup Cafe on . . Access is much easier here, and cutthroats love the pools that dot the creek here and there. I hooked up a chunky eight-inch brown trout on my second cast. just minutes into the hike, the trail crosses Sandbeach Creek and then follows the North St. Vrain closely for about 1.4 miles. Report this listing. 04/04/22 The stream is flowing a little below normal level but in good shape. The riffles and runs usually produce the most fish. Look for the Brainard Lake Recreation Area - there is a $5 per car charge to enter. South St. Vrain Creek has its headwaters also in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. 05/14/22 Conditions remain pretty good. They are the most realistic and most effective trout flies you can purchase. Good hatches and goodreports are coming in from customers.09/07/20 The river is still flowing at a lowlevel. We recommend fishing the South Platte until it warms a little. Deckers; Dream Stream; 11 Mile Canyon; Cheesman . As the stream drops in elevation, depending on snow pack and other weather related issues, the fishing areas are more accessible. Fishing has been spotty depending on the section river, In Longmont the fishing has been better closer to the interstate. Blue gill will begin to pick up. Nymphs consisted of: Frenchie, JuJu Baetis, Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge, Perdigon and Electric Caddis (14-18 hook size). In the shadow of spectacular Long's Peak, St. Vrain State Park is a quiet retreat located between Denver and Fort Collins off I-25. Stick to afternoon fishing for best results too, as the midday sun tends to draw the fish out to feed more readily. We include headwater and confluence data and in an effort to not "hotspot" river access points that are better than others, we list every access point available. 12/05/21 We didnt receive any reports this past week but conditions remain good. . I eventually called out to John that I was sorry for the delay. We received one good report from a customer fishing this past week. View an area map here. Your order qualifies for free shipping, Angles Sports - Ski, Board, and Fly Shop 2023. Colorado Fishing Report MLS #2666519 Even further downstream, the creek eventually reaches the town of Lyons. The levels are a little above a normal level for a change. You should be ableto catch trout. We are still getting good reports from customers thanks to the good hatches taking place. Lyons, Colorado Fishing Guides - Angler Guide The stream is in good shape and fish are being caught. From Spinney Reservoir the South Platte flows for 5 1/2 miles before it meets Elevenmile Reservoir. 06/01/21 The creek is still too high to fish due to runoff. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. 07/22/21 The stream levels are just a little above normal level and the creek in good shape. Please be a good steward of our precious resources. St. Vrain. It may sound like Id just dreamed all this simplified fly fishing stuff up, but thats not true. This stream is very cold with lots of slush ice. Starting with Antero Reservoir and flowing into Spinney Reservoir, the Upper South Platte River located in South Park, Colorado, provides anglers with ample opportunities to catch Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Snake River Cutthroats. In the upper reaches, each branch of the stream has cutthroat trout. Our fly assortments make fly selection easy. There are goodhatches that vary with the section andelevation.07/31/20 The upper headwaters areturning out good numbers of trout butthey can be caught in all sections. In order to minimize stress on the fish, it is better to fish in the mornings or evenings." Fish the upper sections of the stream. A little north and west of Boulder, the three sections of St. Vrain Creek are rife with rainbows, browns, and cutthroats. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. South St. Vrain creek runs closer to the lake country near Brainard, and has the best public access to the St. Vrain out of all three branches of the creek. This section can be fished but is generally best to past over for better water. 11/17/21 The stream is just a little below normal level. Midges and Skwala stoneflies are hatching. This area is fun but requires a pass for RMNP. Fish the lower sections. There are good hatches taking place and you should be able to catch good numbers of trout. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same. St. Vrain Creek - Front Range Anglers | Fly Fishing This is an ideal time of year to fish the St. Vrain River. A "For Sale" sign is posted in front of Nancy Arp's flood-ruined home . 8/19/21 The levels fell overnight and are considerably below normal. Come Fly Fish Rocky Mountain National Park! Downstream of Cheesman Canyon is one of the most popular stretches of the South Platte River. After the South Platte leaves Chatfield it continues is journey North East until it eventually meets up with the North Platte River. . Current River Flow Updates Historical River Flow River Information The St. Vrain is created from runoff that begins in the high altitude peaks of Wild Basin. They can be very plentiful in certain areas.Several species of Green Sedges, or Green Caddisflies whichever you prefer, are present. They make excellent gifts. The St. Vrain is an excellent river that is close and will allow you to catch some small fish that are in some of the more beautiful locations in the front range. They are the most plentiful of all the caddisflies on the stream. Fishing Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Rocky Mountain National Park - CO Reported by: Sunrise Anglers Fishing Outlook & Conditions Water Temp: 36 Sunrise Anglers's Tip of the Week Shut down is eminent,,, winter is here Icing Up,,, All but a few open holes left Trail Ridge Road is closed Directions open in app Water Flow Data As the water moves downstream youll begin to see browns and rainbows take dominance. 09/09/21 The stream continues to run below normal, but thunderstorms forecast Saturday through Tuesday could improve things. but it can also be stressful. 36 west of town are popular access areas. Dry Flies- Adams Dry Fly- Elk Hair Caddis - Blue Wing Olive - Royal Wulff - Griffith's Gnat White - Stimulator, Organge - Chernobyl Ant Nymphs/Wet Flies- Rubber Leg Nymph, Brown- BH Pheasant Tail Nymph - BH Prince Nymph - BH Hare's Ear Nymph - Barr's Emerger Nymph - Zebra Midge Nymph, Black Streamers- Wooly Bugger, Black (Size #8x2)- Wooly Bugger, Olive (Size #8x2). A good selection of flies will prepare you properly for anything the trout may be eating on the river and our fly assortments are specifically curated to maximize your success. It has areas of tight cover and thick stream-side vegetation. St. Vrain State Park. There was a huge gas spill on the St. Vrain River a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that Highway 7 is still closed south of Lyons. That probably only makes sense to a die hard small stream angler but when compared to other streams called small streams, it ranks right up at the top of the list. The fly fishing is great and so is the scenery! Rocky Mountain Anglers Fishing Conditions: Water was Gin clear, starting temp was 59 and we hit 66 at the end of the trip. Information on fishing guides and lodging in Colorado. Fly Fishing On The St. Vrain Creek, Colorado. Our customers in the park are still catching fish and several of our patterns are working. The North fork is partially in Rocky Mountain National Park and accessible in the Wild Basin area. 08/13/21 The stream is low again and you have to use caution to stay hidden from the trout. Only a one star day. We should start getting good reports very soon. We received two good reports from customers recently. The next most important mayflies are the PMDs or Pale Morning Duns which hatch from about the last week of June through August. Meanwhile, my stuff was scattered all over the tailgate of his truck, which wed parked along the Middle Fork of the St. Vrain River. CO Fishing License Information can be found here. 04/20/22 Stream levels are still well below normal levels. Fly Fishing the South Fork Kings River Accessible from Highway 180 out of Fresno, take the Trimmer Springs road all the way to Piedra, which lies below the Pine Flat Reservoir. It includes theRhyacophila acropedes. 2022 Colorado Fishing. These are bi-brooded insects and hatch again about the middle of September through October. Rocky Mountain National Park offers state campgrounds for those who enjoy outdoor living, and there are numerous hunting and fishing cabins in the area for rent, too. This is an ideal time of year to fish the St. Vrain River. The portion of the Middle through the South St. Vrain Canyon are mostly public, with many pullouts along the road. Big Thompson River Fly Fishing Information Liarflies. The Rundown, River: The St. Vrain River has three forks the North, Middle and South. 03/03/22 We recommend fishing a tailwater. You can access this area off of Hwy72 at Ward. It is rare to blank.