L $2.45-$4.50, D $3.75-$8.95. Full bar service. Samurai Sushiko 2309 Wisconsin Ave., NW. Parking lot. Parking in rear. AE, MC, V. Reservations accepted for five or more. parking lot nearby. Valet parking for dinner only. Restaurants listed but not reviewed requested inclusion. Open daily. 466-4040. L $3-$5, D $4.95-$10.50. Even Joe and Mo's famed potato pancakes have grown overweight and soggy. With costs of everything rising more rapidly than menus can be reprinted, the profit margin is narrowing. Goldon Booeymonger 1701 20th St. NW. Its pre- and post- theater dinners are a remarkable bargain. D'Angelos 13685 Connecticut Ave., Wheaton. Geppetto 2917 M St. NW. On the plate, the food is pretty and fresh, and the diversity caters to those hungering after a full traditional meal or just a sandwich. China Garden 1901 N. Moore St., Rosslyn. AE, CB, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Service is efficient and generally smooth, and the high-ceilinged room with its tall, plush ruby banquettes and dazzling view of the city is a glorious backdrop to the food. Reservations accepted. Parking in rear. Beer and wine only. L $3.95-$5.50, D $5.25-$9.95. Full bar service. L $4.25, $6.50, D $4.95-$7.95. L $2.45-$3.95, D $3.45-$8.95. L $4.25-$7.95, D$6.95-$10.95. New York City. It takes a commitment to fresh, seasonal, peak-perfect foods such as the summer's rockfish and branches of rosemary, and a commitment to cooking them so as to heighten their qualities, perhaps baking them in parchment to seal in juices and mingle flavors. Valent parking for dinner. Closed Sat, Sun. Appetizers can be superb, particularly the snails and the carpaccio, or even the daily mixed hor d'oeuvre. Dishes ranging from Spanish to Ecuadorean are served in these charming little close-knit restaurants, with varying success. Flight Table 10108 Greenbelt Rd., Lanham. Full bar service. Parking lot. Don't expect anything fancy, just lots of straightforward food in a heavy fog of garlic, lemon and oregano to remind you of the Mediterranean. washington, dc restaurants in the 1980s - stmf.ro Piccadilly 5510 Connecticut Ave. NW. Nothing -- no corner, no hors d'oeuvre -- is left less than inventions is a trendy collection of cold pastas and herbed seafood salads, grills and sautees with unexpected touches -- sauteed snails on the chicken, lamb chops served with aioli, bearnaise flavored with leeks. 223-3794. 265-2540. But it is a restaurant where they smile a lot while they blunder. Reservations accepted. Running a great restaurant is no secret. Blue Nile 1701 16th St. NW. Fish filets are moist and, thankfully, unadorned. L daily ex Sat, D daily. All this has been to the accompaniment of service so inept that customers have been known to serve one another. AE, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Parking across the street. The variety of house wines and beers complement the menu, and desserts, especially the chocolate walnut cake, are worth the splurge. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. That flounder stuffed with creamy, slightly piquant lump crabmeat is nothing short of ideal, however, as is the Crisfield Special -- just the crabmeat mixture, and lots of it. La Ruche of White Flint White Flint Mall (third floor), Rockville. The old faithful dishes are still excellent; sups and the creamy crabmeat veronique as appetizers. 355). 19. And, just as clothes may make the woman, Pueblo Joe's makes Washington's best-dressed restaurant list. Food For Thought 1738 Connecticut Ave. NW. Closed Sun. The food is rustic and homespun. G. D. Graffiti 1321 Rockville Pike, Rockville, 424-4091. Full bar service. Street parking and commercial lots. Rather, it is siimple cooking with a deft touch to the sauces and special care in homey details. "Children's prices" indicates that restaurants serve smaller portions of regular entrees at reduced rates or have a seperate children's menu. Hunan Garden 2104 Viers Mill Rd., Rockville. Despite the new-found sophistication, the food is still pleasant, rough homestyle food and the kitchen remains as slow as it was when the restaurant was half its present size. Kebabs are tender and juicy, only mildly seasoned, so that the charcoal flavor predominates. Closed Mon. Closed Sun. "The Alice in Wonderland themed decor, the drinks, the hookah, the music - everything was on point!" more. Premier among the dishes is aushak, whether as an appetizer or main course, the homemade noodles filled with sauteed leeks or scallions, topped with yogurt, mint and tomato meat sauce; it is an inspired combination. L $3.75-$5.95, D $6.50-$12.50. Free parking in adjacent lot at dinner. AE, CB, MC, V.Reservations accepted. Closed Mon. L $2.45-$4.50, D $3.50-$8.95. L, D $3.75-$7.95. Beer and wine only. L, D daily. Parking lot. The barbecued ribs are lean, meaty and deep-smoked. Beer and wine only. L $3.75-$7.95, D $5.95-$13.95. No-smoking section. L daily ex Sat, Sun, D daily. AE, CB, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. It is, however, the special of the day that is the knockout buy. Children's meals. Children's prices. Tiberio is reliable, but in a top-priced restaurant one hopes for more. 338-0900. Full bar service. L $4-$8, D $5.75-$16. 965-5252. L $3.25-$4.25, D $3.95-10.95. L $4.65-$5.95, D $5.50-$16.95. Open daily. Bennigan's (Closed in 2008) See more '80s . Open daily. L $3.95-$7.95, D $4.95-$10.95. Parking lot. Tabard Inn 1739 N St. NW. No reservations. Open daily. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. By all means order murgh tandoori, the red-crusted tandoor-cooked chicken that shows this cooking to best advantage. Shrimp dishes are good, though shrimp biriani has been served cold and dried out. L, D $1.95-$4.95. No reservations. Appetizers include savory German variations on charcuterie: air-dried beef, head cheese, Westphalian ham and tangy vinegary meat, cheese or herring salads. Cantina d'Italia is very Italian yet very personal -- a place where the food and service can be the most sophisticated and memorable in town, yet you can be as comfortable in jeans as in a tux. Full bar service. Children's prices. Even the expresso is as good as you are likely to make at home. 301/544-0227. Full bar service. AE, MC, V. Reservations accepted for dinner only. L $2.25-$3.95, D $4.25-$6.95. Toscanini 313 Pennsylvania Ave. Start with pasta, perhaps linquine with crab and tomato or with clams, or risotto to share among several people. It would be an improvement to add small, appetizer-priced portions o quiches and pates, particularly since the quiche -- high, fragile custard with a golden surface and shimmery texture -- is worthy of your special attention. Commercial parking garage next door. 573-0112. The pizza is rectangular, with flaky crust and thick, dark tomato paste topping. Closed Sun. Still, it is dim and pretty, with elegant patterned fabrics. L daily ex Sat, Sun, D daily ex Sun. Parking in adjacent lot. Full bar service. Old South Mountain Inn Boonesboro, Md. The dining room is small, the booths just large enough for four slim diners, the decorations limited to a few carnations, some cardboard cartons and a refrigerator with a few stray bottles of wine and beer. Secretly enclosed behind a large wooden fence, entering the restaurant reveals a warm outdoor lounge with firepits and fairy lights that . Restaurants in Washington DC | The Watergate Hotel We won't fault you for getting misty-eyed over these failed fast-food chain restaurants from the 1980s. Fellini's Pizza. In general, this is routine cooking with decorator touches, the highlights likely to be from the pastry table. 525-5317. AE, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Full bar service. L daily ex Sat, Sun, D daily. Full bar service. Which Area should I stay in when visiting DC? L daily ex Sun, D daily. Phyllis C. Richman Assisted Carole Sugarman; Phyllis C. Richman is restaurant critic of The Washington Post. 525-8770. Street parking. The charming waitresses have forgotten their expertise and have become harried and forgetful. The French UndergroundThe Gentry (Cap. Full bar service at dinner, beer and wine only at lunch. Open daily. . The roast beef sandwich with feta, pickled peppers, tomatoes and herbs on pita bread would have been wonderful if it had not been sitting in a quarter-inch pool of yellow oil. Dinner is the time to try it, for the same menu is available for lunch and is priced high for midday eating. 333-6440. No-smoking section. L daily ex Sat, D daily. Parking in building garage. It is a restaurant of character; its food is very good and, in the instance of a few dishes, unexcelled. L daily ex Sat, D daily. Hugo's Hyatt Regency Hotel, 400 New Jersey Ave. NW. Full bar service. D daily. Although the menu has resisted change -- and faddism -- for years, the infusion of new talent and nouvelle cuisine in Washington's other restaurants has spurred Rive Gauche on to better efforts. D daily. Full bar service. 659-0055. Beer and wine only. The menu runs the usual gamut of snails, pate, onion soup, coq au vin, veal francaise and steak au poive. But the highlight of an evening at Dominique's might be the service, for the troop of young waiters and waitresses seem not only to know their job, but to enjoy it. L $3-$6, D $3-$7.50. Parking lot. Home Services. L $5.95-$12.50, D $7.50-$14.50. On weekends you point to what want from rolling carts; on weekdays you choose from a m enu of three dozen dim sum. Figaro's Pizza. hellcat vs p938; simple small front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance; jenny's super stretchy bind off in the round; senate democratic media center L daily ex Sat, D daily. SE. Open daily. Care is showered on the quality of ingredients, from freshly cooked chicken salad in ripe melon to high-quality rolls for the hamburgers. Children's prices. The Salle du Bois and Colony might have been swell, but probably the most exclusive restaurant in the city in the 1950s was the Rive Gauche, located at 1310 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown. Sauces are thin and translucent, the meat sauces golden. Le Gaulois 2133 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. All this on a mound of butter-infused rice decorated with carrot-orange grains on to and accompanied by homemade flat loaves of light, yeasty bread. D $9.95-$14.50. Sounds like Tom Sariss Orleans House in Roslyn. Valet parking. Street parking. Or the noodle turnovers can be fried, with the yogurt on the side. Beer and wine only. To top your iceberg lettuce there are pointy black olives and feta cheese, onions and beets and the usual Bacos. Full bar service. D daily. Parking in rear or street. Pakoras are likely to be heavy and tough, less acceptable. The room is fresh and colorful, discreetly exotic. L $3.25-$4.95, D $3.25-$5.95. L $2.95-$5.95, D $4.95-$15.95. Serenity has turned to slugishness at Golden Temple Conscious Cookery, and the last two words should be wiped from the name. Scads of money and effort went into designing this lush multi-level saloon of sincere wood and polished brass. Closed Sun. Full bar service. AE, DC, MC, V. Reservations suggested. AE, CB, D, MC, V. Reservations suggested. Smoked lobster, like smoked crabs, is stir-fried with ginger and scallion. La Scala 4915 Silver Hill Rd., Suitland. Zachary's 6238 Old Dominion Dr., McLean. Occoquan Inn 301 Mill St., Occoquan, 703/491-1888. L daily ex Sat, D daily. Full bar service. And the cheese plate lacks adventure. Ae, cb, d, mc, V. Reservations suggested.Parking lot. The food -- which includes dishes such as sausages with lentils, pot au feu and cassoulet -- is endearing if not spectacular. 20 Best Restaurants in Washington, D.C. - Cond Nast Traveler Thai Hut 2404 University Blvd. 6201 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church. There are things these two vibrant, plush anthologies of the American casual-eating classics do better than anybody else in town. AE, MC, V. Reservations suggested. 333-1100. Musicians and belly dancers entetain in the evenings, but not loudly enough to rule out conversation. AE, CB, D, MC, V. Reservations required. Just as we say Kleenex when we mean tissues, Le Lion d'Or has become a synonym for grand French dining in Washington.